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Jewish Man Believes in Jesus after Near Death Experience (help us out by subscribing)

Jun 2024 21
Jewish Man Believes in Jesus after Near Death Experience (help us out by subscribing)

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (


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    False labeling. Not NDE.

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    I asked the same question and never got a response.

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    Isaiah 53 will knock your socks off!!

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    jesus masaiah only . be carefull

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    Praise God!🙏

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    Drugs plus sodomy leads to false religion would be a better title for this video.

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    I forgive whoever decided to call this a near death experience.

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    I think the cameraman should lay off the mushrooms.

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    The Light and Love of Jesus is with and within us and our Loved ones….Always…

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    beautiful story…. happy for you!! mazel tov.

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    The camera man is hallucinating

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    That's got to be some of the WORST camera work I have ever experienced! It was so hard to pay attention to what the gentleman was saying with all that nonsense going on behind the lens! SHEESH!

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    Background noise is way too loud.

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    Ask and you shall receive,,,,, 😁💞

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    Great story! I love to hear the journey of the person who finds Christ Jesus! A friend of mine had a real NDE near death experience and died in the hospital. I was there watching! She was dead 15 or 18 minutes (their records show both). When they took the breathing tube out, Sheila told me Jesus came to her. I immediately recorded her first words when I heard her say Jesus came to her! He told her forgiveness and kindness were so important. This was before Covid. It is under Sheila NDE Part 1 – This experience rocked my world and propelled me to listen to others' NDEs as well as Jewish people's stories who found Christ! Christ Jesus is real. I'd like to thank this man for having the courage to share his story. It isn't easy in the Jewish community to be a Jewish person who believes Jesus is the Messiah. I'd also like to thank Hannah Stuart for placing it on her page! God bless you both! God bless us all!

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    Not an NDE. Good story though.

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    The reason why the camera is bad and they have inappropriate background music is to hide that this video has already been posted on one for Israel's channel. YouTube's algorithm can't see that this is already been posted when they butcher it like this. This is a copy paste of another video.

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    God bless all of you..

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    The camera work detracts so much from this mans story that I had to quit watching and just listen.

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    Is there something I need to see on his shirt or something?

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    (No NDE here.)

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    Lost of time. No NDE on it.

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    AMEN! Wonderful, brother!

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    Agree with former commentor about unsteady camera. Yikes. But, if true, the gent is sharing his heart. Loving hearts heal the world.

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    Jesus certainly can be the Messiah…I think he probably is. But did you ever get an answer about your question of "no one can come to the father except through him?" That seems to imply that everyone else is lost, no matter how much they seek righteousness. Surely that cannot be.

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    The recording is a catastroph

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    The way u shoot the video & music disturbing

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