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Madness in Spirituality & Religion: Why Some People go Mad when they practice African Spirituality.

Mar 2023 19

In This Video,I talked about the fine line of madness Religion and Spirituality.How what may be considered Sane to one Man might be considered as insanity to another man.
And the types of Behavior that makes people to run mad in African Spirituality.Enjoy
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    Bad practice = bad results.thanks

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    real talk brother .

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    Please how to use Sudan oil, for fast money in a hotel work. Because I need big money so that I can leave the business for good as soon as I can

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    This should get a billion views.

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    hi great video with great insights !!.
    some thoughts came to mind.
    was wondering if also people who try to invoke deities they have no experience with or have not been initiated into can cause madness.
    also what about people who don't discard or end relationships with spirits on a good note or whose descendants refuse to uphold their portion of a deal their ancestors had with a deity.
    and also are these situations permanent even if the initial cause were started with a bad,ignorant,accidental motive.

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    You are straight forward I love this about you. No nonsense and bullshiting about things. Real talk.

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    Have just shared to my Facebook, keep on bro

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    Thanks for this, everyone need to see this.

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    You would be surprised how many books on our Ancestors spiritual system has been written by the western man. I have found that they've stolen our Ancestors information and are practicing but we know they are unable to contact our Ancestors because they are souless. They claim every accomplishment of our Ancestors

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    Thank you 🙏

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