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Jonestown Massacre: 900+ Suicides In One Night | BigBrainco. Hindi Video ft. @Amanjain0907

Apr 2023 14

Jonestown mass-suicide-murder still gives goosebumps to the Americans. 1950-1978 saw the rise and fall of cult leader Jim Jones who charmed his followers with mystical powers he claimed to have. Thousands of followers followed him to the South American country of Guyana. What laid ahead, was one horrific crime against humanity in the history of humankind.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:18 – Jim Jones
02:20 – Expansion of People’s Temple
03:04 – Moving to Guyana
05:06 – Reality of Jonestown
07:09 – Mass Suicide Rehearsal
09:23 – US Government Interference
11:25 – Jonestown Turned into Hell


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    Why does this story sound like far cry 5🤔🤔

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    A child who is not embraced by the tribe shall burn it down one day to feel it’s warmth

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    Plz make a video in Ajmer 1992 ..
    Indias Biggest sex scandal..
    Were more than 200 Hindu Girls r@ped by Youth Congress Members those were all Muslims..
    Google it ..

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    वो लोग मरे उसकी वजह सिर्फ़ jim jones नहीं बल्कि वो खुद भी थे, ये उन मरने वाले वयस्क लोगों कि गलती थी कि जो jim jones जैसे किसी सनकी शक़्स कि किसी भी बात को सही गलत कि कसौटी पर जाँच किए बगैर, बगैर कोई सवाल किये मान रहे थे।
    वैसे हि भारत में आसाराम, रामरहीम, रामदेव, रामपाल, जैसे क‌ई बाबा धर्मगुरु हैं, जो लोगों को मूर्ख बनाने का काम करते हैं ।

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    Make a video on yeti airplane crash , nepal plane crash

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    Hindi mein bol ya angreji mein bol….mc oversmart

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    1:07 teri maa ka bhosda randiyon ki paidaish 1987,1992,1993,2002 bhul Gaya kya ,muh me ram bagal me chura people's.

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    Guy-ana not guana

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    Ithne gawar choothye log zinda rehke bhi kya ukhaad lete 😂🤣🤣💩

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    What are your thoughts about burari.. Mass suicide in family

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    Jones, the stalin of Jonestown

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    india me ek he nittananda,jo abhi ek iland khorida,uska naam dia kailasha

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    That is why I fear. Still these practices prevail.

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    Bhaiya hindi mein jada bola kijiye please

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    Bhut dukhad 🙏 rip

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    ch hai kya childhood trauma idhar logo ko kitne taklif hai ye kya ch giri hai trauma

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    Meri baat ka yakin kro main muder krne jara is time

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    Wait so FarCry 5 adapted the game story from this.

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    Bhai thode add kr do

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    It seems like Far cry 5 has fully copied the story of this incident like the nuclear war vision, the father rulling on the hope county, and so many followers who can even kill themselves for the father.

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    love this channel

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    Why all this world domination shit and wanna be controller of everything kind of cases trace itself back to communism and abrahamic religions. If someone has read history properly and knows the current situation of the world will understand what I am talking about. It really shows the contrast and difference between westeern philosophy and eastern

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    No words for this 😔😔😔😔😔

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    One more church and bible influenced, childhood traumatized man who turned into a monster.

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    The way he telling story maja aata hai

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    Bro you are great but just wanna suggest one thing plz select one language for the whole video.. English or Hindi… when You speak both languages mixed, it sometimes confuses.

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    I love how white people call these as victim of childhood trauma but people of other race and religion as terrorists…

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    LOL i am thinking about those people who trusted on him like wtf dudes XD

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    It's not a suicide it's a murdered…

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    Americans really were SMART since then ,lol and imagine what they are now 😂

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    You got a new subscriber 👍

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    Communism itself is a sweet trap….in everything….they r talking abt Poor bt in every communist power state hide poor details and In India, all factory communist party force to stop and every union leader become only rich …WEST BENGAL itself a most prominent example of communist disaster….they target people who r like to thinking independently….then start brainwash to think that u can do anything…they prefer Muslims nowadays bcoz its easy to control them via 1 person…like Masjid's one Moulana is capable to control that area…take him control under them then communist get power….Communism its self a mindset…it doesn't mean that only China and Russia have all communist people….they r everywhere every country every political party….

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    This is one of the best channel on my list

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    Watched the movie long ago. Its sad scary too.

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    Man kinda looks like Ghajini

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    Christianity and Communists, the two most deadly thing in the world

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    Research to make dead alive back.Tell every – 'Don't suicide as it's wrong. Contact a psychiatrist to know how and why as it is trained to explain you well.'

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    Beerbicpes, Make videos with only Aman. Who the fuq is qova or so,something that guy. Aman is best

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    Bhai hindi me hi bola kro …ya fir jo english bolte ho uska matlab bhi samjhaya kro…

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