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John Travolta’s Near-Death Experience (Plane Crash)

Apr 2023 09

This video is about a big-time actor, John Travolta! Most people know that John is one of the biggest names in the industry; starring in movies such as and Pulp Fiction. He found stardom at a young age and has been a household name ever since. What most people don’t know is that John Travolta is a pilot and has been flying his own airplanes since he was in his twenties. His love affair with flying started when he was just 15 years old. The star went on to receive his pilot’s license and has been flying big planes all over the world for years. The star is partnered with a large airline company and has even flown commercial flights in his free time. John even went out of his way to build an airport outside of his house! With such easy access to aviation travel, John is able to leave at a moment’s notice. The star is known to fly himself to sets and job opportunities. Things haven’t always been easy for John. Over the years, John Travolta has experienced a lot of hardship in his life with the death of several close family members, but his love for flying has always remained solid. The star owns several of his own planes and is frequently invited to fly other’s planes. But, even if you love flying planes, it comes with some big risks. Watch this video to find out about John Travolta’s near-death experience in a plane crash!

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John Travolta’s Near-Death Experience (Plane Crash)
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  1. #1

    John, loves flying so I think he should continue! You did not mention, he flew supplies to a country that had a natural disaster.

  2. #2

    Icona John Travolta

  3. #3

    Not fair keep doing what u love ur family loves u either way

  4. #4

    Once a pilot always a pilot! John Travolta cand do both

  5. #5

    John deserves a lifetime achievement award on all cylinders.

  6. #6

    Not exactly the NDE I was thinking it would be. So a car ran a red light last week and almost hit me…, I guess I had a "near death experience"… 🙄🙄

  7. #7

    More reasons to respect and admire John
    Forever compassionate regarding his son and the lifelong grief the family must suffer for his loss.

  8. #8

    Two miles apart..that's a lot

  9. #9

    John Travolta 🌟🌟🏆🌟🌟
    🛫 🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫🛬🛫 🛬
    🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 🌟

  10. #10

    Carry on John, well all pilot's make mistakes at one time or another, they are Human and xxxx happens , Have a nice day ALL.

  11. #11

    I think he should do what his heart tells him to do.he's very talented.

  12. #12

    NOT a close call. He should buy a helicopter, or Celera 500L …

  13. #13

    He should continue doing what he loves doing I'm sure he sees his family. I'm sure his family wants him to be happy. Enjoy your life sir and God bless you and your family 👪

  14. #14

    John is doing what he loves to do and that is great!

  15. #15

    Keep flying John. The release is wonderful..Dick

  16. #16

    An person cant take of others until they take care of themselves first. The biggest down fall of most. Keep flying.

  17. #17

    John should continue flying!!
    What is wrong with people stereo typing?
    It does not matter is it is a car, train, bus, or plane.
    Accidents happen, it will not matter where the hell you are!! Some just can not be prevented!!
    You are in the air out of the blue the engine either quits, or catches on fire!! Is that the pilots fault? No it happened!!
    You are on a train and it jumps track is that the operators fault? No it is the ones that katsina the tracks!!
    The electricity went out on Johns plane!!
    During flight, things happen !!

  18. #18

    Keep flying John!

  19. #19

    Really dislike this video. Very poorly narrated and we weren't allowed to hear from John Travolta himself…only the narrator.

  20. #20

    Was that a hit?

  21. #21

    Dumb final question……..

  22. #22

    i think he must take care of family bc family is NO 1 airplanes NO 2

  23. #23

    And according to his copilot (a friend of mine) he is also bisexual. And has made out with men inflight on several occasions.

  24. #24

    Flying is John's passion why would you even suggest he take time away from it. I am sure he can look after his family and fly. I personally think that was a stupid question.

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