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ICU patient recalls near-death experience with COVID-19

Oct 2022 09

He was the picture of health and he never thought he would get . But now a local patient has a positive prognosis and a unique way to help others.

From a hospital bed, Erick Mejia says he caught at a party. He’s a DJ and he says he caught it from someone on the dance floor.

“I said, you know what, I’m far away, there’s only a few people, I’m not going to wear the mask. I made a horrible decision and it cost me greatly,” he said.


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  1. #1

    What does this has to do with NDE ugh 😑 😠

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  3. #3

    Vaccines don't work on a man made Diseasethats fact

  4. #4

    That’s amazing to me you escape death to see your children live, but you never Ever thank God one time for the breath in your lungs … you ONLY have that you have right now because of Him, and trust me that’s the only reason why you have it , it’s about time this world wakes up and starts giving our Lord the glory he deserves.

  5. #5

    He's lucky. I know a guy his age that didn't make it.

  6. #6

    Shame of this guy

  7. #7

    well we know now that the jab wouldn't have stopped him from getting it…

  8. #8

    Did I miss something…?

  9. #9

    Oh my god, what are misleading title. This was not an NDE account at all.

  10. #10

    This isn’t a near death experience. This was a “I got sick with Covid and could have died” experience

  11. #11

    For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.” Jesus Christ, John 3:16-17

  12. #12

    question of this near death is how a person can see after his death without eyes 🤣🤣 and without brain how he remembers all that.
    If without eyes we can see than what is the need of eyes .It's just the thinking of brain which makes us imagine this things and actually the person is not dead.Any comment to this?

  13. #13

    Crisis Acting 101 and a lousy job at that.

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  15. #15

    please wear a mask

  16. #16

    he looks like unhealthy person and he don't like wear a mask go out all the time due to infect of virus.

  17. #17

    Wasn't from not wearing a mask, he got it from touching something

  18. #18

    Journalists…Near death experience is not somebody who almost died. It is somebody who did die and came back. NDE seekers try BillsVideos123 on YouTube. The individual stories, not lectures. Astonishingly beautiful. To this young man I am glad you recovered. Bless you.

  19. #19

    Covid-19 is real. Please continue to wear your mask. My younger sister died December 21, 2022 from Covid-19. She is greatly missed and very loved. Stay safe. Sending love and light to all.

  20. #20

    Has anyone noticed the folks they show on vents are morbidly obese? I am saying this as a health concern. Is anyone else worried about this? Everyone I know who’s died covid has been this way. 💔

  21. #21

    Covid turned into double pneumonia? Sounds like double pneumonia.

  22. #22


  23. #23

    This media clip is deceiving and disgusting!!! There is no talk of this man’s nde, shameful. Glad he recovered but the media are appalling!!!!

  24. #24

    Wrong title not an NDE but a brush with death

  25. #25

    When I see a title of near-death experience, I think of an afterlife experience. Sheila Shaw's NDE part 1 is amazing. She died and was told forgiveness and kindness are extremely important. This was shortly before covid. I thought this was going to be a story about something like that.
    What a story! I am so happy he is okay now!

  26. #26

    So they put him on the perpetual health sapper to make an example of him.

  27. #27

    Stop stealing the phrase; "near death experience", this is pro vaccination propaganda, he didn't "experience" anything other than being really sick.

  28. #28

    I am so sorry for what you went through. I honestly don't believe promoting wearing a mask is the right thing to do. Sad that his story was used to push the one narrative. God bless you.

  29. #29

    I AM so happy he made it through. Now live your life young man and should you ever DJ in NC I would love to attend a safe party with you.

  30. #30

    Don’t party during COVID

  31. #31

    My 59 y/o father just passed a few days ago , from covid complications , and his already weakened kidneys, and heart . He did make us to 21 days from his positive covid test ( past covid) . He did have only 1 of the vaccines , which I've heard, can make covid symtoms worse ( like quitting antibiotics to soon / that's my own example , not a doctors) .
    Bless this man and his family …. I'm happy that he made it.

  32. #32

    Obesity as we all know by now know dramatically increases risk of serious complications from COVID and he has fast food in his hands in the hospital bed???

  33. #33

    What was his near death experience?

  34. #34

    I had covid I'm 42, and was a walk in a park. Bunch of baloney.

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