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Michael’s near death experience 😦

Apr 2023 17


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    nah u don't die did exactly the same it's fine

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    lol i did that once too, we have those battery operated tv one where you plug it in to car batteries and i was maybe 9 or 10 years old, was curious if it will work in normal outlets because the wires was exposed like what michael reeves said when i plug it in it fucking exploded like those sparklers they use in cupcakes, it basically feels like getting flashbanged in your face 😂😂😂😂😂

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    He was one electric accident away from being electro

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    Fuses are the reason we got the absolute slowest publishing but really great YouTuber!
    Fuses are great 👌

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    I wore a metal necklace to bed and had my phone plugged in and fell asleep with it on my chest, the charger got tangled in the necklace and being half asleep I tried pulling the charger out of the phone which pulled the adapter a little bit out from the outlet and my necklace touched the prongs of it and I had to tear the necklace off of my neck, it hurt like a bitch but only lasted, maybe a few seconds? But it felt like 30

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    Level up + 1000xp Survived a Desert Sand Strom

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    Micheal's supercharged ideas and personality origin story

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    This explains so much

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    that's how he knew the right amount of voltage for torture.

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    He just sends it

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    What a Michael thing to do

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    He didn´t die, he got smart

    SO 50/50 guys

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    That explains a lot

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    Michael is the definition of intrusive thoughts

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    How did I just know it was electrical based 😂

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    Now I can relate I recently almost died from a bus accident in Thailand lmfao

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    "I was discovering electricity" that's definitely one way to put it.

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    What's the electric equivalent of an arsonist? Anyway, this is prob how he developed an affinity for tasers and electrocution lmao

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    The funniest part is him saying he did a couple times!

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    Yonow if you wanna discover electricity then just go outside with a kyte

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    He made death cord😂

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