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If You Forget Your Dreams Here's The Remedy Yaho Lokolla Ditoro Tsalona Using A White Cloth Le Metsi

Oct 2022 18

If You Forget Your Dreams Here’s The Remedy Yaho Lokolla Ditoro Tsalona Using A White Cloth Le Metsi


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    Thokoza Gogo.. can I kindly have your contacts urgently please 😢

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    Dumelang ka lapeng,wow keya leboga letlo dira jaalo

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    Thokoza gogo so u drink this water on the 7th day ?And do you pray with the same candle and what is the right time to do this and what are the do's and do'nts

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    Thokoza gogo. Who do we pray to? God or the ancestors?

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    Thobela..nna ke ne 20 yrs bothata bja ka ke Lora ke ja which is not good…how to end this satanic thing…pls help

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    I thank God and ancestors that I have found you

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    Thank you Gogo

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    wamuhle makhosi yoo! ngiyaxolisa if ngiwrong

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    thank you haholo

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    Gogo during the 7 days can someone engage in sexual activity or you must fast till the end

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    Thokoza gogo

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    Watching your videos from Botswana

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    kaleboha Gogo, watching your videos in Botswana, I'm on it starting my 2022

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    Thokoza nkgono ke nyaka go tseba gore GA o fetsa meetse a o anwa kerese oa e tlogela go fihla e fela naa

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    Gogo it's for the first time I come across with your video however I've dream about you a month ago and I've been worried where and how I have to meet this person my ancestors showed me your email, I really need to see you gogo but I don't know how please help.

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    Send me Number and I will send you

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    Lesedo Gogo I need more clarification So each time we pray we use a new candle or use the same candle for 7 days and the white cloth inside the dish we use it also every time when we pray or we put it in a safe place or what? again each time when we pray do we have a glass of water in order to chase bad spirits meaning we will have dishwater with salt and glass water right than the glass do we drink after praying can you please make a video to explain this further as I find it tricky as we all want to do the right thing.

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    Lesedi gogo, Rea leboha, do I drink the water on th 8th day or immediately after prayer on the 7th day?

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    So lesela lona u etsang ka lona after 7 days? Oa le aneha? Oa le roala ha u robala?

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    Thokoza Gogo…. Reya leboha ka dithuto tsa bophelo. Metsi aka amangata hobane kesebedisitse skotlolo se seholonyana. Potso yaka kehore, naa ketshwanela honwa metsi a letswai kaofela kapa nkanwa glass fela?

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    Thank you Gogo, Bophelo ke ntwa and we thank you for sharing this….

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    Can someone please translate for to English? What do I do with the white cloth after putting it inside the water with Salt? The water in the glass does it also have salt? What do I do with the water in the glass after praying, do I keep the water for the 7 day period? Do I switch the candles off after praying every day ?


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    Please do a video with example how do you put a white cloth in a stainless steel bowl?

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    Can someone please explain this in Zulu or in English

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    Enkosi kakhulu. I feel so grateful. I'm on it!😇🙏🙌🕎✝️🛐

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    Madume gogo kea leboga nekele motho oa lorang gone eanong gakesa Lora?

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    Hello please call me please i love you please send me your number or my number is 0606053578

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    Enkosi kakulu gogo

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    Thokoza Gogo! Ke kopa ho botsa hore na ke etsa eng ka metsi ao after praying ?

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    No one ever told me about this buy I've been doing it exactly the way she's doing. When I see this now I ask myself, whether I have prophecy or what..

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    Thokoza Gogo ke botsa ho re na ke kenya candle inside the bowl on top of the white cloth or ke e hotetsa ka thoko hodima porinki ebe lesela ke lona feela le kenang ka hara bowl

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    Yooo bathong Gogo ua ntšosa and I am really interested in doing it I just don't want to see scare dreams…

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    Thokoza gogo, language hle bathong, I didn't hear the rest of your instructions, what do you do with the cloth after finishing the ritual?

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    With a glass of water she was showing us that she was praying

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    Thokoza Gogo. Please be specific what should we do with the water in a glass? & after 7 days what should we do with the white wet cloth?

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    Dankie gogo …

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    Hi cc indwangu awuqeda enzeni ngayo is 👏👏👏👏👏

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