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I Was Told That We Choose To Reincarnate | Near Death Experience | NDE

Apr 2023 04
I Was Told That We Choose To Reincarnate | Near Death Experience | NDE

Millions of people have had Near Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their . If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    God is our creator and he can do whatever he wants ,maybe. It wasn't needed in the time of the bible but is now..no one can ever say it isn't true ..I believe it for the simple fact now there are so many people who has come and gone , instead of creating more why not send others on different experiences.. Everything is done for a reason.. Personally I hope I can just stay with the lord when its my time to go .but no doubt it would be hard to tell him no .

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    The title part "I Was Told That We Choose To Reincarnate" must have been told by a demon a liar..

    The Bible states

    King James Bible

    And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

    New King James Version

    And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment,

    New American Standard Bible

    And just as it is destined for people to die once, and after this comes judgment,

    Those that believes in Jesus will get new glorified bodies just like he has.. We will be priests and kings ruling with him.. READ and Study.. Don't just listen to idiot preachers, popes, etc.

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    This episode is a good example of the logical possibilities which face biblical Christians, a.k.a., Fundamentalists and Evangelicals, and to some extent Catholics. From the many experiences presented on this channel and others, we can safely conclude a few things: 1. the NDE appears to be above religious methods. 2. They appear to be oriented to the individual experiencier's mindset and worldview. 3. Yet the experiences appear to be unexpected, beyond what would be part of one's life worldview.
    Christians in particular must face their formulas may be only dealing with a very small percent of what their beliefs make possible.

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    You got it right when you said reincarnation is not Biblical but we need to remember there are other religions. Do you think ALL religions have it right and everyone goes to heaven or reincarnates? How can we KNOW for sure which religion is correct? The Bible is FULL of thousands of the future told in advance prophecies and has never been wrong. There are around 300 prophecies in the Old Testament concerning Jesus' 1st coming telling us where He would be born, describing many of the miracles He would perform, telling us He would be crucified hundreds of years before crucifixion was invented, etc. There are over 500 describing His 2nd coming. But the future told in advance features prophecies concerning people, cities, countries, etc. God told us Israel would be destroyed for their sins but in the end times they would be revived as a nation again and speak Biblical Hebrew again. That has happened in our lifetime. Bottom line – ONLY God can tell us thousands of prophecies in advance and one of the reasons He does so is to verify that the Bible "alone" is the true Word of God. No other religion has the ability to prophesy anything in advance. The Bible tells us we are to die ONCE and then the judgment. So the first way to validate whether any NDE is valid is to see if it contradicts the Bible. If it does, it is not from God. Many NDE's seem to "confirm" what the Bible tells us and those are the ones I enjoy the most. I fully expect to receive negative comments from this posting but it will only be from people who do not believe the Bible is the Word of God "alone" and completely ignore thousands of future in advance verifiable prophecies from God. Eternity is a long time to get God's truth "wrong". Research the Bible for its truth compared to any other religion's truth they are the correct way to God. The name of the game with God and eternity is entering eternity with no sin through Christ on sin without Christ. All God wants is a personal, intimate relationship with each of us and God Jesus paid the price to take away ALL our sins in order to be able to have that relationship. Do research to verify who is correct. God's word says that eternity with God is real through Christ and eternity without Christ means an eternity separated from God in a very unpleasurable place. Human life is only about one thing – ETERNITY and where do we spend it. What is a 100-year human life span compared to 1000 trillion years X 1000 trillion years and you are just getting started inside eternity? Maranatha!

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    Reincarnation was removed from bible aprox 550 ad

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    Souls(Energy) chose to experience itselfs in the space and time dimension(Matter) and once we figure why we came to this low vibration, we will have the possibility to come back or stay HOME. The Domain of Frequency(Energy) Souls home

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    Repent and believe on Jesus Christ, the devil spreads lies like reincarnation don’t believe it. Don’t believe demons

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    that is not Biblical.

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    I still believe lifetime is a "school".

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    It's no such thing reincarnation you cannot come back as a dog or a 🐈 or another person when someone dies their souls is in heaven or hell

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    Reincarnation doesn't go against the bible? The Romans created Hell to scare people into obedience then King James the freemason and Jesuit changed to some degree the bible. The missing years of Christ hold the key!

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    nobody who would enter heaven would choose to reincarnate. Heaven is the end goal and you wanna come back as a butterfly or toad? hahaha we may get a choice but who chooses this stupidity. Its a slap in Gods face to reincarnate.

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    I don't find much comfort in the idea of life after death. I find it kind of depressing, actually. There is no way out of this miserable existence.

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    At least one type of re-incarnation is supported by the Bible, maybe all of them. Endocrtrinaded christians will read the passages and say they don't talk about "reincarnation" because this term is not used in the Bible, but any google search will give you verses and commentaries.

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    This is so interesting. Just found this channel. As a Spirit filled Christian I am enjoying all these different experiences. I think I will continue to chew on this one for a while. Knowing Christ, I know I would never choose to be reincarnated. It reminds me of John 12:25 “Those who love their lives will lose them. Those who hate their lives in this world will keep true life forever.” This world is passing away and so we will too if we don’t find The Way.

    The gospel invites us to let go of searching on our own, doing on our own, and abide in Christ. The Way. The Truth and The Life. This being a NDE..key word being Near…I imagine The Lord is still moving in the life of this man to draw him into eternity by giving Him a glimpse of what lies beyond this world and the choice he has been given to make. Doesn’t sound like he’s too stuck on reincarnation after that experience LOL

    Oh the great mysteries of God! And His mercy to speak to us each so uniquely exactly where we are!

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    You were told a load of bovine excreta, friend.

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    There is reincarnation in the Bible if you read it and look at it carefully

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    I was raised Roman Catholic, but this NDE is what I believe happens. We are here for experiences and soul expansion. We are light beings and live for eternity. I do enjoy listening to these NDE experiences, and thank you for sharing.

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    When the Pharisees challenged Jesus's claim to be one with the Father, He quoted the Old Testament " Ye are Gods" meaning all of humanity. Jesus claimed to be our brother and said to his disciples "even greater things will you do". He called himself "the son of man". He was not presenting himself as superior but as a model or example of our potential if we follow His path. There are hints of reincarnation in Scripture in the question of the fault of the man born blind, was it his sin or his parents? Was John the Baptist Elijah reborn as prophesied?
    No formal religion is perfect but all can be useful.

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    Thankyou… a beautiful experience shared ❤

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    I pretty much avoid NDE's that reference the bible. I do not come to NDE's for religion. So don't worry about making everything bible based for me!

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    I enjoyed this NDE because it was free of religion…just as spirituality meant life to be, just BASIC!

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    Love this one! Profound!

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    First he said we reincarnate just for the experience, but then he was told he REALLY NEEDED to come back. Why??? That seems to be a contradiction.

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    thank you very much for posting a non biblical story lee. it feels so inclusive.

    the experiences on this very channel do point out that the other side is for everyone not just certain religions.

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