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I ramble about religions, cults, and mythologies for 7 minutes and 40 seconds

Apr 2024 23

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Other people have already made their own attempts at the whole debate but I thought I’d throw my opinions into the ring. Don’t worry though I brought up my own point of view to add to the discussion rather than just regurgitate what others have said.

This was more of a thought exercise video so there are no sources to cite as this is video is mostly just me talking for a little bit.

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    Bro, LDS waaaaaaaaaaay inflate their numbers. There probably isn't even half of what they say.

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    Faith has a lot to do with this subject, maybe everything to do with it.

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    The alternative to mythology is reality. We are our star. Energy equals mass times the speed of light square. Time equals energy. Time is everything, everything is time.

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    There is no difference between mythology and religion. Some myths become religion. However, all religions are based on mythology. Some myths are just stories, but who is the say there isn’t a group of people who considers this myth their religion. The blur you speak of is the Cohesiveness of mythology and religion.

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    Just because you believe outrageous things are true don't mean i have to respect them. 😶

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    My personal opinion is that religions, Colts and mythologies are all tools used by governments to control the masses. If y’all think alike, pretty easy to sway the masses.

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    Hmm it gets better when you bring in political ideology groups

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    4:40 so like Fandoms of Anime, K-Pop, and CCP. USA is get Asianized in its own land

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    Since "neo" is defined as a combining form, meaning new, recent, revived, modified and "paganism" is, literally, any non-Judeo-Christian religion, then, doesn't 'Scientology' fall under 'neo-paganism'?

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    How many believers does it take for a mythology to become a religion? Like, for example why do we call it Norse mythology when there are over 100 000 people still practicing it.

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    Cult – Religion – Myth
    The only difference is contemporary popularity.

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    To me
    Mythology are a stories and practices related to God not God himself.
    Religion is faith in God and God himself

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    Religion is mythology by definition. Myth doesn’t automatically mean it’s not true. As a Norse pagan I’m perfectly fine with calling my religion “Norse mythology”

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    This is a fair view of the subject.

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    There no difference

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    Hellenism is not mythology

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    none. Religion is fiction, mythology.

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    Instead of this video look up the definition of a myth and fable and realise just because certain pantheons of antique religions have indead got myths within them the pantheons them self are not myth odin deuz enlil all those gods/characters are not myth we know them to have definitely existed in the minds of people atleast and also in worship they and all religious beliefs in hindsight are more close to legends in the regard in wich you are pointing this question out to be

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    Religions are excepted mythology, mythology is lost religions,

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    Before i watch the video: very easy. Active users. Thats it.

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    What's the difference? Time

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    I say it’s all about perspective

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    Has anyone have the link of the score of christianity at the mythical score or something like that?

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    Eat magic mooshrooms, smoke DMT, and create your own religion.

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    The main difference: Mythologies get taxed.

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    Nah Christianity is a Myth Every Known "religion" of new and old are myths

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