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Most INTENSE Near Death Experience You have EVER Heard! | Robin Landsong NDE Full Interview

Dec 2023 29

Please enjoy this full interview with Robin Landsong about the 2 Near Death Experiences she had during the Rhodesian War.




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    im in g`dam tears …..im a 54 year old guy , rough on the edges , and this lady make me sob,- i dont know if its joy or sadness – but its salty like the sea ,- 🥺

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    I've never been more embarrassed before hearing this chick sing an African song. Literally had to pause the video and skip that part. She definitely has a lot of screws loose though, whether it's from the fugged up childhood or she was born this way. I could see her being someone that doesn't believe in Space, just we live in a big dome.

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    We need to be more like those children, loving and accepting. If we all treated each other with unconditional love, and stopped fighting and killing because of the ridiculous egoic greed over LAND (that’s insane, IMO), what a beautiful world this would be

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    this title was true: this is the most intense near death experience I have ever watched. I cried 2-3 times. Those motherly women and the men who were so messed up from war. Thank you so much for posting. I have never cried like this watching NDEs. This helped me heal something.

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    My ❤️, what an honour to listen to this beautiful soul’s storytelling. I am so grateful 💫🙏😇

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    She is wonderful but for some reason I cannot watch it.

  7. #7

    I thought I was in a musical there for a moment lol

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    I am so sorry for what you have endured in your lifetime…….especially at such a young age. I am also sorry for your birth Mother's response to your sharing the things you shared with her. I do not know what to say other than that. Thank your for sharing your story with us. I hope I have the privilege of meeting you one day. Looking forward to that day. Those "unknown" one's who have showed love to others will shine the brightest on the other side.

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    Wow emotional, powerful , life changing and revealing highest truth. Thankyou Robin.

  10. #10

    What an unbelievable integration. You’re absolutely amazing 🪄

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    Very emotional story, TQ 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  12. #12

    Her life is a great movie which would touch everyone.

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    Have you tried to contact Dr. Bruce Greyson. He studies NDEs and I've been watching his videos lately. I would love to see an interview between you and him.

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    That was so beautiful ❤ thank you

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    God bless you forever… I don’t know you, but I love you. ❤️ thank you for Your beauty and for being alive. Big Huge hug

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    This interview will bring healing to the world. Thank you for sharing this sacred story with us.

  17. #17

    Sounds like she speaks about Jesus ❤❤❤

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    Her story has touched me deeply. Such a compassionate and loving being xx

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  20. #20

    Sad and beautiful

  21. #21

    Her voice is so comforting. Her story seems legit

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    Ok… crying… ❤ oooooweee! Well! Inspired indeed. Thank you all.

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    Even in 1977, Passports were required to board an overseas airplane.
    This story is not convincing.

  24. #24

    Heck back then in the 70s you probably could carry a pistol in your waistband on the plane n nobody would know

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    My goodness. What a life! Robin, you endured SO MUCH in your young life. But look at you! You are an amazing soul….full of loving light…..so peaceful and kind! Your voice and your art are BEAUTIFUL as well. Wow. Thank you for sharing your story. 🙏😊❤

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    Everyone needs God, everyone will need someone. Love must be pure, but, it takes the holy ghost to teach the word of God applied right. Love farther. Just a little bit farther. You're getting close. Closer and closer still. Agape. All the, all the way. That's it. That's the God we serve. We can't see him, only feel his love in his soul(s). His creation. He waited 6 billion years to create Jesus.

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    Wow. This story had me lost for words… God Bless her.

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    Such a poignant and beautiful story. So moving.

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    You are a true teacher Robin. Thank you.

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    That is a movie in the making! What strength and bravery for a little white girl in an unknown world. Got to be the wildest true life story I've heard. And then to come back to the states and have to live as though none of it ever happened. Man, shows me how easy and privileged my life has really been. I've gone through no kind of trauma. And not that I want to, but thank God for my blessings! We all need to be thankful everyday and tell God how thankful we are each and every day without fail.

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    We need receipts! I’m sorry to come off as cynical but I REALLY need to hear from some of the villagers that assisted her or those who are also apart of her survival story, til then I’m taking this as a treatment for upcoming blockbuster series 🤷🏽‍♀️

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    “Because the racism and division is SO intense there”… on the continent of Africa 🥴. The land of thee Africans! All I can do is smh

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    Oh dear, out of your desire to spread love in schools did you accidentally create critical race theory and flip the world on its head so that now all white children have to feel like they are oppressors? Just a thought. I am a seeker. I poke my nose into all kinds of subjects

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    This was so difficult to watch, the world is truley evil at times. God Bless Robin for returning to this low grade place and showing others a cure for PTSD and trauma. xxxxx

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    this is so beautiful….

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    omg tears and tears and tears. what a story teller, she has the african gift for embodying the spirit of the story.

  38. #38

    the one with the enormous teeth did not say thank you, but made the other lady say thank you

  39. #39

    I don't believe one word

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    Wow…this made me cry like a baby. This lady is incredible! If each of us had an ounce of her compassionate heart and braveness, we would be better off. After everything she’s gone through as a child and still have that love it’s quite amazing. Notice at the beginning how she made excuses for the soldier that abducted her, that he hadn’t had the care to recover from psychological wellness. Amazingly strong woman!

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    Robin, I remember you by your vibration. I heard your experiences last year. You are always in my prayers.
    Blessings to you and it is good to see that you are with the light. I love you!

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    How precious and She's right the Ego Stinks in a lot of human personalities which threw you with monsters in Africa and also the good souls that aided and protected this poor lady as child, as a dying child. God bless to All

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    Grazie per questa meravigliosa intervista. E complimenti a Robin per le sue creazioni, la sua arte. È una bravissima artista ❤👏🙏

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