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Joe Rogan, Politics, and Conspiracy Theories | David Lucas

Feb 2023 08

David Lucas is a comedian known for his appearances on KILL TONY as a regular, Roast Me, and performing with comics such as Joe Rogan, Louis CK, Tony Hinchcliffe and many more.


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0:00 – Success in Comedy
4:14 – Moving to Austin
6:14 – Joe Rogans new comedy club
9:03 – Media trying to destroy Joe Rogan
14:19 – The dark history of the United States
20:28 – Brittney Griner & Victor Bout
30:28 – Politics, Hollywood, & the homeless.
41:22 – Chris Rock
44:51 – 2Pac conspiracy theories
49:34 – Kanye West
56:31 – Blair Witch Project
59:57 – Podcasts
1:03:42 – Buddhism / Religion
1:08:05 – Horseshoe theory
1:15:23 – Trump / DeSantis
1:21:40 – Being a father
1:26:23 – Frank Lucas



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    0:00 – Success in Comedy
    4:14 – Moving to Austin
    6:14 – Joe Rogans new comedy club
    9:03 – Media trying to destroy Joe Rogan
    14:19 – The dark history of the United States
    20:28 – Brittney Griner & Victor Bout
    30:28 – Politics, Hollywood, & the homeless
    41:22 – Chris Rock
    44:51 – 2Pac conspiracy theories
    49:34 – Kanye West
    56:31 – Blair Witch Project
    59:57 – Podcasts
    1:03:42 – Buddhism / Religion
    1:08:05 – Horseshoe theory
    1:15:23 – Trump / DeSantis
    1:21:40 – Being a father
    1:26:23 – Frank Lucas

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    Damn I would love to sit in the room and be apart of this conversation!
    It's so hard to find people in real life that I can vibe and talk to like this.
    It's partly on me for being so antisocial but I'm working on it.

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    David Lucas for president. The first time I’ve heard anyone somewhat famous speak actual truth

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    Kanye doesn’t have mental episodes you f dums. He’s being drugged.

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    Get him on again bruh 👏👏👏👏

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    Lucas is based.

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    I’ve been familiar w Davids work since the beginning of Kill Tony. Obv respected his comedy and assumed he was a pretty free spirit personality wise. But wow. Lol. He’s on some real G shit LMAO SALUTE

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    I like the interviews, but Jayzuz, stop talking over guests & each other. It makes me bail on every single interview halfway through.

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    Hey there!! We’re the podcast you mentioned about horseshoe theory!

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    Ucsb is the college, I grew up in isla vista, they're all racists over there…

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    In all honesty Trump deserves another term because his first term was unfairly,illegally,targeted & sabotaged by the FBI & rival candidate Hilary,as she was Secretary of State. He was illegaly spied on as a candidate, his backers were all targeted,investigated and charged with obscure crimes all to punish them for helping Trump. Mainstream media spread their own created fabricated conspiracy theory on Russian Collusion ,they swore was true,for all 4 years. They made a TV movie about Comey and the Muller investigation like it was Watergate Investigation and they pumped up the investigation and when Muller admitted they found nothing, the media never apologized. They swore his taxes would show illegal activity, and when it was out it showed NOTHING and they never apologized. They impeached him twice and failed. All media outlets slandered his kids, labeled him a racist, said he was mentally ill and demanded a competency test. Pelosi Colluded with security and FBI undercover as maga protestors to set up the Jan 6th protest and then tried to blame
    It on Trump when be never encouraged anyone. He deserves to serve a term with no secret agencies trying to take him down. He accomplished so much while fighting against the giant forces corrupt and using dirty tricks against him. He deserves a term while not being undermined by every politician including his own Republicans.

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    The high homeless population, high crime rate problems have existed in California and New York in the recent past, these two states know specifically what must be done to fix these issues , both problems were already solved , but Leftist Liberal Democrat politicians in power have decided to make policy that incentivizes and enables and attracts homeless people, and policy’s that are soft of crime, decriminalize certain offenses, advise cops to tolerate small crimes and not pursue small
    Offenses. Criminals will do the crimes they know are being tolerated. Brazen Shoplifting is an epidemic in NY bc it was taken off the offenses cops will respond to. CA gives free food, money, benefits, healthcare, cell phones, clothes to homeless people. The homeless go where they are tolerated and where they can get the most benefits. Just like immigrants go to states that will not let immigration take them and states that will protect them and give them the most aid. These issues have proven, tested,historical solutions . Democrats want to
    Cater to the lower end ,messed up people of society , enabling them so they will have their vote forever. Bc homeless and criminals benefit when Democrats are in so they will keep these policies. Only when conservatives get in can these issues be fixed.

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    17:44 as a country we are not any more Fuked up than other countries,we are actually one of the safest and most responsible countries. We have laws and rules and if people or
    Companies break the law and hurt people theyres systems to fix the issue. Other countries dont hold their leaders or higher ups responsible. Ultimatley no one in America had to get the vax in other countries there wasnt a choice Our Constitution and laws are based on Morality and the liberty freedom sovereignty of its citizens .

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    First you grab a piece of meat, then you boil it with some heat, then you put it in a bun, now David Lucas havin fun!!! lol Love David Lucas

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    If u got to coherse ur way into some pussy. U lame ass nigga lmao u should always be straight up with females. Even if they don't like u afterwards. If u gotta coach a female to have sex with u. U just mentaly raped the female.

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    The fabled camera man. Lmao 🤣

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    leave your money to a dog? hahaha i got 3 pits, hopefully my money takes care of them well if anything happens to me 🤣😂

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    9/12 to make everyone American? that’s ridiculous people were getting beaten nearly to death because they were mistaken as Muslim. Bigots these days probably don’t even think about black muslims…

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    Dave chapel is super funny , I’ve never herd of this dude

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    Oooohhh your not funny

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    David Lucas is a legend in my opinion. so funny

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    Dude needs to speak up. I keep turning up my headphones to hear him an then y'all actually talk an blow my ears out. Love it tho.

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    damn so rogans comedy club got the ceilings lowered by 7 feet? thats allot of empty space up there lol

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    cause hes a island boy

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    Man said there was more unity when trump as in office 😂😂😂😂 clown

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    1:32:50 Yeah you pay to dance unless you have like an exclusive deal with the club. Depends on the club!

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    Stick to comedy though my guy lol.. Openly unaware that oil is a globally traded commodity and starts acting like the President of the US has control over the price of it; Unaware that oil prices dropped during the pandemic due to a drop in global demand; Just a really bad look, that's high school economics dude. I'm sure you just don't understand it and you've got a few drinks in you so you started talking shit lol.

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    What? You guys wanna spit out a little bit of Josephine’s 🍆 so we can hear you speak actual facts and your own opinion. Or is it so Hollywood out in Texas that you can’t tell the truth about how you really feel abt Joe and still be put on at his club? He keeps that echo chamber / friends and peers for pay program tight, huh? Cause there’s no way you guys actually think the media is destroying Joe and he doesn’t deserve every single piece of criticism he has gotten…. And a whole lot more.
    Y’all can’t say the truth, I will…. Joe is an actual baboon with a 🎙️. The primate uses the tool to terrify, lie to, and otherwise mislead his already 🧠 broke audience. The baboon holds court for his red assed troop reject 🙊 ‘s The one’s the female baboons try to eat and kill as they all find these beta baby baboons unsuitable for mating or leading a troop. The troop kicked em out and now they have Step Dad Tate and Grandpa Roguillable.
    Hope this helped those of you that needed it to explain how Joeys entire circle & audience ALL just SO desperate to make it or stay made. they will blame anyone for his inconsistent capitalist pig elitism and overall bafoonary. I mean honestly… The “media” is targeting Rogooch? HE IS THE MEDIA! But his mouth breathing neck bearded L following will gleefully and blindly gobble any actual fake news. Anything to take the edge off reality right?
    So, again for those in the back, sleep, and somehow still late….Joe IS the fake news. The “ media” is not fake Newsing one of the top three fake news, outlets, and pundit- trusted sources for all trumpIan’s, Q 😜’s, ppl who believe the onion and the like. The fake news is calling anyone with a mic and video online Fake news and schilling future fake news.
    these ppl are the professionals…. Champions…. Proprietors of fake news. So spin me some good reading pops!!
    have a spin on this too. So,👌 Jarod and Janet. Whatever u need to do to get boomer
    Funny thing is Joes little monkey 🙉 see , 🙊 try and 🙈 fail show is the actual slow demise of his relevance and obliteration of any credibility… y’all so mind boned from chugging Daddy JOJO 🧠 killa pills (cuz COVInis not real and the vaccines don’t work, etc. but joeys supplement now that’s real…. 😂) you’ve given yourself alpha brain… It’s like autism for spec needs monkeys.
    Oddly it’s not just Joe’s bad takes, dishonesty, being easily hustled, a cuck, and ongoing solid L Collection Joe drags around . He calls them, Joey and Brandon that being attached to people like 🧠 broken Roguys and other various sycophants around him that don’t point out the obvious is gassin’ him to the ends he can’t even pickup a real boxing match and a amateur creator 🥊 match or try’s endlessly to insist Chapelle still funny and the moment. Or the one even his friends his remaining friends (ppl whose careers are dependent on joes co-sign like the vlog squad to David) swallow …. Joes use and defense of all (even minors) using TRT-testosterone replacement therapy for the advancement and preservation of masculinity and increased physical ability / gain/ outcome. So purely cosmetic and personal choice-preference. But in same breath damns all 🏳️‍⚧️ HUMANS use of the same TRT to be who they believe they are and stop trying to end their life. It’s just like I can’t have a fat ass unless I have a skinny waist & face&arms etc. but any model/Kardashian can have a fat ass full of the same mass composite and be hot af not needing to “eat a salad” ever.It’s all inauthentic, unfamiliar and lacking intimacy, materialistic, and direct result of the capitalist Hollywood JOE helped build.
    The one he ran away from like a broke coward…. To save some cash cause tax rates that pay the cops he Simps and teachers he knows can either make us or break us in how they mold the future, or have protocols in place for even faux pandemics. Oh! You can do the tires away if he wants but he will be a Hollywood succubus guys. He got everything he needed out of California in Hollywood and a whole group of friends and community then bailed upon his biggest career accomplishment and payday. He said F y’all. Me and my friends hate how much people and we’re not gonna pay to fix the problem even though we spent the past 20 years feeding a system that made them homeless. We’re gonna take all this money to a whole other state and the same thing there.
    He a rounded up gig actor-LA HIMBO y.

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    why’s this dude talking so bad about black people ? white people kill black people almost everyday who are unmarked ?

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    Love david lucas!!!! Body full of mucus

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    Great podcast!💯🫡

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