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Is Christianity the White Man’s Religion?

May 2023 04

Check out the follow up to this video bellow.

” What Kind of Christianity did the Europeans or Colonisers bring to Africa”


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    God did not create religion, that is the
    work of man,God gave life to the living.mankind give justification to killing. It does not matter where religion come from Africa,Europe or
    Asia the significant thing it’s man made and that means it’s according to man’s understanding, and it was
    Not mankind’s understanding that create the universe, anything that man tries to validate he usually cannot achieve..

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    Christianity is a white gentile pagan religion any fool can see that,all the fore father of Christianity are white man ,yahusha and his boys were black isrealites

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    Christianity was bought and paid for by ROME, which is in Europe. So yes, in that sense, it is a white religion. But their very first victims of persecution were WHITE, as well. Once they got traction from Rome, they went after northern European pagans, Vikings. They forced them to convert, and when the tithe bill didn't get paid they burned down entire villages, killed the strong and took women and children back to work in the homes and beds of clergy. They've done basically the same thing wherever they have gone. They murdered 14 million predominantly white people as witches using the most grotesque forms of torture and murder ever devised. They kidnapped children from Gael (white Scottish) and then later First Nations homes to residential "schools" to obliterate their heritage. They convinced southern cultures that they were "Latin" when no such thing existed, to claim them for Catholicism. It's Christian Supremacy. They don't care what color you are.

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    Awesome.Thank you so much.

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    Always on point sir..Excellent .Learnt alot and still learning. Waiting for the next

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    Always hitting the right topic. I pray this gets out to all the persons who need it.❤️❤️

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