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Is Christianity the White Man's Religion? Getting to the Truth Podcast Ep. 10

Apr 2024 22

Is the white man’s religion?

With being historically used to abuse power it can be difficult to trust the faith. Although difficult, it’s important that we do not make assumptions. Like everything, we can’t allow the misuse of the belief system to cause us to reject the faith entirely.

On this Episode of The Getting to the Truth Podcast spiritual leader J. Patrick Wise breaks down why many people feel may be “The White Man’s religion” and talks about the truth behind the faith and answers questions like:

1. Are in the ?
2. Was White?
3. And more!

Ep. 10 of the Getting To The Truth Podcast is OUT NOW across audio 🎧 and video ▶️ platforms!


Thank you J. Patrick Wise 🙏


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    did you ever wonder why it went to Africa and when was the continent named Africa? What is a Black man ? If I sent you proof we were here before Africa was named would you still believe? If I show you proof that the Americans were not slaves would you still follow the white mans bible?

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    Thank U for this video take a bow..bow…bow 💫💫⚡️👁Not Ethnocentric…✌🏿⚡️⚡️⚡️💥💥💥💥💥

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    …and perhaps Image being spirit….conscious… soul….innerlight. AsÈ

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    The native americans…warned us didnt they…🤔🤔🤔

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    And the book. The Dark Side of christian History 🫨🫨🫨🫨

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    How's religion going to get a human into HEAVEN?

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    Whats the name of the one with slighter long beard one?

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    Biblical NIGER Knowledge !
    ◄ 3526. Niger ►

    Jump to: Lexicon • Nasec • Thayer's • Strong's


    Niger: Niger, a Christian

    Original Word: Νίγερ, ὁ
    Part of Speech: Proper Noun, Indeclinable
    Transliteration: Niger
    Phonetic Spelling: (neeg'-er)
    Short Definition: Niger
    Definition: Niger, a proper name.

    NAS Exhaustive Concordance

    Word Origin
    of Latin origin (dark in color)
    Niger, a Christian
    NASB Translation
    Niger (1).


    STRONGS NT 3526: Νίγερ

    Νίγερ, ὁ (a Latin name (`black')), Niger, surname of the prophet Symeon: Acts 13:1.



    Of Latin origin; black; Niger, a Christian — Niger.

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    That's it that's a 🎤 mike drop right their.

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    Roman catholic church is responsible for all your race cropland anything else that has gone against Jesus.,And Christians

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    It’s not everyone’s story though. The whole planet had swarthy or blk people. Don’t sugarcoat it

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    Those r not Godly people they r something else w evil mix

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    Speak into the mike instead of away the volume is low as a result

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    Dope I really enjoyed this

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    Let him sit with a Israelite and speak his peace..oh yea and open a Bible or some historical books to back up his stance

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    Ethiopia 🇪🇹 has the oldest bible in the world and they are black Africans. Ethiopian is the oldest Christian nation .. and one of the African nations not conquer by Caucasians from Europe . The Bible told you what Jesus look .. skin is bronze almost burned . Egypt was black in ancient time when Jesus was walking around.. more of a dark skin ….

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    People reading and writing is so misunderstood. Africans did read and wrote they just didn’t read and write English. Egyptian Kingdoms started most educational systems in the world. Those were black Africans. Ethiopian are the oldest Christian nations in the world.

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    There was/is a strong spiritual belief system in Africa, but it wasn’t Christianity. Christianity is a watered down invention of what the Bantu already knew. Created from ancient knowledge and stolen writings from Kemet and the from the 1st temple of the Hebrews. Christianity is not a righteous religion of the true creator. That’s the deception aka strong delusion.

    Learn about Diego Cao and King Leopold Il. Read the letter King Leopold wrote to his Catholic missionaries. Christianity and the Bible was mostly certainly forced during slavery and before to force a different so called God and spirituality to strip the Bantu of what they knew to conquer them. This why the language, culture, spiritual and names were all taken away.

    Read the story of Kimpa Vita.

    Read the book how to make a negro slave Christian. Found out how many pages the slave Bible had. There’s plenty of evidence.

    Lastly, our enemies are not all human and we are not all the same. That’s even scientifically proven. The melanated man is the original man. There is a serpent seed in the Earth and they hate the original black man.

    “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”
    ‭‭Genesis‬ ‭3‬:‭15‬ ‭

    Genesis 6 is still prevalent. Fallen angels mixing.

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    Jesus was definitely of darker skin and the bible says it , plus he was a Hebrew and had family from Egypt n the Hebrews lived at one point in cannin ( I spelled that wrong ) Which is in Africa there for he could not have been white he was of color 🤷🏽‍♂️

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    If you have a bellybutton and flush the toilet everyday, you are just like everyone else. You are imperfect!

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    War logs? Please cite these logs that “Prove” Christianity was in Africa for thousands of years …
    Just because you say it, does not make it true.
    “Most people think Africa is a country….who? people you know.
    38 minutes of BABBLE.
    Proven, cited and undisputed FACTS and taught at Jesuit Universities, seminaries, and Theology courses:
    The Council of Nicaea and several subsequent councils (meetings) over hundreds of years shaped, voted and established everything you believe and practice about Jesus and Christianity today.
    It is disappointing that two black men trying to sound so intelligent are ignorant of facts available at their fingertips.

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    We had spirituality brother, not Christianity in Africa.

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    There is a lot of written African History. Ancient African people did write a lot but not all ancient Africans documented their history 📜

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    This was an awesome podcast. I haven’t watched anything in a while that drawn me in enough that I didn’t already dismiss. But I like this man’s sincerity and knowledge

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    Not gonna lie, I wish this was so much longer, there’s so much I gained in that 38 minutes alone. J Wise blew my mind with how he was breaking things down.

    Thank you God for speaking to us through this man

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    Nah. America was a Christian nation because the people who founded it and built it were believers. You make it sound like the plurality of Americans raping people oppressing people abusing people. And that is a lie and a fabrication. Your view of History is wrong. Go back and read original letters original diaries of original documents of people that actually existed. Read the letters home from soldiers in the civil war written to their families. There was always evil in America because there is evil in man's heart. Christians aren't immune from their fallen nature they just have a savior and a way to go to find forgiveness and the Holy Spirit available to help them change. But when you become a Christian you don't go from being an evil person to being a perfect person. You come from go from being a dead person to being a living person seeking the face of God. This nation was built on God's word and the people that built it did the best they could have fallen people. And what few people know is that as a colony we were still subject to England's laws. And England did not allow people to just up and give their slaves away. There were bad people but there were more good people. And that's why so many people died in a war to free this place. We were willing to put our blood on the ground for this issue. I am all done listening to people call this country not Christian or deistic. That is not true and cannot be supported. What you can prove is people that are flawed and limited to the understanding of their time. Welcome to the human race

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    The authenticity of Christianity precedes the mishandling of it.

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    Because we are Judah.. Why is it that so hard to believe??? So there can’t be anything special about us.

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    My grandmother always knew their was a Higher Power then she told us the whiteman brought Jesus with them and she said oh that's Him so they did have a choice what to follow./bottom line we are the real Jews.I read the Recovery Version Bible from the dead sea scrolls /KJV it just shows me footnotes and verses that link up with other verses.very helpful Bible,it hasn't let me down yet,,but everyone to their own.

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    "Christianity is a white man's religion." is one of the statements I hate the most in my life. For goodness' sake, an African helped JESUS carried the cross! Not to mention that an Ethiopian was one of the early converts of the early Church (yes, the Eunuch mentioned in this video). Augustine, Tertullian, and Athanasius were Africans. And yes, I am a Nigerian (and therefore a Black African) woman stating this.

    P.S. Apologies. Not sure about Iraeneus.

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    This is a conversation that needs to be had. Thank u for having it.

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    Could you have this guest back on the podcast? It would be great for him to go into real data, facts and information. He talked about alot without really proving anything. Thank you.

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    The doctrine of Christianity is not in alignment with the teachings of Jesus. It’s a satanic cult that has been created from whole cloth.

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    There’s actual research that says the origins of humanity is in Africa. Melanin goes from dark to light. Not the other way around. So it is very likely that the first people were black.

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