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Man Dies, Sees Future & Says Don’t Freak Out (NDE)

Nov 2023 29

Gary Wimmer had an (Near-Death Experience) and discovered what happens after death. He saw seven beings/angels, and after leaving his body was shown future events. Gary’s (Near-Death Experience) showed him that there is , and it was a life-altering experience that changed him forever.

0:00 – Near-Death Experience ()
11:52 – Why Did It Happen to You?
15:27 – Does Everyone Have Psychic Abilities?

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    At first glance this sounds like a 70's musician got struck by an LSD flashback. But this is so crazy and I am crazy enough to believe that his experience is real. Most NDE's point out that "over there" time and causality do not run in a linear direction anymore. That's why, although an accident might be the cause (or at least trigger) for an NDE, the NDE can start hours, sometimes days BEFORE the accident.

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    Why doesn't he mention Jesus?

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    He saw man made wild fires not global warming.

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    This is not nde it's out of body. The guest tells you this topic. Label video ad so.

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    I also had decades of psychic experience in the middle of my life. I also had an experience like Gary with an important official document that I thought was lost. I prayed fervently for help and suddenly, at the last moment when I was supposed to make an expensive replacement, my guardian angel whispered to me with a mischievous smile in his voice, where I moved it…and it was true! Gary is so right to plug the holes in our common boat…Recognize and overcome the separation from the universal source of life, with His help, then we will have, as we have been praying for 2000 years, Your kingdom come, Your will be done, as in heaven, the same on earth…Then we will have paradise on earth again, at least for 1000 years. And if you like it more scientific, take a look at the morphological fields according to R. Sheldrake ( or Akasha Chronicles) or quantum physics. Only Jesus Christ is the legitimate mediator between us and this universal God, see John 14:6 and Matthew 28,18❣️

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    At last someone who made complete sense. Thank you!!

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    I loved this. Do the work and we help the collective consciousness

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    Speaking of keys every sense I’ve been looking into NDE’s I’ve had some things happen I was looking for my wallet one day I could not find it and heard a internal voice say you are over thinking it and when I paused to ponder that message, I felt my wallet in my back pocket, which strangely seems like I felt all my pants pocket before hand, and did not feel anything

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    Sounds like he was tripping after a big night with the band

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    Always suspicious when someone is promoting their books in the background

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    As always with such stories, buy my book…

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    please stop updating your view count in your thumbnail its so cringe 💀

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    Fraud fake jokie jokes to freak out.

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    i had an NDE..i saw 72 virgins waiting for me..suddenly i got up in the ER..damn..

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    That's exactly what Jesus teaches us! We have choices and he thought us how and why we should make good choices. It's like he saw Revelations.

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    I had a strange visual experience after having my 2nd sleep lab test in about 6 years. I consulted my opthamologist, who thought I should see a neurologist. I haven't as of yet, but I am wondering if I had a "visit" from one of my helpers……..I can't think of any reason why a sleep lab test would cause what I saw.

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    Gary, I ask God all the time to help me find the missing and he never fails. 😊also remember to Thank Him!

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    John 14: 6 Jesus said unto him, I AM THE WAY , THE TRUTH , and THE LIFE; no man cometh to the Father but through Me.

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    What a beautiful man❤. Thank you for sharing that story 🙏

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    joe rogan and others described the same experience from dmt, dmt can be released from the body

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    It all sounds beutiful and nice. And all that. Maybe a nice place to visit. But i wouldnt want to live in that world, alone. Id rather be in paradise with jesus and others.

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    Jesus said he is the way the truth the life he that follows Jesus shall not wlk in darkness

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    Satan, who is the god of this world and the greatest liar, can easily decieve us when we are vulnerable or in an unusually weak situation.
    He'll do it when he knows that the decieved will go on to (usually unwittingly) decive others.
    The aim is to steer you from Jesus Christ and to death.

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