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Making Man – SNL

May 2024 06

Angels (, , Mikey Day, ) try to finalize the design for the .

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  1. #1
  2. #2

    May i ask what the nipples on human man do?

  3. #3

    Who plays Jesus?

  4. #4

    Anya is too distracting in this skit

  5. #5

    How does something this infantile come out of New York City?

  6. #6

    Zelda was on board! Lol

  7. #7

    Oh that's why we have nipples!!

  8. #8
  9. #9

    Anya Taylor its an angel 4 real!AN ARGENTINIAN IN HOLLYWOOD!!

  10. #10

    Funny how the image of the "model man" reflects that of a California dumpster dweller.

  11. #11

    How can tell me why East Asian men do not have the body hair (almost) ?

  12. #12

    I'm still reeling.
    Was… was that Ian from Smosh playing Jesus at the end???

  13. #13

    its not really funny is it

  14. #14

    😅 this whole clip just to say the new term for tits the kids are using calling them squeezies .

  15. #15

    The one big toe is not so bad of an idea.
    Fusing the bones of the foot into one will make it more resistant to breakage.

  16. #16

    I dont get american humour. Dont know how this is funny.

  17. #17

    That wa MA idea✊🏻👊🏻

  18. #18

    they should make more of Zelda

  19. #19

    Dang I missed them all😢

  20. #20

    Zelda probably is the one who gave periods 😅

  21. #21
  22. #22

    This makes absolutely no sense 🤣😂 the people making the people look like the people 😳

  23. #23

    I wanted to know the name of the guest star, but the description only credits the four male actors in the sketch. Really?

  24. #24

    If your putting hair everywhere, you need to remove it from the top of the head.

  25. #25

    Aaaaaand yet another SNL skit fizzles and sputters at the end. Like the final design for man.

  26. #26

    Jon Hamm without eyes.

  27. #27

    If God has seen this skit, they are all going to hell!

  28. #28

    and then this 'intelligent' team of woman designers decided to create periods and womb

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