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Near-Death experience at Road America in the Porsche GT3R 😅 | iRacing

Oct 2022 08

Well that could have ended much worse. We are in the around Road America in a Fanatec race!




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Equipment used:
GSI Formula Pro Elite
Simucube 2 Pro
NjMotion Compact-R –
Simgrade Thera Pedals
Trak Racer TR160
3x LG 55C1
Rode Rodecaster Pro 2
Beyerdynamic DT797
Game PC: Intel 12900k, RTX 3080 Ti, 32GB DDR5 RAM
Stream PC: AMD Ryzen 5950X, RTX 3090, 64GB RAM

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    So another single make GT3 race brought to you by iRacing BOP… what a yoke. 

    GP2 coding….

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    17:30.. the Matrix is real 😂

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    The community doesn't want such overtaking, you didn't leave room, too aggressive, don't take offense, but I don't like it, even when you say I'll do it every time, I have no words.

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    How do you guys race and talk at the same time? Lol. I have a hard time pressing a button to chat at the same time. 😂. You got very lucky and you also slowed down just enough to give yourself some time to process what was happening in front of you. Bravo 👏🏻

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    I see you got O-Rouge seat. Got myself one too. Sooo cool (: You should also buy gloves (and boots) dryer from them 🙂

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    I think a lot of people don’t necessarily understand general racing etiquette or passing etiquette. If the front of your car is at or beyond the A-Pillar of the car you are overtaking before they start their turn in for the corner, then its your corner and they need to give the Racing Room required. If the front of your car IS NOT at or beyond the A-Pillar before turn in then you must back off and concede the corner. That being said, You were way beyond their A-Pillar in turn 8 and they should have allowed the racing room required. So many get upset when they are in fact at fault. I really wish iRACING would make drivers read general information when obtaining license’s just to plant the seed of knowledge.

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    The nonchalant nature you breeze past a scrap yard crash .
    Biggest reaction was the slight rubbing of the chin ..(maybe the duck analogy was at work …. Calm on the surface .. paddling furiously under the water ? ie calm exterior … heart rate on the verge of a cardiac arrest ?

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    Perhaps your rig should shock you severely when you crash to emulate what occurs in real life.

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    so much upcoming fans of porsche… most of iracers are so ridiculous, hopefully one day they stick cars for the whole season.

    porsche is not op at all like mercedes was, now you can drive almost anything (maybe not ford and macca) and finish in top 5 in top split in open setups and fixed too.

    porsche has always been good at tracks like this which are medium downforce but with not so much high speed corners (only carousel here), road am, watkins…

    people just cry for BOP but once it's good and fixed with mercedes nerf, they will still pick the car that has 1 tenth a lap faster than others every week. while nobody except very top racers extract this .1 faster.

    you want good bop and diversity? get you car and stick with it, the car is not making your irating if you have less than 6/7k (and not even above 6/7k this season especially). i'm racing porsche since i started GT3, and i will always race it weither it's best or "worst" car, like the past season of mercedes domination, i suffered but kept it with dignity keeping the same car.

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    17:30 God said; ''It is not your time to die''

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    lool I thought this was a porsche cup race at first they really need to fix BOP so booooooooooring seeing most the grid the same car, GT4 is so much more fun at the moment

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    That guy who was “salty” with you. He caused his own demise by not blipping the throttle and survive. You had the corner, he expected you to hold it tighter? You stayed in that train, probably too long 🤷‍♂️

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    How do you have your kerb sounds so perfect? 13:02 till 13:08 sounded awesome. I'd really like to get that as well

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    Funny you are ok when you overtake like that but when it's done on you like Dave cam did few weeks back he was an idiot in you're eyes just saying

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    lol "thanks" .. ice cold 🙂

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    That's some good BoP….lmao

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