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Journey to the Afterlife: Earth's Illusion Exposed in a Near Death Experience

Jun 2024 10

When had a and visited , she felt as though her life on Earth wsa more like a dream than a reality. Although she had never tried drugs before or after her , this particular overdose stopped her heart and prompted a very interesting talk with God.


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    Incomplete video. If she did ev on Earth she came to do & was done, then how or why was she allowed to come back?

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    I'd be sceptical of this if there weren't confirmed cases where people with out of body experiences saw or knew things they couldn't have known without leaving their bodies when they were dead.

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    We are not humans having a spiritual experiance. We are souls having a human experiance.

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    I can’t imagine leaving my children thinking they were just a dream. God gifted me with 3 beautiful children. 4 with my adopted daughter that was gifted to me from her mom before she died. My children is my every thing.

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    We are pure Spirit ❤

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    Where can I listen to her whole account ? What’s her name?

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    I wonder if you had entered into a trans lucid dreaming state ? I clinically died twice and when I became conscious I had amnesia I didn’t know my husband or children nor my name let alone their names it took several months to figure that out I knew I had a mission and it would be fullfilled in gods time

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    You can enter a meditate state and ask your guides to show you past the veil. Light and love!

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    Row, row, row your boat
    Gently down the stream
    Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily
    Life is but a dream
    Row, row, row your boat
    Gently down the stream
    Merrily merrily, merrily, merrily
    Life is but a dream

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    Hearing the part about our children isn't ours breaks my heart

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    Because it IS a dream!

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    She had an NDE. Near death experience

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    Row, Row, Row your Boat
    Gently Down the Stream
    Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
    Life is but a Dream 😊

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    Yes! Yes! That's exactly how I've put it to other people when I try to explain what my experience with that …. well, Experience <3 has been. Thank you for sharing it so succinctly.

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    Ummm that's purple black , or am I color blind?
    Aside from that, she's on point.

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    To Live is to Sleep, to Die is to Awaken Indian Proverb

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    Yep been there she right much love sweeeeeeet dreams in this one and the next one 😘

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    She said it perfectly

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    I smoke the same weed darling, ir was beautiful

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    I guess you don't take anything with you when you die except you yourself and your soul and ithe total sum experiences of the soul… it's very solitary or really personal experience…no help from the peanut gallery 😊

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    I believe her 😢😢

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    It's an experience

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    Death is the concept of fear. We knew that once you die. Everything you had done and experienced will be gone forever. But as I grew older that I had accepted death as part of being alive bcuz I knew that i didn't fear being born. I was born without knowing I was going to be born. Then why should I fear death? If being born is just the thing I never knew existed before I got here to this day then death is just part of letting everything go without any attachments to this world.

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    This is it. I fully expect this moment of realization. There will be much more and it’s GOOD.

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    Who are the entities,//,?

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    Who put purple image when this lady described it as BLUE Black??

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    Evey second we feel this world.. What we feel the next we adapt that world

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    "Life is a dream, we wake up when we die"
    Pinku Rohidas

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    Strange how our closest attachments in this world just melt away, even those with our children.

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    Loved this account and how she knows that forever really happens for us all.

    Fwiw, a BBC website reel today about the afterlife was one of the most smug, point-missing several minutes on the subject one could imagine. They made belief in the afterlife seem delusional at best.

    Ah, ye materialists – thou speak of tiny things that are of this world giving no credence to the next.

    Sending light to all. We're in it together. 🙋💖✨🙏

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