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Mar 2024 26

Yini . Sivelaphi? Buthini ubudlelwane bakho naso?


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    May we please have another video of you explaining in debt about izithunywa because I did not really understand

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    Mkhulu iziphi izithunywa ezaqalekiswaa?

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    Very interesting to see how all around the world they built monuments and statues that depict izithunywa zika menzi and worshipped them, yet here eningizimu we've always known the difference between the creator and the messengers, yet they call themselves intelligent 😑

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    Angels were created from light, jinns created from smokeless fire and humans from clay… What makes a human greater in all creatures is that a human has many powers, knowledge and authority over many things… What are angels? ANGELS ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS CREATED FROM THE LIGHT TO SERVE THE PURPOSE OF GOD ABOUT THE UNIVERSE…. JINNS ARE THE RACE OF WHICH Satan was created amongst so Satan is a jinn created from a smokeless fire…Satan was given authority or position that he felt threatened when God created a human being and he was so angry that a human being was given a higher position than him and that's where the war between humans and jinns (demons) started and as the strength of the first human being was never weakened by the tricks of the Devi… So the devil used the first woman to push the first man to sin as even today man listen to the needs or desire of their woman so was the first man did listen to his woman without paying attention that it was a trap for him… So then until to this day humans are at war with jinns as jinns disrespected God so they also trying to mislead humans to disrespect God… As we have so many powers, knowledge or wisdom and body which is a transport for our souls/spirit and jinns they do not have bodies like us and that also makes them jinns so angry of how unique we were created and all they do day and night is to try to make us to disobey God so we can be like them to be astray…. This information is to long so I will end here
    If you want us to talk more

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    I had a dream explaining this to me…. I thought I was crazy. Thank you

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    Look at the book called the key of Solomon (clavicula salomonis)

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    Umoya wakho uphansi🙌🙌🙌

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    I love the Topic
    The book is Enoch is a similar line on your topic. But I learned a lot from you today.

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    madume mogolo … forgetfulness is a gift … find comfort in it!

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    Bayede kukhona abathi these are messengers of uMdali (Mvelinqangi,Sonzwaphi,Sodumo,Mlenze-munye,uMah,uNomkhubulwane noNomhoyi) ngabe iqiniso leli? If that is true, why do people pray and praise Umvelinqangi then?🤔

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    Hey Man U got this in english?

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    Who is this man, i need to contact him

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    Yena uthanda usebenze ngomthandazo ngoba vele isiphiwo usuke unaso. Imvamisa kuba umuntu oyedwa no babe babili. Akufani nesithunywa somdali. Kodwa isithunywa somdali sona sihlala ezulwini sisuke sona sithunywe umdali. Laba obashoyo basuke bethunywe idlozi lakini.

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    How can I contact you

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    No subtitles 😭

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    I am interested in this topic but there is a huge language barrier

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    Bhuti i would like to know ukuth makuthiwa unesthunywa what is the meaning of lokho im sooo confused

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    Luhle ubizo lwakho Nkosi Yasemkhiwaneni, ngaze ngafisa ukukubona hlezi ngingahle ngiqonde okwenzeka kimi.

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    That's where I am currently. How to know for sure who sent them. 😏 If I may ask… The angel spirits you refer to. Are they also what we know as Abalozi?? Or is that different. If you could kindly touch on this. Would Greatly appreciate it.

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    I'm really loving your topics. Lots to dissect. Thank you 💛

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