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Narrated NDE Pet Stories | Near Death Experience Compilation

May 2023 15

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A collection of near-death experience excerpts or stories of those who saw their pets in their NDE.
As a pet lover myself, it’s reassuring to know our beloved pets will still be there…when we return home when it is our time.


You can find the full from the excerpts at the links below from www.nderf.org

► Yvette:
► Don :
► Jaqueline:
► Wayne:
► Robert Bare:
► Tracy:
► Kustav’s NDE –
► Charmain M’s NDE –
► Morgan A’s NDE –
► Mary R’s NDE –
► Ray K’s NDE –
► Jonathan G’s NDE –
► Sandra E’s NDE –


►Narration: Dee from Spirit Tree Meditations

►Music: Audio Jungle
►Video: Pixabay/Pexels

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    I lost my budgie Gubuk yesterday and I am so afraid of never seeing him again. All of the comments and video are really helping but still… There is a feeling that what if I can't see him again? This thought is killing me. I don't know if things about afterlife changes religion to religion but I want to see him no matter what. I am so sorry everyone for your loses. I hope we can all see our dearest friends again.

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    I HAVE to be with my pets again or I will be in hell.

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    I hope I reunite with my pets just once after I die. I don't care about heaven hell or reincarnation. I don't care what god does with me. I secretly wonder why I'm wasting my time here. This is not my world and I don't belong here.

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    When I die I’ll go to the animals section….they are better than humans ❤❤❤❤

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    I am so looking forward to seeing all my pets when I get to heaven

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    We had a male Chi, Bradley and he passed this last January at age sixteen, `the day after his Birthday…..I prayed so hard for Jesus to grant us that special day with our Boy….in the wee hours of the Thirteenth, he went home….He was right next to me all night while I cried over him and felt his heartbeat get less and less until he was….gone….I lifted his little body close to me and cried my heart out…..That night, going to bed, without him was devastating for me….I prayed to Feel his Presence so I could know he was ok and with Jesus……I then felt a lump next to me and I stroked it and again cried, but with Happiness that He is ok…he is Young Again with his Hearing and Eyesight back, and not heart problems……We have a new Puppy in our lives called Leo, and He looks a lot like our Brad, and also has some similarities to him….I feel Heaven Sent our Leo…When I saw his face from the pics the breeder sent, I knew; I just knew….He is Everything to me and my Heart is Full again……When it’s my turn to go home, the first thing I want is to hug Jesus, and Thank Him for Everything, then be with my Brad….Forever……thank you for reading this…..God Bless….

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    Soo comforting.

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    I had a dog called Ella. She passed at 14, and I have known her ever since I was a 3 month old. When I met her, she was 4 years old, and I see her in the corner in my eye all the time. Ella was a black Labrador. I miss her so much😔

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    Can't wait to see my dog, Miguel, again. He died suddenly and unexpectedly about a month ago, and I have never felt such grief. I still cry over him. Best dog I ever had. Sometimes at night, i feel him laying next to me. I can feel his fluffy coat, and stroke him. The morning after he died I was thinking to myself, "i'm glad I didn't have to make that difficult decision." and immediately heard, 'You are welcome.' He was always a class act and decided to go out on his own rather than make me do it. It's weird, even though I didn't know he had this gnarly veinous cancer, in the weeks leading up to his suddenly bleeding out, I kept thinking about him dying. He should have had 3-5 more good years in him, so it was strange I kept thinking about him that way.

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    I am grieving because I lost my 3 month old puppy last night. 😢

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    all I can say is❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    This brings tears to my eyes, I've lost many dogs. I hope to God with all my heart that I see them all once again. You can really feel the love and loyalty they provide until their last breath.

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    Our pets will frolic in God’s heavenly garden…wrapped up in a loving blanket, laying upon a cushy towel next to a babbling brook amongst the beautiful flowers and plants. Truly this is the garden of Eden

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    Seek God the creator of Heaven and earth and all that they contain first. Seek to go to His Kingdom to be with Him in His presence first and the rest be added unto you. Jesus Christ payed on the cross the death we all deserve because of our transgression against our creator. Come to Him, let Him transform you and guide you in all truth so that you will have part to His eternal Kingdom ❤

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    Omg the tears won’t stop. Thank you for these wonderful stories❤

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    6:10 – horses n dogs were playing together. They stopped n lookd at me. I was told they were checking 2c if they were the person they were waitin 4 that they loved on earth.

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    That gives me hope that I will be with my pets when I pass.

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    I look forward to seeing my deceased pets in the next Life. They were all so beautiful and precious when l knew them. When my time comes I want to be greeted by them and the many others who have passed before me. The next Life will be amazing when I can meet my father.

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    If my pets are not in heaven that be hell of place. It would not heaven without my shizu Oscar who I lost last April 2022. It would a HELL of place.

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    I hope this true,I had so many pets I can't wait to see again. I have no family

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    I lost my Chihuahua Andy two months ago i miss him so much.praying all my family and me and pets are together in eternity.

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    I have loved every animal in my life with absolutely all of my heart. And I would love to be able to see them all again and spend eternity with them. It's actually that thought that makes me wish there was something after we die. I'm comforted by the idea of in my last moments, my mind will let me see them all one last time.

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    I hope my mom is in heaven taking care of my dog Shyloh who passed away in 2019. I pray for this so much. 😪

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    I can't wait to see my Jenny and Jimmy 💙 my two dogs ❤️🐕❤️ Jenny passed away on November 7th 2022 ❤️🐕❤️ and Jimmy passed away on January 27th 2023 I miss them so much I cannot stop cryingbut I'm so happy that I would get to see them again I miss them so much tell we meet again Jenny and Jimmy I love you 🌷❤️🌷💙🌷 they were the most loving kind dogs you could ever have Jenny and Jimmy will always be my last babies 🐕🐕🐕😇🐕🐕

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    I lost my rescue cocker..her name was cloe and i still cry from time to time its been 6 months..god i miss her

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    I can’t wait to see my chow chows thunder and lightning. Miss them so much and my best friends pets momo and Pete

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    3 days after i had my dog "Buddy" put tp sleep on Feb.15, 2018, i was crying thinking about him brushing my teeth, gettin ready to go to church. All of a sudden, i heard a dog crying behind me. I turned around thinking it was our other dog, Buster. But there was no dog. He was lying in our bed next to my wife. Buddy was telling me goodbye. I heard him. I know all my dogs will be in Heaven. As believers in Christ Jesus, we will be reunited with them. If u are not a believer, you will not experience the joy of Heaven, and will not be with ur pet. So, believe!! God is real folks.

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    there's nothing in the bible about pets being born again

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    Is this where the animals go after dying maybe in the garden of Eden because that's where the animals used to live

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    We love animals for a reason .

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    I’ve known our pets do die & go to Heaven since I lost my dog Trixie due to a tumor in her leg. I was only 11 when she died.

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    The mind makes it ok but the reality is …..

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    A few years back my mother was gifted a visit to a psychic medium.
    As she walked in, before my mother even spoke a word the medium says, “Woww. Okay. You have 6 very excited Sable Collies running around and jumping up to you.”
    The medium could not have possibly known, but over the course of my mothers long life she has had sable 6 sable collies,..one at a time. The last being 32 years ago. The first 81 years ago.

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