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Narcissists, Cults, & Polygamy! #polygamy #polyandry #jezebelspirit #psychologicalabuse

Apr 2023 12

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  1. #1

    Many narcissists are into 3somes & alternative lifestyles. They may even try to convince you to accept their sidepieces in the bedroom & home.

    What ppl do is their business. Just bringing awareness to how narcissists may use this lifestyle to justify cheating in the relationship. 🙏🏽

    This man says his name is Yahweh. There is only but ONE ☝🏾 YAHWEH. 🔥⚔️🛐

    Here a videos on narcissists & cults:
    Narcissists, Cults, Culture, & Generational Curses

    Narcissists & Cults: Do You Know The Signs?

  2. #2

    As someone who actually lived it briefly, this is so true. SMH. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. #3

    My narcissist/sociopath husband has been trying to manipulate me to be okay with him having multiple wives/girlfriends for the past year now. We have two children in foster care and I'm the only one doing everything to get them back while he does nothing. Child Services literally told me that they will not reunify me with my children if I stay with my husband, especially since my husband has abused me physically and is still abusing me emotionally and mentally. We're staying in a couples shelter, but I want to go to a domestic violence shelter by myself. I am preparing to leave soon. I don't even know where he goes or what he does when he leaves the room and comes back hours later. I already found dating apps on his phone. I hope by me leaving, he will change, but if he doesn't, then I pray for his safety and obedience towards God.

  4. #4

    Does anyone else think that she looks like Kendra G

  5. #5

    “Polygamy” is unlawful and unbiblical

    What about “POLYGYNY” .?

  6. #6
  7. #7

    They think they are Gods🤣🤡🤮

  8. #8

    Preach! They use fear tactics to
    Convince you using woman to man ratio nonsense and than tell you to keep your jealousy in check 🤦🏾‍♀️. GOD is an abundant GOD. He is not a GOD of scarcity. Having true faith gives you confidence of that. Awesome content.

  9. #9

    OMG , these ladies minds have been tricked & fooled & in need of the healing, empowerment of God's word now.
    Christ Jesus has a way to live victoriously in life as women & this isn't what the bible says to do women. This isn't Christian 😍🙄🙏 & not the love of Christ for women.
    God said men love your wife as Christ Jesus
    loved the church. As Christians we are the Bride if Christ. Jesus Christ 🙏 gave his life & his all to sacrifice for the Bride if Christ to be restored renewed healed & over comers & winning victorious special royal people in Christ Jesus.
    No man can come to the father except by accepting his only begotten son the Savior of the man kind & the world & Lord if Lords & King if Kings , forever more, Amen 🕊️ 🌹 🙏 👑 💪 ❤️ ✌️.!!!!!!!! OMG 😳

  10. #10

    A lot of narcs do voice and/or have multiple spouses [be it many women, many men, or both] and want to be famous off of a record deal, only for the same Jezebels and Ahabs to end up successful within adult entertainment, in prison, the psych ward, or dead. Meanwhile, what leaves the narcs so clumsy is that the Number 1 form of evidence would be the social media memes they use on their accounts to justify their sins of incest, pimping, whoremongering, promiscuity, even domestic violence. In the end, they picture themselves to be successful off of being in the Entertainment Industry and hate it for someone to say things about themselves being the Modern-Day Saggin' Pants with their "poly-dating" memes.

  11. #11

    This is so true they always do this and they ruin the women who are with them all of them

  12. #12

    This is deep! Whew lord

  13. #13

    So this one man has the power to…KEY WORD ( MAKE ) ALL THESE DIFFERENT Aged CULTURAL WOMEN BE WITH HIM ? Looks as if they all Want to be there ? This is definitely sending a bias message. I'm sure the guy is Richer than the word itself, That's why they are there . Let's cut the subliminals

  14. #14

    Polygamy is another name for perversion and abuse.

  15. #15

    Don’t forget the term polygyny

  16. #16

    They get married in secret while still married too! They are bigamists.

  17. #17

    This shook me so deep. So true. It hits different presented by a black woman. I feel seen.

  18. #18

    This is ironic. Red pill

  19. #19

    Misogynistic pricks

  20. #20
  21. #21

    Understand your worth young women. If you are childless and unattached, you are a high value individual. Do not allow someone to tell you differently, especially if they're coming to you with baggage. There are many men who are also unattached. Be patient and focused on what's best for you, do not follow the narrative that you must accept anyone's lies or BS. Maintain your standards and treat yourself with respect🙏

  22. #22

    And then they send their “wives” out to recruit more women…

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