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This is the month of LEGENDS Family!! Fallout, Smoke, Black power, , History of Negro, Al-Andalus, Khemit, Hebrew Israelism Who are we as African Americans!! Black Revolutionary Ideologies and Leaders, we’re going to deal with it all!! We’re going to keep the ball rolling by looking at BLACK POWER SERIES VIDEO #12 IS THE BLACK MAN’S RELIGION? YORUBA ISRAELITE OF AL-ANDALUS SPAIN where we embark on an action packed historical journey through the little known sephardic negro history of so called “African Americans” and the transatlantic diaspora …LET’S GOOOOOO!! WE DA PEOPLE!!

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Black Jews in Africa and the Americas:
The Black Hebrew Awakening:
From Babylon to Timbuktu:
The Black Jews of Africa:
Undeniable: Full Color Evidence of Black Israelites in the Bible:
Zondervan’s Compact Bible Dictionary:
A Textbook of the Origin & History, Etc. of the Colored People:
Light & Truth:
Nature Knows No Color-Line:
The Jews & in Spain:
Life of :
Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora:
Russian Icons (German Edition):

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I am JB Zion. A well-rounded Hebrew Israelite from Montgomery, Alabama. I’m a husband, a father and a minister of the true gospel of the Kingdom that is inspired by Yeshua Mashiach. I am passionate about the Word of the Most High and the Salvation of His Chosen People the elect of Zion the Seed of Jacob the Children of Israel, and my mission is to share the truth with my melanated brothers and sister.


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    My daddy ppl are Yoruba and Ebo 💚💫💥🔥
    He told us that his ppl were banished from their homeland due to religious persecution.
    😂 Y'all sound and visual effects are making me laugh 🤣🤣💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Hebrew & Arabic are dialects of the the same divine language. I suspect that you don't speak any one of those two languages. your historical time line Knowledge as to how Black African Chattle servant's ended up in America is not complete in any shape or form, from the African perspective. I'm not denying that bani (sons of) israel were not what we( born in white supremacy) call today "Black people" ) are not original melinated people.

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    I studied 14 months and I approve this video message!! 👑👑👑👑

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    i remembered my arabo-white friend algeria… he helps an arabo-white man tunisia. Tunisian guy ask my friend. my friend says no I'm in Guadeloupe

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    Islam enslaved more Blacks than the Christians. Put like this, God speaks to me & He has never told me about a religion but I do know Bible is His.

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    I won't say you're lying because you clearly believe what you're talking about. But you are incorrect.

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    00:08 "we are Original Hebrew" :What is (Hebrew)? If it means to cross over. I'd ask cross over to what, to where? Is this a journey of some sort or are we talking the language? If a Moabite, Israelite, Levite, etc. is in submission (HQ Surah 2: 131-132 *'Abraham's Religion) to the will of God, then what is he called, according to our most native languages Arabic/(Hebrew)?

    18:20 "forced into Islam" : This goes against the HQ. You say it wasn't Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) intent to oppress "Africans" with it, yet his teachings per se were used to do so, says there was a disconnect there in his history. That disconnect was a development in the hearts of the Arabs as they gained power during their conquest. It is my understanding as they went into Africa they were at war with Constantinople/Byzantines/Roman influences. The same influencers that killed "Jesus" and called those who followed him, Christians. In fact the HQ talks about those in the dessert (HQ Surah 9: 90-99). It is also my understanding, this Arab oppression came after The Prophets death around 1100 A.D. And since we also know The Prophet took in slaves, his history shows he treated them very well. He was actually going against their slave master. This couldn't have been the oppression or compulsion that is spoken of via the Arab conquest into Africa. By the way, if the first Adhan was done by Bilal, the "Ethiopian", this may suggest Islam was over there before Prophet Muhammad received it from Gabri' EL.

    24:17 "Deut 28/"worship of wood and stone" : I don't know of any Christian who actually worships wood, i.e. the cross, nor Muslim to any stone. However when it comes to the Kabah (Black Stone), this according to the HQ (prescribed for the so called Negroe in America: Mualana Muhammad Ali translation), explains, it is an Ancient house, the first one ever appointed. Abraham and his son Ishmael restored this house in Mecca, which is also called Beth' EL in the Bible. They did so as to clean it of idols whom Arabs at that time put in it (this is the claim of worshiping the stone). But T.H.E.M teaches, we don't worship stone. This black stone is a sign of the lost and found so called American negroe, i.e. the real Children of Israel. The missing cap stone. It's in Mecca because it is the best part of planet earth after the planet was found (after Moon was made). It is home to the knowledge of the human family.

    32:33 "Islam is not the religion of (Isra' EL)" : I'd have to agree with T.H.E.M here: https://youtu.be/WA-f9iNG93g. When we see how Jacob/Ya'kub got his name. Then we look at the black people whom he took (from Arabia) over into the Island of Patmos/Pelan (Aegean Sea), to make the "white man (Genesis 1: 26 / 5: 2)." After 600 years, we look into what they've done in Arabia and see why (Satan) was cast out of (Heaven)..and into the Cuacuses mountains (Eu'rope/hills and cave sides' rope used to bind in). Then Moses goes to get them 2000 B.C. Which will then bring us to WHY Moses opens up the bible, year 4004 B.C. He was trying to civilize them with Torah, a knowledge of self because it was their turn to rule.

    Points to ponder: The (real) Children of Isra' EL would serve in a strange land (America) not of their own. (Genesis 15:13)
    The children (of NW "Africa") / stranger is not of thy people, Isra- EL (2nd Chronicles 6: 32)
    God (say, "I will go" after them, after they serve that Nation (God's coming to America now…..)
    He'd raise up one, like Moses (an ex-slave to talk to slaves) Now-a-days modern books will show Moses saying this. BUT, (Who is this if it never historically happened? https://youtu.be/BloNZd3Ib_Q *56:12 mark)
    Moses spoke to God face to face as a friend speaketh to his friend.
    Moses, had a helper named: (Aaron) (Who is this, when Moses was said to have a speech impediment?)
    Moses was made a God, unto Pharoah! (Could this explain why modern books now say the above?)
    "Eli'Jah" (who didn't die, yet went to heaven) closes the Torah! (NOI show and proves he is the exalted Christ and was seen leaving with mysterious men of ezeki' EL's wheel
    "Ancient" (not Modern) Hebrew says God is Allah: https://youtu.be/ezMkJgllzvo

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    Moor or Morrow mean in Mandinka, someone who solve problems and people with the religion of Islam

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    Kunta Kinteh was also Muslim, Mandinka warrior

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    This sounds racist 🤯

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    This truth does

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    Tell you what guys, I stopped going to Sunday service man, pastors don't know the real truth, they still do the traditional practices of Christianity and nowadays such things don't move me but the truth does

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    Much of your research comes from European Jewish sources, the same who have lied to all of us from the beginning.

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    Actually, the problem those Muslims had with Christians is their violation of the 1st commandment “You shall have no other God besides Me”. Christians had begun to divide God into a “3in1 god”, the Trinity, which is nowhere in scripture. However, contrary to what’s mentioned many Jews and Christians lived in Muslims areas in peace. They just had to pay taxes.
    “[2.62] Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord, and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve.
    [2.111] And they say: None shall enter the garden (or paradise) except he who is a Jew or a Christian. These are their vain desires. Say: Bring your proof if you are truthful.”
    From Quran 2nd (chapter)

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    Yah help your sheep to make it into The Promised Land. We are to be our brother's keeper. Praise Yah for the work He is doing in you. It was because of pure wickedness why we were led into captivity. Not giving a free pass to those who lynched us burned us alive, tore us up using horses, that was pure terror. It also showed us what Satan's seed will do out of jealousy. We must humble ourselves and turn back fully. I will not forget to mention what our Messiah experienced to save us. You are right JB, our minds need to change.

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    Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was a very dark Arab.

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    Black people their history is Hebrew and Islam .. the most prophets were dark brown to brown…the Islamic scriptures even has one whole chapter about the Israelites the children of Israel. It the revelation for the end of the days..the taurat was for you back than.. now at the end of the times.. this last revelation is for you

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    But also, most of the Fulani/Hausa practicing Islamic people are NOT Hebrews either. These are those whom have always discriminated against the Igbo, Yoruba, and other Israelite tribes. These are the same who kidnapped the 300 Black women in Nigeria under that Boko Haram nonsense. By what I understand, most of their DNA haplogroup is E1b1b. Some even believe they have some ancient Esau connection. Also, regarding Black Christianity, of course there are many Judas Iscariot's, but they shouldn't summarize everyone. Lastly, Islamic entities in Libya's fall under the Qaddafy regime, went on a racist slaughter campaign against Black Libyans. Many Africans posted outrage videos against Barack Obama. Anyway, as always JB thank you for this video and the education it provided. Yah be praised and may He bless you.

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    Brotha JB u Dante Teowt Omar thibeaux Stephen Darby Doc Kelley truthunited TCA Sista E and other precious sisters and others are a gifted Israelite force of Yah to be reckoned with!

    As an elder in our community and nation I apologize that so many have succumbed to the ways of Babylon…my heart goes out to their recovery in the Ruach Ha Kodesh…the only true healing power of our people…

    You bring that energy of the most high needed to resuscitate our people for the new man is in Yahshua the fulfiller of The covenants even a greater as it says in the new taking us into the stratosphere beyond the flesh…

    Keep it going hope to see more work on the Ruach Ha kodesh and it’s further work as Kingdom comes…bless you youngBrew ur captivity is about over praise Yah🙏🏿💪🏾💯

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    Your knowledge is 360 degrees. "Here a little, there a little." 😁😁😁

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    Yo, bro, where you get the skull-cap? I needs that in black.

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    Never Islam… I was taught through the news media that Malcolm was a bad Man, but that was proppaganda and i was a child. I love Malcolm for my adult life. I listen to Farrakhan maybe twice a year but I think he is decieved belief in a Man named Muhammad and nothing to do with The Lord of Host

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    Ok keep it coming fam!🤔😁

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    All praise to the Most High Yah for this season is about redefinement of our people and it hold the accounts from our ancestors who were subjected and taken over by deplorable control of Europeans who countries were poor In Finances as well ,World institution at that time made up mainly from the Riches from the Israelite who were Moorish in color as know as swarthy descendants of King David going all the way back to Abraham. Very Edifying. Thawadah Thawadah Thawadah Shalom Family.

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    Excellent job! You broke that down, way down! I got some black brothers I know who went to Islam. Good subject!

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    No it is not, God doesn't have a religion, satan created religions !!!

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    Islam is a revelation from the Most High not a people. Sharia Law allows people of the Book to practice their religion untouched by Muslims. We are Israelites by birthright practicing the Final Revelation by the Most High Islam. Muslims have no problems with Israelites practicing Torah and Christian's practicing the Gospel. True Torah and Gospel and the Quran was sent to erase mans touch on them both. Why follow tainted books when your Lord has anew them through Quran (Islam)

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    It is against islamic law to force conversion into being a Muslim. Islam is a choice and the only religion that believes and follow all of the Most High Prophets and Messengers

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    I love this brothers approach. Keep in mind when it comes to Islam:
    Quran Chapter 2 verse 156
    256. Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.

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    these afrocentrists make me laugh… Moors or Moroccans are not black and if you don't believe it just go there and see by yourself

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    Thanks for this young akh. Please accept a small correction.

    Islam stands totally against the torah. They claim to believe it because according to their theology torah was given by their god al Lah.

    They do not practise however because the 'jews' allegedly corrupted it. Likewisevthe Christians corrupted the injil (NT) which al Lah gave to the Christians.

    For these reasons they say al Lah raised up Mohammed as the last prophet and gave him Islam as the last message to the world. This actually evidences the truth, al Lah has no power otherwise he would have stopped the corruption!

    Know this, Mohammed and his inner circle were white skinned. He disliked melanated people and even taught that al Lah will only take white Muslims to Jannah (heaven), blacks he will consign to hell.

    So good black Muslims will be turned white and bad white Muslims he will turn black.

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    No religion is the black peoples religion!We worshipped ourselves and the properties of things that give us sustenance!Sorry:hebrews,muslims,christians,buddhists,hindus,etc!All of your prayers mirror Kemet rituals and end with AMEN which is Kemet and predates your ‘lijins!

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    My dad had his DNA test and we discovered his DNA is Spain, Germany and Hungry. Glad to see we made the cut.

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    Beautifully well told 👏 thank you for this keep on with your works so interesting to watch and hear you really break things down, and that's how you are supposed todo it.

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    Thank you young ahck! I was preparing a video for my FB people, and you dropped basically all that I was getting into. I'm definitely sharing this. This has saved me from a part of what I was about to explain. The spirit is for "REAL" ! Official 🔥🔥💯Work! But remember Noah son "Ham"; the progenitor of the Dark Races/ Egypt, Cannanites, Cushites, Ethiopian, and Libyans(The Africa Nations) "NOT THE NEGROES"(Strong's)! Negroes/Berbers come out of "SHEM". You might have covered this though! Shalawam!

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    Powerful kingly I was definitely blessed by this

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    Stupidity at its finest!!!

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    Maybe those black people that come from Ham but Islam and any religion is not from Yahuah our Elohim of Israel

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    So Islam is no better than Catholic!!!$$$+++

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    Btw nation of islam is not REAL islam, also we DONT worship the Kaba it is juat a direction point & it was build buy Abraham(as) .Hell yea it is, not only the blk man's way of life (islam) but ALL mankind.. Islam is the Deen of Adam- Muhammad may God bless them all. May Allah guide all My people AAs as well as the people of tj4 world 🌎 🙏🏾 ameen

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    Damn where u get your cufi from fam

  45. #45

    The Most High is not in religion…no religion

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    You didn’t really go into the Arab part of Islam. I thought Arabs came up with Islam and it unified them to take on the blacks, Berbers and Romans in North Africa. Still searching myself so happy to hear all points of view.

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    I’m on the second video of you. Good stuff brother! Very informative info. I think u should get on with brother rich on his channel “Blackmagik363” You on point & saying the same thing ppl on that channel be saying including the pillar brothers. Keep grinding. God bless!

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    Islam and Christianity are the Bibles depiction or description of the gods and wood (Christianity) and stone (Islam) (OUR) Fathers never knew. So we shouldn't be following any of these Anrahamic False Religions and includes Judaism. All 3 are the world's largest False Religions….. including all the other world False Religions the scattered 🏠 House of "JUDAH" are currently caught up in inside the Nations they were scattered to. We were given the oracles of The Most High Yahuah and the culture that we were supposed to follow was Torah our Hebrew Scrolls 📜📜📜 (Scriptures) "NO" False Religions Necessary. Shabbat Shalom, Salaam my Hebrew Yisraelite Brother of Zion. 💋💞💝😍🕎❤️💕🥰👄

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