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Kemetic Ascension- The Buffalo Shooting and the Attack on Black Spirituality

Mar 2023 20

Biweekly Spiritual Virtual Gathering of the Shrine of Ma’at


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    First time viewer but this video/channel seems like it's just another made up religion, a group that's playing ancient Egyptians wannabes, it does not feel authentic to me.

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    Jabari, I have understood your position concerning the Jabuaki. You have proven to be able to lead those who had to take the Jabuaki by taking it yourself. In other words, you will not let them by themselves. Intense emotions come over me when I think about your trust in the power of the spirits and ancestors. You are able to tell others, "don't worry, no matter what is going on, you will be safe." Beautiful Jabari.

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    Thank you Jabari for this pointer of the word of power together with the breath.

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    Much 🙏 respect from Buffalo New York and I left that supermarket 40 minutes before that racists white European domestic terrorist who had help went to kill people I knew and I thank both of you for being sone of the few to honestly speak on this terrible tragic event thank you both again peace protection love also blessings from Buffalo New York 🙏

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    That prayer for the ancestors just broke me down💔💔🙏🏾🙏🏾😭😭 Thanks Jabari for such a beautiful prayer & libations. I enjoyed this segment so much

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    No Greek will ever raise up against their master. The Archon are "Messengers to the King", Steve Cokely taught us that almost four decades ago.

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    I honestly cannot imagine our Kemetic ancestors accepting Greeks as their representatives in 2022. The Hated the Greeks. The Greeks gave us the seeds of Anti Black Caste with their Torah.

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    Jabari says he don't believe the neters actually existed therefore don't pray to them

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    I must say are history is important to us. But in this day in time we need a black military. Not more and more history or religion the back

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    Ok Let’s recap
    May 14: 10 Black people are MURDERED in Buffalo by a white supremacist
    May 17: House resolution is filed to condemn anti JEWISH hate
    May 18: Anti JEWISH hate resolution passed 420-1
    May 19: Senate voted to send $40 billion to UKRAINE
    Today: Blacks are told to Vote Democrats in the midterm elections and keep hope Alive.

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    If kem was so great, what happened?

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    Kansas City ..Son Of David. Kara Karo

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    Are we just going to overlook the fact that Africans SOLD THEIR PPL INTO SLAVERY?

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    Don't forget black on black crime. Coming from a black man.

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    What is this?

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    Definitely Church my brother

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    Much Love and Blessings family

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    Looks like the legal age to purchase a firearm in NY so someone purchased it for him unless he was using an illegal firearm.

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    Atlanta Georgia. All my life! Technically.

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    “offering” ok

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