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'I Died:' Women Share What Their Near-Death Experiences Were Like

Oct 2022 14

New York Times Best-Selling Author Betty J. Eadie and near- experience survivor Jessie Sawyer detail their spiritual experiences after they both say they died while undergoing surgeries. Both women said they left their bodies and entered another realm and while their experiences differ, there are some similarities: they were both at extreme peace, remember seeing how the lives of their close family members would pan out without them and both said they reluctantly came back to their bodies. #InsideEdition


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    Thank You JESUS

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    I will love 💕 to know that my family all will go to heaven to be with the Lord please God help my family

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    All of these heaven stories. Only 1 about hell⁉️😩

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    My brother described same, out of body experience. Real

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    Some years ago, I was real into lifting weights. I decided to push my body to another level so I took pre workout. Which is straight caffeine. Halfway through the workout I took another scoop and a 5 hour energy…long story short I felt flutters in my heart. I went to my sons mother's house, who I had just got caught cheating on by the way, I woke her up and told her something is wrong. I had had never had a panic attack before so I thought that that is what was happening. It was snowing outside so I figured the cool air would help me snap back. I walked out in shorts and no shirt. She came chasing after me. I collapsed in the snow. She rolled me on my back and grabbed my head and said……I love you… I was watching her eyes when she said it. It was the most glorious moment of my life. I left my body and seen her holding my head and setting it down. Memories started to flash. My son and her were the only memories that flashed because my life had been in ruins from birth and my good memories started when I met her….I snapped back and my life was changed forever. I eventually got up and she took me to the hospital. I was hooked up to monitors for 3 days. They told me that the caffeine had changed the rhythm of my heart and if it doesn't normalize within a few days then I would need to have heart surgery…she stayed. She cried with me. She starved with me. She talked death to me…and not once did she bring up the pain that I put her through. Or the bruises that I caused her. Or the scars on her arms and legs from me shoving her down…she just wanted to be there for me…. luckily, my heart rhythm stabilized and I just have to get regular checkups to make sure no damage was done… as soon as I got out of the hospital, I went and bought a ring and proposed to her. I told her that I don't need an answer now because I've come to understand that she deserves better than what I gave her…she didn't need any explanation she said yes! We kissed and she looked me in my eyes and said, "You have always been my person. I just want to be your person."…..I have loved her endlessly since that day. We have been married for 8 years now. We of course had our growing pains regardless of my encounter with death. I was a new person and she was broken so we had a long road to recovery to overcome..but we did. I found my person.

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    I'm sorry but what the older lady said at the end really bothers me and makes me disbelieve her entire story.

    She said she had "Jesus promise her that she will return to where she was."

    Everything we have been taught says that is impossible. Jesus is pure righteousness. He does not lie. He doesn't not break his word. So how could he possibly promise a person with 50 years of life left that she will go to heaven?

    We have been promised free will by Jesus, by God. Jesus has told us that damnation is real and common. This woman could have done any numbers of things afterwards that could get her damned. She had the free will to do so. She could have denied Jesus or got led astray.

    So either Jesus lied promising she will come back which means he isn't righteous. Jesus lied about free will meaning he isn't righteous. Jesus took her free will away meaning he isn't righteous. Jesus lied about Hell and or lied about how hard it is to get to heaven meaning he isn't righteous.

    Or that woman is being blasphemous, lying about Jesus' words, or she's a charlatan lying about the entire thing.

    Either way I would have hoped the Christian's involved in the production of this story would have a little bit more understanding of their religion and a stronger commitment to Christ. Instead of willingly allowing blasphemous misleading depictions of our Lord to be spread for the furtherance of their wealth and careers.

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    The Pain Kicking in Exactly 8 hours after leaving the Hospital is Shocking. That's exactly how long Dilaudid/Morphine/Fentanyl lasts.

    This is by no means questioning her story. Just a comment on the Physical/Earthly/Surgical part.

    Praise To The True/Real/Existant/Eternal God.

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    I was 27 and suddenly died in a car accident …the light turned into a tunnel and immediately saw my dead grand father so I started walking to him and I knew I was dead …the stars where light blue and the sky was the darkest navy blue you can Imagine…then just before walking in the tunnel I looked up the sky and asked God, the universe whatever you want it to call it …and said could I please go back to my body and try living again ? and I felt I I zoomed back in my body ….the three police officer were frozen hearing me alive and took the yellow plastic off me and called an ambulance …THE MOST I REGRET THAT DAY IS COMING BACK AND LIVE THIS TAUGH LIFE

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    When my great aunt passed away, literally seconds beforehand she said her husbands name, who had passed away 40 years prior. She then passed with a smile on her face. It's stuck with me for over 20 years x

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    I never had this kind of experience. But i am a lucid dreamer and had a number of unexplainable dreams and travel while i am sleeping. Also i was an atheist before. Now i am a believer again.

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    I still don't understand as she said i traveled from one palnet to another. Aren't planets can be seen with physical eyes ? meanwhile she experienced NDE in realm of spirit means hers soul has had already in a different world from us. If what she said is true, there must be many planets in the spirit world.

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    My son had a near death experience. His story is very similar to the second beautiful soul.

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    We all have to invest in next life like the way we invest in company shares or crypto currency

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    The older wown is lying, you can se it on her eyas!

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    Great videos by the people who had the experience. The mediator…….edit him OUT.

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    My father had been dying for months back in 2011, they even surgically put a defibrillator in him. There was a time where he was in the hospital bed & snored so loud, he was a loud snorer though, so my mom & I thought nothing of it, we hadn't realized that he went silent until the machines in the room started going crazy, the defibrillator shocked him, his body arose, his eyes were not…right though, they were going 2 different ways, his tongue was kind of hanging out. The doctor & nurse rushed in & started doing all they could to bring him back, he died for just a few seconds, he told my mom, he heard the most beautiful music, he compared it to 70s type of music intros like Barry White, he said he couldn't explain it but it was beautiful. When he finally died, 11-20-2011, as the nurse was pumping on his chest with all she had, I felt his presence ask "what do you want me to do?" I told him that he couldn't return to his body, it doesn't work any more. Then, I felt him no longer. It was t until my mother, in a conversation later, was telling me that she saw him translucent asking "what do you want me to do?". We both were surprised, she hadn't known of my experience & I hadn't known of hers. I like to believe he's no longer in pain, he's at peace. I miss you, Pop.

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    I had a near death experience when i was 6. i'm 65 now and of all the things i remember in my life, i remember that experience with the most clarity.

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    Who said there's no life after death?

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    Messenger of Al lah(the god) Muhammadh peace be Upon Him said 1440 years before itself that when a person is near to death He/she can be able to see bright lights which is of Angels

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    Near-Death Experience is your brain playing tricks on you when you're in the coma.

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    it's probably just us dreaming

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    I saw a yellow light and all cars were in sync driving past not stopping I was like is this it jesus am I going into the light it took 15 min to quit I couldn't breath but I made it thru it I did not see Jesus but I thought to speak to him .

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    My father passed away 3 months ago, and God blessed me to be by his side in his last hours. He was going in and out of conciousness from a fall where he hit his head and he was so close to death. But in the hospital, he started seeing his sister who had passed away over 3 years prior. He said “Vashti, you’re perfect”. He kept looking around in amazement. When he came back into conciousness and saw me he looked ssooo happy to see me “hi baby! I love you! I love you!” Even though his body was covered in necrosis, his organs were failing and his body should have been in excruciating pain. I know he’s with God now. I thank God for those last moments with my dad. I absolutely know heaven is for real ❤ God bless us all❤️

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    Listening to this gives you a calmness about death.

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    . "Jesus said to them, 'Truly, truly I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the son of man and drink His blood you have no life in you. He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life and I will raise him up at the last day, for my flesh is food indeed and my blood is drink indeed. He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me and I in him.'"

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    I had one on the surgery room table in 2003 at 21 yrs old. I've been waiting to find others to hear their experiences

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    Amazing Story

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    I have seen you before

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    The second woman says has children and yet didn't want to come back to life!!?

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