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Markiplier’s Near Death Experience Led Him To Find His Passion

Apr 2023 18

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    Much respect to you Markiplier!

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    Like how can you not be angry though when you specially or someone like me who is work so hard on twitch on music art and people ignore me and on top of that how can I not be angry when I keep getting told by toxic women that my buse doesn't matter and even though I'm trying to raise awareness for not only men's abuse but for people who have been silenced they still attack me like when I tell you I'm trying my damndest and my hardest to get to a place where I'm not as upset and miserable anymore I am not kidding I am trying as hard as I can but it is so difficult I even had a breakdown last night and eyeshadow cried because no one came to watch my twitch even though I was still doing too much when I've been sick with the flu.

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    oh you get paid posting videos
    no got go through
    get something removed
    get useless degree
    than boom make $$$$?

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    My gram just passed away Yesterday. I'm angry to. And with my schizophrenia voices only makes it worse. I'm angry about everything. So I'm glad I seen This. I agree it makes nothing better.

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    I want to ask Mark (and others) how did he find something he loved, and actually stuck with it.
    The problem I’m facing as a 25yo is that I find many, many things I like, or at least have Interest in only for it to not last a year.
    I’m a student pilot but I haven’t flown in a while. Not bc I don’t like airplanes anymore. It’s just that I feel like the focus isn’t there.
    I went to college for welding but I dropped out after 2yrs.

    Is something that bothers me so much.
    My peers all have solid jobs. I work at a sandwich shop IF they even schedule me.

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    You dropped this 👑

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    Oh my goodness turn the unnecessary music off

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    You are so lucky you found that all at the age you did.

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    Shit man i was 32 when i realized i was doing nothing for my life now im 33 its going alot better but its still 1 struggle…

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    As someone who can understand what it's like to be filled with such constant rage, I once punched myself in the temple, accidentally

    the end of my fist made the hardest impact right into my temple, I could've gotten brain damage or died, I was lucky that the worst was my jaw hurting when I opened it too far for a week

    It's so scary what anger can make you do, without realising you could harm yourself or others without control, and it can be so hard to try and control that anger

    Frankly, im scared of it, i just want to be happy but everything feels like a contant struggle, it makes me angry at all times and all i can do is bottle it up until i breakdown and its getting worse, the smallest things start setting me off😢

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    You cant hate this guy👍

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    This is me but at the age of 30.. fuck I’m lost

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    He was angry because his tumor caused a hormonal imbalance.

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    Still hasn’t…

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    He is the Keanu Reeves of gaming.

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    Kaboom his is how a turns to the good side of the force

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    I’ve only been watching mark for a couple weeks but I really do respect and love what he does. He knows he ain’t perfect but strives to better himself hating that fact and that’s something I’m tryna do as well

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    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's constantly angry…Even if it's past tense, all the Rage is- bad..I don't like it

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    I love this mf

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    Needed this rn

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    He is the Keanu Reeves of YouTube man. Don't hate this man but appreciate what he has brought to the table.

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    And I'll always love Markimoo 😊😊😊😊😊

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    4th year engineering school and done nothing.. wtf ever.. dude tryin to relate to real people. 😂😂😂

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    I'm a boring old British woman, absolutely NOT his target audience but I love this guy, he's just incredible…❤️

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    I'll never do this for myself, will I.

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    I cried for two days

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    Another person that wasted years and money on a degree they never use.

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    my dad just passed a month ago from a perforated bowel.. Mark has been such a tremendous help in helping me heal and i’ll forever be thankful for him

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    Yea , things like that just make you really dig down deep inside you, and figure out who you are as person.

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    i respect Markiplier in a huge way. the amount of crap he has gone through in his life, and how openly he talks about his health and his past. he is truely a survivor, and has kept me smiling in even the darkest times of my life. he is truely a good man.

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    This is so true when i was a kid i was always angry at ppl and stuff, then i had a stroke at 19 and im not really angry at anything anymore & if i get angry someone realllly pissed me off.

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    Yk reflection on life for me at the age of 17, I was full of rage not too long ago and it did nothing to progress my life. Now looking at it all it feels like I'm not trying to progress. I'm in waiting mode, literally just waiting for me to graduate highschool to be sent to boot camp. I feel as if I have nothing to do bc of it. Like I just have been playing farming simulator 22 for the past few weeks and do nothing else.

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    His voice is amazing.

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    And eventually started an OF

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