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00:00 – Apology
04:27 – Let’s Begin
05:00 – What is Preterism?
06:55 – Jesuit Origin Preterism
08:03 – My Understanding Preterism
08:52 – Biblical Argument #1 – Matthew 24:32-35
14:28 – Biblical Argument #2 – Matthew 10:21-23
16:28 – Biblical Argument #3 – Matthew 16:27-28
21:23 – Messiah prophesies about temple & Jerusalem
25:05 – 70 AD destruction of Temple
29:35 – Ignored of Scattered
30:41 – Understanding YAH’s Anger with
34:44 – Prophecy about Millennial Kingdom
37:09 – Jacob’s Trouble
39:43 – A Major Part of Prophecy Not Fulfilled Yet…Why?
42:05 – Prophecies of Millennial Reign
46:49 – Nations celebrate Sukkot
48:23 – Prophecy of ’s Little Season
50:00 – Talking to Preterist
51:11 – We are in ’s Big Season not the Little one
56:11 – Conclusion


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    23/4/24Shalom Happy Passover thank you Brother in Yahushua for this video. Very uplifting have not yet seen the other one. But thanks for this one much appreciated 🙏🏽💕Peace,Love, Light, Health HalleluYah Joy in the Rauch Ha'Qudash 🙏🏾💕

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    Heb 1: 2
    Heb 9:26
    Rev 1:1, 1:3, 1:7
    Matt 10:23, 16:28, 26:64
    1 John 2:18
    1 Cor 7:29, 7:31

    And so much more!
    Historian Flavius Josephus, and some of his contemporaries, describe Christ's return at AD 70.
    We are living in Rev 20: 7 times

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    Pre trib, post trib, amil, etc.

    Time out for vain conversations and disputes.

    Try reading the Word of God as a child praying for answers in truth…
    Earnest hearts seeking God , not vain men and women looking to prove themselves to other vain men.

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    Without observation?

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    The apostle Paul stated the gospel was preached to everyone under the heavens. Was he lying?

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    It is called HUMILITY .

    APPROACHING the Word in humility like a child. Not claiming full understanding of the infinity of God and His word.

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    13:03 – first off you still did not explain why “this generation doesn’t mean this generation” you just said he speaks in parables and there is a parable before his statement. Ok what does that have to do with the statement? He explains the parable in verse 32 then gives a statement about the parable in 33. Then you say o all these thing have to happen before before the statement is true. Ok ‭Colossians‬ ‭1‬:‭23‬ ”if you continue in your faith, established and firm, and do not move from the hope held out in the gospel. This is the gospel that you heard and that has been proclaimed to every creature under heaven, and of which I, Paul, have become a servant.“ Is this a parable also? Paul tells us the gospel HAS been preached to everyone therefore Jesus’s statement is true. The parable in 32 said once you see these thing you know what is going to happen. The Paul tells us those things happened. Jesus gave a statement telling us when those things would happen but we still don’t believe him.

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    Thank You Brother for allowing The Most High YAHUAH to use you to speak his truths. Watching this video has given me a better understanding of how to study YAH’S Word.
    All Glory & Praises to YAHUAH The Most High GOD!!!

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    The Pharisees wanted a fiscal king and kingdom. 2000 years later we are still wanting a fiscal king and kingdom. Will we ever learn!!

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    For everyone reading, I am sure I don't have all this figured out but there is plenty of evidence to support the following regarding preterism. I highly recommend you research these things on your own and pray for the Holy Spirit to give you discernment and I will continue to do the same. I love Ron's teachings but I am confident there is a lot of fruit/truth here. Where wrong, I anxiously hope Ron will shepherd us all in the right direction. I recognize he has tried already and I applaud him for readdressing, but I believe that anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear will acknowledge the following has not been adequately/completely addressed.

    Ron has made mistakes and humbly admitted them before (example his pre-tribulation rapture stance). I am not trying to start a debate or dissension in his ministry. I value Ron's insight and I just want to be confident I know the truth. I believe Ron to be a truth seeker and truth teller and I simply want to make sure knowledge is shared and assessed together. I have read both the Old and New Testament and I have prayed about it and asked the Holy Spirit for discernment in this area which makes me lean in this direction.

    @Truthunedited, I have learned a lot from your ministries and at one time I would have stood with you regarding Preterism. However, after investing numerous hours in researching this topic, it is obvious that either Yahusha has already returned as he said he would throughout his ministry or I have to believe we can't trust anything in the Bible (Deuteronomy 18: 20-22). I hope you see these comments and my notes and take your time and seriously look into this topic a lot more closely. I sincerely value your opinion and discernment. I just want to know and understand the Truth.

    I don’t believe there is anything new under the sun and there likely will be dual fulfillment to much of what is in Revelation; however, Revelation 22: 6 makes it clear the things addressed in Revelation must shortly come to pass which would apply to the tribulation, the second coming, the white throne judgment, the Millenium Kingdom, and satan's little season. Is there a possibility we could both be correct to a large degree if looking at things from a dual fulfillment perspective?

    • Josephus's Historical Witness of Yahusha's 2nd Coming: I know you (Ron) have referenced Josephus numerous times in your ministry so I don’t think you can debunk the possibility preterists have the 2nd coming correct without addressing https://hitchhikeamerica.wordpress.com/tag/destruction-of-jerusalem-70-ad. I still have a lot trust in you and value your perspective. I have to believe you are aware of this testimony so I am interested in your insight regarding the documented events outlined in the link. Why can't this be trusted but other parts of Josephus's historical documentation can be?

    • Gospel Spread Across All the World: You put a lot of emphasis on Matthew 24: 14 indicates the gospel must be preached to all the world/nations before the end can come. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. As the minister to the Gentiles, Paul confirms this has been accomplished: Colossians 1: 23, Romans 1: 8, Romans 10: 18, Colossians 1:6, and 1 Thessalonians 1: 8.

    • Matt: 24: 3: The disciples asked Yahusha 3 questions: 1. When shall these things be (the destruction of the temple) 2. Sign of thy coming 3: The end of the world. Matthew 24: 34 Yahusha confirms that all things asked will be fulfilled in their generation. This includes the end of the world which was not the physical world but the end of the Old Covenant (based on my research and understanding).

    • Yahusha Said He Would Return in That Generation: Matt 16: 28; 23: 33-39, 24: 34, Mark 13: 30, Mark 14: 61-62, Luke 9: 27. Luke 11: 49-51, Luke 21: 31-32, Revelation 1: 1-3, Revelation 1:7; Revelation 22: 6. I have read all of these books beginning to end multiple times and I am confident they have not been taken out of context. Especially when you reference what Josephus documented in the link above.

    • New Heavens and New Earth: I believe we are living in the new heavens and the new earth as prophesied in Isaiah 65: 17 and Isaiah 66:22 and Revelation (21:1). The sea (gentiles) has passed away and we no longer need to go to a physical temple to be in the presence of Yah.

    o Prior to Yahusha's return, the dead slept and knew nothing (Ecclesiastes 9:5).

    o 1 Corinthians 15: 20: Yahusha was first fruits to ascend to heaven (others had been risen physically such as Lazerus and the Saints at the time of Yahusha's crucifixion but did not spiritually ascend). This means that no one (including unanimous hall of famers David and Daniel) had yet ascended to the Kingdom of God/Heaven until all things had been fulfilled. Daniel 12: 13 (Daniel sleeps til the end of days); Acts 2: 34 (David was not in heaven at the time of Paul's ministry but he is now that Yahusha came back in 66 AD just like he said he would). Also refer to Job 14: 12.

    o Revelation 20 supports that judgement day does not occur, and thus no one goes to Heaven or the lake of fire, until Yahusha returns. If he hasn't returned, then the dead in Christ are still waiting for that day.

    o Revelation 20: 14 Death and the grave cast into the lake of fire (no longer has any sting or need to weep or sorrow) because thru Yahusha's resurrection we can join the Son and the Father in the Kingdom of Heaven (Hell is a world translators used for 7 words including sheoul)

    o I believe this is why Yahusha and the apostles were constantly saying the Kingdom of Heaven/God is at hand: Matt 3: 1-3, Matt 4: 17, Matt 5: 17, Matt 10: 7, Matt 12: 28-32.

    o The end of the age/world is the end of the Old Covenant.

    • Revelation in General

    o Like the rest of the Bible, Revelation was written for us, not to us (the entire book of Revelation was written to the messianic communities/churches)

    o Revelation 1: 1-3 Yahushua sent his angel to John to let the churches know that his return was coming shortly. He outlines in Revelation the areas they need to work on to ensure he does not catch them unaware. He is urging them to hold a little while longer and reaffirms their reward of not falling away and winning the race.

    o Revelation 1:9 John and the churches were already in the middle of tribulation (research what Nero was doing to Christians at that time)

    o John's letters were screened because he was in exile so he had to write in code. I believe his audience understood the symbolism he utilized including 666 (Nero in gematria). Paul's letters would not have been allowed to be distributed if he would have called out Nero, Rome, etc. by name. For transparency, I have come across verification that John's letters were screened while on Patmos. The revelation (no pun intended) he was likely writing in code came to me in the middle of the night after I had prayed for discernment regarding Revelation. I believe it was the Holy Spirit, you may say I am full of something other than the Spirit…but that would be a pretty bold accusation from a biblical perspective.

    • BTW, isn't it perplexing that everyone believes they have the Holy Spirit but we can't ever agree on anything 100%? Despite recent accusations, some of us can read the Bible front to cover and pray diligently and still come up with different belief systems amongst each other. Ron, your research and topic quality have always been the bench mark I hold others to. I would love to see you tackle this topic someday.

    Good Rebuttal Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O21iA_rUj_M

    Ron, thanks again for all you do. I have learned a lot from you. I value your opinion and feedback….you just haven't convinced me yet.

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    The road is narrow and there are few who find it.

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    ❤ Thank Todah for being obedient in doing the will if Yahuah. Your obedand me coming across your channel years ago help me to began to see what I was feeling in my spirit that the truth was not being taught in church buildings.

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    I left the church back in 2019, and I left because of work and traveling for work. While I was traveling, I was watching all the fear that was being pushed even in our churches. That is when I started my journey in finding the truth and being set free. I had a lot of questions about the things I was being told about in church. I prayed that Yeshua would open my eyes to truth, and I tell you that is exactly what He did! I started following you because I did a search about Christmas, I wanted to know if it was something that I should be celebrating because it is not mentioned in the Bible. Your video on this show up, so I watched it. I loved how you proved why it shouldn't be celebrated. You made it so clear. Since then, I have followed you. With Yahuah leading me to your ministry, my faith in Yahuah and Yeshua is completely changed, and I praise Yah for that. So please don't let people who have not received the truth bother you. I know that we as believers pray that everyone comes to the truth, but only a few are chosen. Praying always for you, your family, and your ministry! Be blessed, Ron!!

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    Ron, please know your work is a pure blessing to me and others. I have been so enlightened and encouraged by your ministry so no matter what keep moving in the direction Yah as lead you people will always be against the truth. I wholeheartedly believe and trust in Yah’s will for our lives. I have such a clear understanding of biblical principles and prophecies because of you. Continue to stand on the truth as you always have and Yah will continue to bless and keep you. I praise Yah for your knowledge and your ministry.

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    Amen 🙏🏻 Alléluia-Yah ! Praise Yah May we walk always in the love of Truth. Bro, when I say “everything is accomplished”, I mean Yahusha is the promise and it’s only trough Christ that Yasharel will be reunited after everything we have to go trough before 🙏🏻😊📖🔥 be blessed and your family !

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    My Ruach Ha-Kodesh is so high now that this is more overview for me than learning. But I am thankful for your efforts Brother Ron. Helped me find Father YAHUAH as I was finding the Bible. I’m 4 vids behind with this one, will be all caught up today on the day of worship. Read my HalleluYah Scriptures at home, and my Cepher on the road.

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    Plzzz explain too me in Zachariah, that people are commanded too come to Jerusalem for passover once a year world-wide. HOW and why aren't everyone in the new heaven together forever already.Also tell me why there are those will go without rain if they don't worship passover yearly.Im so confused and need help understanding how the fight isn't over after tribulation, and we live in peace in heaven forever.Why the threat of no rains 😮😢

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    Praise Lord Jesus!

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    You are doing a great job I'm just behind a little with your videos but, I myself realize that you have to read it in its entirety to fully understand what's going on now. Keep going I have full faith we on the same page.

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    I really am greatful for you to break down these scripts like you do. People have to read the whole script they wouldn't understand it if you don't read the Bible. I thank you for the clarity❤❤❤

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    I too abandoned the false Christian churches many years ago for the truth of YAHUAH and His Great Kingdom To Come! Praise YAHUAH Almighty Our Creator.. YAHUSHA HA' MASHIACH Is The True Messiah..

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    Bro. Ron, thank you for your presentation. I truly appreciate your teachings. May Yahuah continue to strengthen you as you encourage us. Shabbat Shalom!

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    Peace and Blessings. This is the first time I've ever heard of this term and doctrine. Thank the Most High for this new knowledge. We have to know the truth as well as the lies and misunderstandings. Shalom

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    Im not sorry for calling it what it is, STUPID to say the least, its ridiculous. People out here so simple, believing that lie.

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    20:00 " A vision of Him in His Kingdom" ??

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    Just as it wasn't evident in Jesus' so – called time,of his so called identity,the same can be said of the millennial belief the he has come already,and many folks have been unaffected,many who may have survived and repopulated.of course apologist dismiss outside scrutiny with vague metaphors.

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    The BIGGEST problem that hit me is just this. CHRISTIANITY IS NOT THE KINGDOM OF YAHUAH!
    End of subject

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    You sound very sincere and it’s certainly appreciated by all.
    His blessings you Brother. 🙏🏼✝️🕊

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    People are waking because they are finally using their brain and eyes and not just listening to the word.
    Words have been corrupted and you can thank the Jesuits for that.
    How many would rebel if they knew that we are in satans little season? It would be hard for Satan to maintain control. It’s all about control. More now than ever.

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    there are not a number of different theories, there is ONE, Jesus’ millenial reign passed, we are in satan’s little season, when satan deceives the nations, there, this is how i deal with this video.

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    we are not in the millenial reigh, you are right about that, we are in satan’s little season, you didn’t took any time to do your research.

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    you should have handled the topic with care even if it was one person, you are arrogant, you talk about “this is how i deal with this, is my responsibility” as if you are in a position to do so, you are prideful, humble yourself, your tone of pride is cringy.

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    Shalom Brother, Praise YAH 🙌
    Thank you for all that you do, I truly appreciate everything, your time in research, studies and final presentation of all your videos! Everyone should start by understanding Religion and watch your videos starting with "History of Religion Part 1" series.
    Thank You Brother
    🕊️🤍🕊️ Shalom🕊️🤍🕊️

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    Thank you Brother Ron for instructing the people according to the word of Yahuah, HalleluYah

    Ecclesiasticus 37 15-26

    And above all this pray to El Elyon, that He will direct your way in truth. Let reason go before every enterprise, and counsel before every action. The countenance is a sign of changing of the heart. Four manner of things appear: good and evil, life and death: but the tongue rules over them continually. There is one that is wise and teaches many, and yet is unprofitable to himself. There is one that shows wisdom in words and is hated: he shall be destitute of all food. For grace is not given him from Yahuah, because he is deprived of wisdom. Another is wise to himself; and the fruits of understanding are commendable in his mouth. A wise man instructs his people; and the fruits of his understanding fail not. A wise man shall be filled with blessing; and all they that see him shall count him happy. The days of the life of man may be numbered: but the days of Yashar'el are innumerable.

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    But EVERLASTING does reflect the character of a segment of time. The element of both the Hebrew word "olam" and the Greek word "aionios" deals with an "age-long" or "age-lasting" quality.

    Whem this age ends that which applies to this age is over. An age-long covenant is no longer in effect.

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    Ron charles why i cannot download this?☹️☹️

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    John Smith made 3 3 overnight after he wrote book made religion$$$

  41. #41

    Go and read Flavius, Josephus, Tacitus, and all the other Roman historians who documented the 66,A.D. event Because this guy obviously wants to hide the historical record and tell you his personal belief by manipulating the Scriptures make your decision for yourself, but hear the matter fully then make your judgment like the Bible says.

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    Good podcast to view Both sides equally and scriptural

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    Revelations, chapter 20 start at the beginning, but verse 7 when the thousand years are expired,Satan shall be loosed out of his Prison.
    Verse 8 and shall go to deceive the nations, which are in the quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog to gather them to battle: the number of whom is as the sound of the sea.
    Verse 9 and they went up on the breath of the earth, and compassed the camp of the Saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came from God out of heaven, and devoured them.
    Verse 10 and the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast in the false profit are, and shall be tormented day and night, forever and ever. So that sounds like yes, the devil could deceive us into believing Jesus is coming when he already came. and convince people to try to kill him by going to war with him after he already ruled for 1000 years so I encourage everybody first and foremost. Go back and read your Bible and stop listening to everybody else. Tell you what it says, I’m just pointing out this guy is lying, but I understand he truly believes it I did too until I reread what the Bible says without adding or taking from it.

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    And we do not say he started the millennial rain right at 70Ad we say that’s when he came back the Bible says he comes back in conquers which is war so that takes time. it’s hard to determine an exact date when they re-written the timeline if nobody believes it look into it flamenco historian

  45. #45

    Notice how he accused us of isolating scriptures, but when he talked about Matthew chapter 16, verse 24 through 28 he isolated the scripture by not starting from the beginning.

  46. #46

    And I like your manipulation tactic when you talk about Matthew chapter 16,24 through 28 and tell people to read further and add to the transfiguration event by stating they seen him in his kingdom when they did not, but if you go back before verse, 24 and start at the beginning of the chapter, Jesus is talking about his second coming, so that hole chapter is all referencing to his second coming when the chapter finishes,and then chapter 17 is talking about the transfiguration as a new subject that you took out of context, and added words to.

  47. #47

    In the transfiguration event, they did not witness him coming in his kingdom he was already there for one so he wasn’t coming there for two. He was transfigured into his spiritual form three nowhere in the text does it say they seen or witnessed him in his kingdom.The cloud is talked about in other scriptures in the Bible, Old Testament, and it is not stating a kingdom, you are taking the scripture out of context and adding to it. We are not we read it straight as it is.

  48. #48

    No, we are saying 66AD Jesus came back, and after that, he ruled for his thousand years that was the dark age time. Then he retreated to the camp of Saints and the devil was let loose about 500 years ago, and that’s when they started covering up and rewriting the history. Jesus told his apostles, Matthew chapter 16 verse 28 that not all of them would die before he came back. Another scripture. Jesus is talking to a group of people and says this generation shall not pass away until these things take place referring to his second coming. Jesus also told the Pharisee that ripped his garment while questioning Jesus that you shall see the son of man coming in his kingdom so three times Jesus told people that they would see him coming back in his kingdom and glory that only happens after the tribulation.

  49. #49

    And let us who believe he already came be clear we are in the short season, not the millennial rain that happened already history covered it up and called it the dark ages.

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