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Matthew Perry Recalls Addiction, Near-Death Experience Ahead of Memoir Release

Apr 2023 15

Matthew Perry opens up about his past struggles ahead of the release of his memoir, ‘Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing.’

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    No one cares about that man or ET for that matter. ET can kick rocks.

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    Remember those on the streets are battling the same demons. Be kind.

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    Mathew is so sad and pathetic 🙏 What the hell a man that has anything a person could want is soooo 🤢😡

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    matthew writes an ADDICTION-MEMOIR . . . a book on this druggie's addiction and it brings him millions of dollars on SALES of the book
    a Drug-addict making millions of dollars on his addiction , and he never really kicked the addiction , its only t o help pay for his next FIXES . . everyone get on board the STUPID-TRAIN .
    I smell WHITE all over the damn place. . . . how about a BLACK man do that. . No. No. . . . not black…how about a BROWN man do that . . . No. No. Only white man drug-addicts.

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    He got so constipated from the opioids he got megacolon from not pooping for prolly 3-4 weeks and his colon burst. That's what lead to his 2 week coma, sepsis for sure. Besides overdose, the most common form of death is related to constipation and fecal impaction.

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    I am in shock at 55 Vicodin per day. After had major surgery and 2 Vicodin… knocked me out. How can the human body absorb that amount??? It's a miracle Matthew is still with us

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    Sounds like he finally has FRIENDS

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    Drug addiction is a disease that has a no known cure, only treatment.

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    Still looks great👍

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    Sending love to you, Matty! 💗💗💗

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    Is he still on drugs? He slurs and speaks so slowly

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    BATMAN 👑

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    And HunterBiden smokes crack and media silent. 🤔

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    Stay away from the cameras — just live simple — natural high is the only high that gives strength, happiness, emotional stability to enjoy life fully — life is beautiful, natural foods — live your best life and get naturally strong !!

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    Is he okay now is that question ❓

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    Zzzzzzzzzzzzz who cares!

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    he passed away

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    Cringe AF

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    He's looks awful!

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    Congrats!!!! Demon still in me… but I know, Im stronger than this … Almost winningvit soon…

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    His stepfather should give him a good talking to. I think people think Keith Morrison could cure most afflictions, just by reading the phone book.😊

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    No one cares after all the dope, your boring now. Would have been better to film all loaded, much more entertainment.

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    I’m excited to read the book ! 🎉

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    God bless him.. hope all the money he earns for the book doesn't buy MORE drugs

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