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Man Died Suddenly; Shown The Essence of People During Near Death Experience

Dec 2023 10


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    Sounds like dmt

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    Thank you for sharing your experience. I love you too

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    so if there is memory or storage recollection ,after OBE,or NDE, that is without our brain, or physical biological bodies, then memory must be stored in the ether,cosmos, universe ,quantum, and ,we act a receiver to this ,(when we re-enter human form)

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    Thank you for your sharing!❤

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    A bs story that can’t be evidenced to be fact, and look at all of the gullible suckers who eat the nonsense up because they are so desperate to have their personal fairy tale beliefs validated.

    So terribly sad that people are so weak-minded and weak-willed that they need crap like this to make them feel better and justify their imaginary friend/s…

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    hes lying . Not all souls are equally beautiful. God loves some people more than others and some souls are worth more than others. For example the saints and those biblical figures. Their souls are worth way more than ours. Period. Not all souls are created with the same value.

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    So why does theese beautiful souls harm and torture animals thats what I wanna know .. and for people fearing hell .. hell is on eart

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    Did we attend High School together?

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    That's awesome that your dad showed up in your NDE. How old was your dad when he was living in that apartment with his buddy? I bet that's the age he went back to after he crossed back over.

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    So glad you could see we are beautiful souls. Thanks for sharing.

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    This all seem similar and pretty formulaic, leaving the body, life review, wormhole type travel, overwhelming feeling of love, and beings of past lives. What is confusing is why are there past lives? If this "heaven" type after life is so all encompassing with love and warmth, why the need to keep entering new lives? What's missing? Is it boredom?

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    I hate to be cruel but I want this experience. It’ll help me and teach me so many things.

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    We know this is not magic, it's effects caused by brain injury.

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    Thank You Very Much for Sharing! How has your life changed since having your NDE? After listening to close to 100 NDEs, it seems that we see what we believe and "expect" to see on some level- depending on our belief systems. Please let me know how your life has changed & how much you've researched NDE's..btw, you're a Very handsome man 🙂

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    You have done well to give this testimony. Anything that helps to open human eyes is benefical. Go on with the good work. Believe in Gods love, which is always there. Be blessed.

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    Thank you for sharing your story.

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    Thank you my friend, and may you walk once more in the light, but not for a while.

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    What a great man!!! Love to him and his family forever!

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    Any NDE account that mentions "Jesus" or "God" is an NDE account that can be immediately dismissed as false.

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    All right a couple of observations:
    – Actual NDE starts around after 6:30
    – He experiences the void as negative. Many people from other religious backgrounds (or no background) experience it as soothing, peaceful, conforting. Some will go as far as to call it Nirvana.
    – He called out to Jesus, after being technically in the afterlife to save him. Numerous NDEs prove that even if you find yourself in a negative/distressing area, ask for help from anyone positive and the negativity will end. Can be a Christian religious figure but doesn't have to be.

    Which proves two things that are worth repeating: This experience and others like that (I'm thinking Howard Storm) have shown us that you DON'T need to accept anyone as the "one true personal savior" (blah blah blah) before you die, you can find yourself in a distressing area and call out for help AFTER the facts. Also, according to the reseach by IANDS, the University of Virginia Division of Perceptual Studies (I'm thinking Dr Bruce Greyson here), members of a religious that preach fire and brimstone are MORE likely to have a distressing NDE, not less. Remember, WE are the creators of the Universe and WE create our reality with our thoughts. So if your thoughts are of fear and of damnation, punishment, likely you will create that for yourself until you get your bearings (such as calling out for help)

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    Please where is the full version of your experience even the anesthetic effects still reveal the unconscious or superconscious aspects to your experience it sounds like you had a multi levelled nde the anesthetic just dimmed your perceptions distorting some of the experiences it was a many tiered unique experience

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    If we have beautiful souls why is there negative there waiting for us at death? So confusing.

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    Your talking to demons

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    Thank you for sharing that amazing account of your experience. Very Powerful

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    I had an experience but not as NDE, although I did have an obe during a car accident at the ER. That was a vision in a room with people who were done with surgery. The other one is when I popped out of my body and I started going up and I panicked because I thought If I go through the ceiling I was not coming back. I started praying and I slowed down and floated slowly downward and entered back in my body. I was under a lot of stress from my family saying the older girl was not going to be invited to any dinners or parties at the Christmas holidays. When that OBE came, I was gone in a week or two. I have never forgotten how real it felt, and I remember when I was back in my body, there was a vibration of high frequency in my whole body. I moved my hands to make sure I was solid. Crazy but it changed everything I believe in.
    Great Story

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    Amazing NDE thank you so much for sharing ❤️

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