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Meet Brooklyn’s Voodou Queen: Edeline St. Armand

Apr 2023 22

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Being possessed, it turns out, is exhausting work. Just ask Mambo Edeline St. Armand. While popular culture portrays Vodou as full of curses and sticking pins into little dolls, the religion has in fact played a central role in Haitian cultural identity since the country’s birth, a result of the New World’s first and only successful slave rebellion. Since Brooklyn is home to the largest Haitian population outside of Haiti, we sent Thomas Morton into our own backyard to witness the realities of being possessed by Vodou’s multitude of rowdy, rum-thirsty spirits.

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  1. #1

    So the devil helped africans defeat slavery? Lol

  2. #2

    All these "seances" are lacking one important figure – the casting director!
    So many talented ladies and gents who are wasting their talents 😎😁

  3. #3

    Check out these Santeria Dolls!

  4. #4

    this one leaves me with more questions than answers..

  5. #5

    The guy next room: 🎉🤪👹

  6. #6

    They want as fast .

    So i give them to you.
    Its k , kupersembahkan lelaki lelaki itu padamu.

    Mereka yang memintanya

  7. #7
  8. #8

    I rebuke you satan in the name of Jesus Christ

  9. #9

    “I chalk this up to legitimate possession.”

    Lol she’s getting high and drinking, bro.

  10. #10

    Mane I want go experience this myself. Just watching this makes me want to go right now

  11. #11

    Kapan terakhir x kita nyerahin orang jahat ke mereka? Banyak tuh akun Tiktok , satu orang atau satu kelompok ga peduli. Yang tertulis harus nyata terjadi.

  12. #12

    Looking like Seymour…😂😂😂😂😂

  13. #13

    Jesus Christ is King. Away with voodoo practices✝️🙅🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️

  14. #14

    Jesus loves you all ❤❤

  15. #15

    love your culture

  16. #16

    Taking dead bones too make cages

  17. #17

    She's such a nice woman… amazing personality 👌

  18. #18

    This is absolutely beautiful

  19. #19

    I need someone help from a bad women curse .I won't some one to help me .I just lost my mom about 3 weeks ago Havant been around my family since I came around this lady please help me who see my comment

  20. #20

    2:51 doing it wrong

  21. #21


  22. #22

    💯 demonic🔥👹🔥

  23. #23

    (Spirits) which are demons they are opening door to the wrong spirits pray for this people 🙏🏼😭🧡

  24. #24

    There's no queen in Haiti when it's people are suffering so. Help your peoples back home. The Most High sees you work.

  25. #25

    Lmaoo y’all care more about where it came from then the fact it’s evil and demonic. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️sad world

  26. #26

    A Daemon hides behind every priest.

  27. #27

    Their worship the devil and he's demos

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