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Importance of cleansing your body

May 2024 15

Today we stop to have a look and understand fully why we have to cleanse, how it benefits us


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    Lesedi Gogo .. I know the video is old but please advise .. is it okay to harvest rain water and use it to cleanse or just soak yourself in the rain praying ? Is there a certain procedure to it if allowed ?

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    Where is Gogo based?

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    I seriously need to get cleansed!

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    I cannot gapa bathong wha pala

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    Thokoza Gogo 👏👏 you look beautiful. Your hair suits you a lot

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    Thokoza Gogo…I Soo love it when you speak in your mother tongue. It's so beautiful…🙏🙏

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    Thokoza gogo

    I work night shift gogo but today when i was sleeping i dreamed about the father of my kids ashwile so alot of people come and i dont even know them and was talking to them saying i should his mother and tell her that her son is dead… and also in my mind was thinking to call the other woman that she a child with… i end up crying in that dream.. i just dont know what it means… the father of my kids is still alive but we no longer together.

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    Great advise Gogo.

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    What could be the reason of your ancestors requesting you to be taken to the river. I have both callings but im currently not doing anything about it. However i suffer from bad migraines dat only start around 3am in da morning but im 100% okay during the day.

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    Hi gogo please help I see ma dad in ma dream who passed away a week ago he looks happy and smiling while when he was alive we were not in good terms lastly he gave me some siwasho to wash ma body I woke up washing ma body with the siwasho that he gave to me

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    Thanks Gogo Thokoza

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    Thokoza Gogo..thank ypu for the information. when are you doing another video pf dream translation?. thokoza🙏

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    Thokoza Gogo thank you

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    Thanks gogo

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