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Man Dies, Shown Why God Allows Bad Things Happen to Good People ( NDE)

Dec 2023 16

Man Dies, Shown Why God Allows Sufferings to Come to Good People?


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    Mark's Website: http://www.mark-patterson.com

    Mark’s Gmail: theccnc@gmail.com

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    Totally agree with that.

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    I 100% believe our energy lives on. I believe 100% in NDE. You honestly should like your going through the motions. There is no passion in your voice about your supposed experience. I can say I do not believe you had an NDE.

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    Jesus is the only way to go to the Father. No one goes to the Father without going through Jesus first. Jesus is Lord, he was crucified, died on that cross to pay for our sins, he was buried and on the third he rose again. He is seated at the right hand of the Father, and he will come again to judge the living and the dead. And his Kingdom will have no end. Jesus is our Lord and Savior. He did not meet Jesus, and Hell is real. Their are many NDE that have visited Hell, and have seen people tortured, and many demons. Form your own opinions, but this man did not meet Jesus, believes their is no Hell. This testimony goes against Gods word. I know all about spiritual gifts, I have a powerful sixth sense. I constantly see futuristic events, seen the colors of peoples auroras. I am empathic, and telepathic.

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    U lost me with the hippie bullshit at 3:00

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    You are confusing hell with Gehenna

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    I’ve been married to a woman for 42 years. She was (I thought) a Christian. Not so sure now. She is very abusive. I’ve stayed with her because of our sons and now for our 4 grandchildren. I’ve asked God to change her but He hasn’t , can’t or won’t. Everyday is bitter with her.

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    All this suffering just to prove something to yourself that you don't even remember?? Stupid clown life.

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    Jesus, so much of what this guy has said so casually is unscriptural, too many to list. Read and study the Bible with like-minded fellowship from other Christians, and don’t listen to people like this with their flimsy, wishy-washy doctrine.

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    Sounds like deception to me.

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    This was probably the best and most brilliant talk I have ever heard on this site. Mark Patterson you got it. You got the answers. I'm in all of it. Thank you so much

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    I respect and appreciate this man’s experience, but I have to say a lot of things do not click with me at all. There most definitely is a hell and there is a spiritual war happening all around us between good and evil. Bad things happen to good people because there is evil in the world that wants to hurt others. We do not choose to have bad things happen to us, this is spiritual brainwashing. No child asked to abused to learn a lesson, this is very dangerous thinking. No body is a volunteer for abuse, rape, torture and murder. To propose such ideas are of evil origin, not of God

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    LOVED IT!!!!!!😊

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    Beautiful testimony, thank you for this. Btw, I use 528 hz for my subliminal recording which you can find on my channel. I use this frequency because it has scientific studies backing it and it also opens the heart. Goad you touched on all of this ☺️

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    It is essential that your God be invisible. Therefore, he can not be held accountable.

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    Sometimes people are naive to their bad choices, sometimes people never learned empathy or patience. Sometimes people know they made bad choices and are so overwhelmed with guilt they don't know where to begin to say sorry…sometimes they're in denial…and sometimes they are sick in the head, so to speak, and just dangerous to be around. Each case is different. I've done things I definitely regret. Stress and just being naive and not knowing how to het out of bad situations were things that contributed to my bad choices. I see more clearly now, but still stuck in tough times.

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    compassion, goodness and forgiveness doesnt humble some people. But it teaches us to find people who possess those qualities and who doesn't.

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    That must be catholic.. I was judged more by Catholics than Christians who believe Jesus is the only way to god who also lives in us but you have to believe it .. not everyone has god in them you have to invite him in

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    I have NO Freaking IDEA WHY i cried listening to this

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    I think we are allowed to be deceived and hurt beyond measure so we will eventually learn to love and trust ourselves enough to break free . We must go thru much pain to achieve this. I'd say hopefully people will get this way before I did. We are all amazing and we waste so much time on nonsense , why should pain last for decades ? I don't want to hurt anyone but nobody will ever get over on me again. My son said about his abusive father , why would I forgive someone who isn't s9rry . This is true the man got off on hurting him over and over , though I saw it I couldn't believe it , bc its so unfathomable. I just didn't want to think it was abuse , he's 50 years older than my child. They are a half century apart in parenting. I can only say at least he will know what evil is, but kids are so smart it's unreal. I wish I could have learned so well. I swear you look like my Wally.

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    Also anyone know the correct name for the app. I checked so many not sure which one he referring. 💜✨🕊

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    Thank you 🙏🏻, I have a appointment for a QHHT I have 0 memory’s, none till I started college, I only have stories about my life that others tell me … what is not much, because no one really ever want to talk to me, lots of excuses when I’m asking Questions no Answer, have little puzzles and it is bit terrifying, but I need to know to heal myself. Sending love and light to all beings 💜✨🕊

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    I think some people don't go through, for example abusive relationships over and over again to learn how to love and forgive the abuser, but to learn how to love and forgive themselves❤

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    So true God bless you

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    I dont know about this guy's story. When some of the fact are wrong, It make me call into question the entire story.

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    I'm just too weak to do any of this,i just can't forgive some people.

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    Amen to everything said here. 💖🙏🏾

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    Why is it that no one talks about the torture of little kids for sexual pleasure and the worship of satanic and their addiction to adrenochrome? Why is none of this mentioned?

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    Mother Teresa not only let but made people suffer. She believed it made them closer to God. She took most donations and gave them to the church where these men live in luxury with gold walls and millions of fancy buildings with expensive stain glass etc. She SOLD children!

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    Sin is transgression of the law.

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    This universe is a very silly thing. I mean that literally, it is all very silly.

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    If the purpose is for people to forgive those that wrong us or that we perceive being wronged by, then humanity is failing. How often do people forgive others that wrong us really? Not many I think, maybe I am wrong but when I look out in the world is us hate each other for our ideas if they differ from ours, never mind being wronged! Sorry but It seems to me if this is our purpose humanity is an epic failure…

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    Thank you for sharing ❤❤❤

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