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hunger has no religion South Africa

Apr 2023 08

Hi friends this is a page to create more awareness about Nuraan Gain’s feeding project called “Hunger has no Religion”. We are helping to create more awareness about this selfless compassionate endeavour to support her ongoing feeding project for the community from her own home in Johannesburg South Africa. This is such a touching project where a warm meal is offered with utmost humility and love. Especially now during the Covid-19 pandemic the need is
great and went from an average of 300-400 per day to 1200 families per meal per day…any bit of support, even a kind word of encouragement or help is gratefully appreciated. Please kindly share it with anyone who may be able to create awareness about the humble project of compassion and upliftment. 💓🙏 Every cent raised goes to providing meals and where possible additional loaves of bread for people to take home. u can donate on our PayPal feedthepeople99@gmail.com


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