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Navy Seal “MrBallen” Reveals Near Death Experience, Rescue Missions, & Millionaire Mindset

Dec 2023 26

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00:00 – INTRO
04:52 – MrBallen’s first fight
12:58 – MrBallen’s CRAZY college days (riots and more)
20:55 – How he became a Navy Seal
42:29 – Deployment in Afghanistan
01:14:01 – From Seal to YouTuber
01:26:51 – The Dyatlov Pass Incident
01:40:40 – Where MrBallen finds his stories
01:45:36 – The backend of “Ballen Studios”
01:54:41 – Some Ballen relationship advice
02:01:26 – MrBallen’s kids don’t listen to his stories
02:04:17 – Is blissful ignorance a good thing?
02:16:27 – The MLB of storytelling

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  1. #1

    Thank you for having me on the show!

  2. #2

    Very honest and humble man ❤

  3. #3

    It's important to be aware. I think it makes you appreciate your life more

  4. #4

    The part about the stories to his kids make me feel like I was not the only crazy mom out there making stories up.

  5. #5

    John did the navy seal of social media.

  6. #6

    i woke up to this playing from autoplay, for some reason i immediately thought it was joe rogan

  7. #7

    every woman that's had a baby vaginally has pushed through pain beyond our perceptions ability.

  8. #8

    John is awesome.The first video I watched I went back and watch them all.I like the podcast but the youtube video's are alittle better.No matter what John can tell a good story.The one where he was young in the mountain house with friends was the best in my opinion

  9. #9

    There are actual parents that do want or help you to lie ,cheat and steal. Just saying. Don’t be so ignorant and naive 😂

  10. #10

    I really want to listen to this full podcast to hear the extent of this.

    It is insane the reality people go through and the tensity, strength, discipline it requires and in the shorts I have seen I enjoyed that he mentioned anyone could do it, but only few do.

    Something makes me feel as I am at home with my family going to college that maybe I am wasting my life and I should be joining to be a navy seal or another part of the military, should I be the one to do this?

    Am I dumb as a rock and useless so I should join to not be that? Or maybe I should be looking at this differently, be thankful for these stories, that this guy is alive and for his service and be okay with the path I am on

  11. #11

    ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! John Ballen is a fascinating, intriguing and just an all out amazing person!!! Thank you for doing this interview! I can’t believe I missed this a month ago! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 HUGE BALLEN FAN!!! ❤ New Subscriber!!!

  12. #12

    I'm not even there and I'm lost in his words! Love your Mr. Ballen!! 🥰

  13. #13

    😊😂❤love your frog

  14. #14


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    😀i think you are so cool i would like to ask hame more storys of his seal time.

  16. #16

    I woud like to meet you if i could for real and i like your storys

  17. #17

    Some ppl have a natural ability to converse and tell stories and our Mrballen is one of them 😊🎅🙏

  18. #18

    I wish this vid was 10 more hours. I could listen to this all day

  19. #19

    Day before thanksgiving paul…f*** um

  20. #20

    I wonder did Mr Ballen ever encounter Jinn or dginn ? I’ve recently heard they have very supernatural experiences in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

  21. #21

    Did they call the enlisted guys maggots !? I heard they are rotten to them I heard they call them maggots how rude ! lol I know they do in movies!

  22. #22

    Mr Ballen is the Man! Love his stories they are interesting and funny and scary all over the map but he’s a phenomenal story teller and very likeable kind hearted too .

  23. #23

    I love to watch your show and love how you tell stories. I also love to tell stories, my family (online) is a lot of the time saying, oh god here she goes again. When I first started watching your shows, you freaked me out. My husband works long hours all night, so I'm here alone. No family lives near me or anything. So, you'd freak me out and I'd hide out in my bedroom upstairs, where I stay when I'm by myself. I figure, I have more of a chance to hear someone coming up the stairs. btw my family lives in MA, I've ended up in GA by the way of TX. I started my traveling days when my Mom passed, as you said, in a horrible way. I was only 13ish at the time, so it was very hard for me to deal with. The one thing that saved me was meeting my husband, who was in the army before we met. I love to hear his stories as well.

  24. #24
  25. #25

    Connecticut River Girl. 15 mins from Springfield Massachusetts.
    I love Massachusetts ❤️

  26. #26

    I love you. Have a great time listening to your stories ❤❤❤ ty

  27. #27

    I love how he tells stories he's really talented at that but 5 minutes in this guy is such a liar it's impossible to keep listening to

  28. #28

    John did you ever meet Tony Efratie

  29. #29

    My favorite story is the first story about when he had the paranormal experience at the cabin he visited with his friends Nick and Wolf soon after Nicks dad passed… I think less than 15 videos were posted but I remember I actually called off work because I wanted to watch them all haha

  30. #30

    Honestly the "SEALs" that had a problem with John are soft not in the sense they shouldn't be where they are but the fact that your brother is doing something for himself AND retired vets get jobs outside of the military and they had a problem with that is just sad. Ive been watching John almost from jump Street not once did he try to put himself in a great light. And everyone inside and out of the military knows you join the SEALs to write books and make movies. Bunch of primadonna's

  31. #31

    In no way am I trying to say I'm as good as or did something as tuloigh as SEAL training or BUDs but in my college football days our head strength and conditioning coach was a retired Special Forces Green Beret and the 5 years I played for my team was the best time I never want to do again so I definitely get Mr. B. Allen lol you miss the camaraderie and brotherhood but you know your body couldn't hang like it used to anymore

  32. #32

    I missed out on college. Love hearing stories from Mr. Ballen tho.

  33. #33

    I love Mr Ballen! Thank you for this interview!

  34. #34

    This man talks so good

  35. #35

    This is by far the best podcast I watched the whole thing

  36. #36

    Dang Mr ballen is wild

  37. #37

    Mrballen does an exceptional amount of philanthropic work through his foundation. An all round good guy.

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