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My 14 Years of NDE Research Shows What Is Coming to Mankind | David Suich

Dec 2023 24

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is a retired engineer who founded and operated Steps of Hope Outreach, a nonprofit organization that served orphanages in Nepal, Mexico, and Haiti from 2003 through 2018. During a painful and chronic physical condition that triggered severe depression, he clicked on a YouTube video about an atheist who died momentarily and saw Heaven. This led him on a 14-year journey of research into near-death experiences, including the testimonies of over 1000 people who have died, seen the afterlife, and returned.

His book God Took My Clothes.

What happens when we die? Is it the end of existence, or is there something more? Thanks to advances in modern medicine and some miraculous recoveries, thousands of people have died, seen the afterlife, and returned. God Took My Clothes summarizes the lessons learned from 12 years of near-death experience research as well as the testimonies of over 700 people who have died in various ways, returned, and talked about the afterlife. Their incredible testimonies reveal a non-judgmental creator of light and infinite love beyond what human language is capable of describing. God Took My Clothes discusses what it feels like to die, the , the environments of Heaven and Hell, God’s view of , the nature of our existence, humanity’s future, and the importance of living life with love and compassion. This book presents the hidden truth. Death is no different than waking up from a dream. You cannot die.

Please enjoy my conversation with .

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  1. #1

    Watch this FREE NDE Course: Discover The Transformative Power Of Near-Death Experiences
    👉 https://nextlevelsoul.com/nde-free-course

  2. #2

    Has anyone been dead for three days and came back to life?

  3. #3

    Yeah what is fucked up is that I was really good and things were working and people destroyed it. Oh well.

  4. #4

    The neurosurgron Eben Alexander gives the best scientific explanation. His NDE was fascinating.

  5. #5

    😇Repent? No you won't ! Therefore our Holy of holies shall humble you, for you have stolen our Earth and you persist in your madness. Repair His People and He may show you mercy. Look up! There is your just recompense arriving in Glory for the salvation of our souls.

  6. #6

    Alex always asks such great questions 👍

  7. #7

    Great of Awaking from December 12 2012 – December 12 2024.

  8. #8

    one of the big distractions i saw was the will smith hitting tht guy on stage tht was acted out for some reason maybe someone was taken from tht awards i wonder if someone went missing tht night

  9. #9

    This is awesome.. Thank you so much.. So true and wonderful

  10. #10

    I understand what this man is talking about.

  11. #11

    I’m sad there’s no unlimited Buffet in heaven

  12. #12

    150 years? I loved this guest, hopefully he will be back frequently. First guest to convince me to immediately buy the book, he’s that good.

  13. #13

    God says not to delve into these types of things.

  14. #14

    Thank you for such excellent interviews! Kind regards from Germany, Robert

  15. #15

    Hi, if dying or afterlife is so peaceful, then why is there so much war and suffering in the world? Isn't life more important than the afterlife?

  16. #16

    This guy speaks the truth. The real deal

  17. #17

    anybody know the nde where the artist saw more than 80 primary colours? oggy bro whistle

  18. #18

    God is not dad. He's the creator of the univers soubhanahou.

  19. #19

    TODAH RABBAH 🙏💜🕉️💜🪄🌟🎁😇🫶🏼🌈 my experience concurs with this It’s very humbling❤

  20. #20

    I guess women are not included… Man= Masculine
    Women = Feminine Women have to imaginethemselves included.HuMankind includes all of us…even your Mother…

  21. #21

    so how's david's tendonitis? <3

  22. #22

    150 years!!! According to many psychics there's a 'Golden Age' coming and we will be in that age from 2032. If you look at what is happening in the world today, you'll see the stage is being set, the consciousness of the masses is changing and we are waking up!!

  23. #23

    Also I would like to point that in the Tibetan Book of the Dead there is no mention of God and there are stages that are not that warm, to push one to another life. Sorry but this guy said some wrong stuffs about it.

  24. #24

    We must take into account that NDE happens to people who will often back. We cant be sure how can be the stages of the after life experince for those who didnt came back.

  25. #25

    Thank you for your amazing podcast and amazing guests, just found it and will tell everyone I know. ❤

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    Re: God or gods. Big G or little g. In the Greek its just THEOS for both. No capital or lower case for either. You are THEOS.

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