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Is christianity the white man’s religion?

Apr 2023 14

Today we want to answer a question that bugs a lot of Africans and Ghanaians for that matter. Is Christianity the white man’s religion, many times we hear people argue that it’s about time we as Africans went back to our traditional way of worship, ie the African traditional religion because Christianity is the white man’s religion and a tool of the colonial masters even today.

This video addresses this debate
00:00 introduction
00:38 Is Christianity the white man’s religion
1:52 How Christianity expanded to Antioch
03:00 The first Christians
04:00 How Christianity got to Europe
04:15 How did Christianity truly come to Africa
07:18 The Ethiopian eunuch- africa’s first missionary
08:13 The spiritual significance of the ethiopian eunuch
09:24 The historical importance of the ethiopian eunuch
10:17 Proof Africa imported Christianity in the first century
11:48 conclusion


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