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My NDE Revealed the Bible Got It Wrong | Betty Eadie (Near Death Experience – Life After Death)

May 2023 13

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November 18, 1973, at the age of 31, entered a hospital and died following her surgery where she experienced what is commonly known today as an . 19 years later, following her death, Betty wrote about her experience.

She authored the book titled “” that quickly became a New York Times number one best seller which also became a National best selling book. “,” became known by the media as the most eminent, prominent and extensive near-death experience ever recorded. Since then, Betty has written other books.

Her second book, “The Awakening Heart” also quickly became a New York Times best selling book. Betty’s efforts continue today, she is currently writing the script for the movie of “Embraced” her book, in continuance of her sharing what she was shown in the spirit world about Heaven, , Jesus, and what she learned about why man’s existence on earth— and, what awaits us all in the after life when we make our transition. Betty continues to give countless speaking events through radio, television appearances and Zoom interviews across world sharing that death does not end when we die, nor does it need to be feared because there is no death—there is only eternal life.

Betty learned about reuniting with deceased loved ones and pets, but most importantly, Betty was given the most important message and that is ’s unconditional love for us all. Then, just before her return to earth and her body, Jesus gave her another message to bring back.

That message is: “Above all else, love one another.”

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    Watch this FREE NDE Course: Discover The Transformative Power Of Near-Death Experiences
    👉 https://nextlevelsoul.com/nde-free-course

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    The movie would combine elements of "Yours, Mine, and Ours" –lots of kids. " It's got elements of "The Matrix" and "Avatar" I think James Cameron should do some of the heaven scenes. The movie will also be kind of psychedelic, so it will have elements of "The Grateful Dead Move"! Hey. I can assist in writing and make a comeback or just show up!

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    I should try to write the hospital scene. I could detail the stressed out nurse and the short staffed nursing unit. I could make her the hero when they realize Betty has coded. That's thrillinh. It would be part medical thriller part "What Dreams May Come."

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    The Wachowski brothers should go on tour with her!

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    Very inspirational !!!

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    My Dr said I would die when disconnected from the life support

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    What I learned is you don’t need to have a NDE to leave your body and astral project. I accomplished this in a college classroom at the age of 18 during total relaxation exercises. For those that do have NDE experiences it appears their comprehension of it is mixed with there current and/or past conscious and unconscious experiences and beliefs.

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    Gosh, I just love the way she tells her story and her sense of humor.

  9. #9

    1971 dr. Kübler Ross a Swiss doctor was writing about the experience she had about NDE with children!

  10. #10

    Yes, i love you….excited about movie. I want one, god bless you betty. Remembered i'am an nde,..as well. Native American navajo and part Italian. Never talked about it. Your book helped me remember.

  11. #11

    Betty, i buy your books. And give them away…to people that need it.

  12. #12

    Wow! Her description of the matrix, how prayer energy effects earth positively and negatively, was very powerful!

  13. #13

    Thank you. This is a powerful story. I'm inspired greatly.

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    Can someone post Betty's working links here please. I've tried different spellings, nothing works.

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    I think this was one of the first books I ordered from Amazon in 1996 I think – the internet was pretty new then… I am very thankful for the book and how influential it was in opening up my perspective of the after life and life itself.

  16. #16

    Your book embraced by the light was the first book I read why back when and it changed my life forever I haven’t been afraid of death since I’m 63 thank you so much

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    May 4 yh 2023 Massachusetts Awesome interview. Ty God and hostess and the special woman Glory praise God Blessings 🙏🙏🙏😇😇😇

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    I’m terrified of my life review. I’ve lived a fairly ‘good’ life but like anyone, I’ve hurt people’s feelings – especially as a child.

    I wouldn’t want Megan Markle’s life review eep!

    I found this lovely lady’s life review to be extremely interesting. She’s such a lovable person. My heart went out to her when she shared the struggles of her childhood. I wish cruelty didn’t exist but I recognize that it’s part of our education on this planet.

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    Wonderful interview, wonderful lady! !!

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    OMG!! Betty Eadie! 🙏🏻❤️✨🙏🏻❤️✨🙏🏻❤️✨

    Hers was the first book I ever read about the afterlife. Actually the 2nd life changing book after I read “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L Hay in 1992 after I had surgery while back packing in Australia.

    This is an amazing interview to hear her story in her own voice!

    Thank you!!

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    No Prince wasn’t like that he’s so nice, he bought it out so my little sisters Maya & Nandy & whoever else was there could enjoy the show without being swamped by celebrity struck people , they just do that . when I was with the Rolling Stones crew for two weeks, that’s what they would do everywhere they went go see a movie by at the cinema go to a restaurant by out the restaurant ect

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