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NDE:I’m dead and meet God in heaven|Near Death Experience

May 2023 12

A near- experience or near- experience is a phenomenon that some people experience when they are . These phenomena include out of the body, seeing or , seeing a loved one, seeing a religious figure or God, looking back on a lifetime, extreme fear, total peace, security, warmth, total brokenness, the appearance of a light, and even Seeing superego and extra-temporal things, and other transcendent phenomena



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    Thank you for sharing your NDE experience this was a wonderful story

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    It's weird that he wanted to go to earth to be a priest, considering the Bible is one long list of atrocities supposedly authorized by God. That would mean that when he was asking God to go to earth and do that God didn't say "but the Bible is a bunch of lies about me and spreading those lies would make me look more evil than Hitler". So we can deduce that God wants people to believe that he really did condone slavery, but only when it's Hebrews owning the slaves, like Abraham owning Hagar, an Egyptian, but not when it's Egyptians owning Hebrews as slaves, and that when that happened he really did send an angel to commit mass murder of children just to terrorize a Pharaoh into releasing those slaves, rather than, say, just kill the one Pharaoh and make the chains drop off the slaves and open the gates. He also apparently wants people to believe that he ordered the indiscriminate massacre of every man, woman, child and animal in an entire city, Jericho, by the descendants of those very slaves. But then we now know that the exodus never actually happened, it's fiction, look it up, no evidence of it happening whatsoever. So that means that God let that guy go to earth and spread a mixture of descriptions of him being incredibly evil and pure fiction. Why would he want that to happen? God seems mentally deranged or something.

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    Moving experience. I used to avoid listening to automated narration of NDEs but actually I don't mind then now.

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