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Howard Pittman’s Near Death Experience

Nov 2023 23

In 2015 Pastor Mark sat down with Howard Pittman and heard firsthand his near death experience. Howard shared what he experienced at the point of death when his spirit left his body and he crossed over into the spiritual realm. While having this experience Howard was taken by angels and given a tour of Satan’s kingdom in the 2nd heaven. He also came the entrance of heaven and had a life changing conversation with God. We hope you are impacted by this testimony and that you are made even more aware of the reality of the spiritual realm all around us.

00:00 – Pastor Mark’s Intro
01:54 – The day Howard died
07:58 – Dying and entering a world of darkness (The Veil)
08:33 – Scripture coming out of the darkness
09:47 – Facing the realization of death
10:55 – The most beautiful voice in the world
13:08 – The Veil
13:52 – Satan’s table/Satanic planning/Principalities
15:45 – Satan’s master plan (Rev. 13:7-9)
17:32 – Spiritual warfare
19:38 – Hate and Fear
20:11 – Satan’s ability
22:33 – Giant warring order of Demons
23:18 – Traveling to the Gates of Heaven
24:50 – Your Faith is Dead…
27:18 – The Compassion of God
28:34 – The 5 point message for the Church
32:47 – 97% of people going to Hell
34:32 – Tour of the 2nd Heaven

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    Satan cannot take angels on his side. Satan is a jinn and his followers are jinnkind and mankind. Satan’s main job is to lead people away from God.

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    The vast majority of NDE's don't seem to comport with this account. As usual I am left with more questions than answers, caused by endless contradictions and inconsistencies.

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    He is laying…

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    May his soul be in Heaven by the name off our Lord Jesus Christ.

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    Sorry but I can’t trust word of any man if 97.5% of us is already in the devils hands. Listen to your inner self and do to others what you would want done to you.

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    How we know it’s not the devil that trick him with this n sent him back. If you beg to come back to this world then you never made it to god, seem like a selfish act to me.

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    I'm now officially worried that I'll appear before God too and be told my works were all in vain. I believe I'm saved but I think he did too until he had that experience. I'm a bit sick to the stomach at the thought I might be deceiving myself and end up in hell after all. I am such a filthy rag, that's how it deels, useless to God, a worthless Christian. Dear God in heaven please help.

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    Narrated by a religious nut.. very believable.

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    I hate the fact that the numbers that foresake Jesus and go into hell, are huge….. it makes me cringe and cry for those unsaved PEOPLE. Use me Lord Jesus to tell of your salvation to those that will listen.

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    he still is a little confused about the tribulation. sonce 99.9999999999999% of all people will aready be dead before the tribualatinl each one goes thru their own tribulation before they die. and they have already died, so their tribulation was here already.

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    97%…? Odds aren't looking too good…..

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    Hhahahha these idiots how say they get tours of heaven and hell are just flat out crazy and after money.

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    My toes ouch , i had to listen twice , i shared

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    The devil does not have a kingdom… Hell is his prison.

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    I’m kind of ashamed to say I really didn’t understand , what exactly does God want from us/me ? I try to be good but I know I fall short 😢

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    Poor me me,How am I suppossed to make it 2 percent?I just don't know but will keep trying to Honor and Obey His Name anyways.

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    lol not once did he point to scripture how to get saved

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    Yeshua is the only way! What a testimony.

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    Dear José Rafael Cornelio…lol…Thanks NYPD

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    Hes wrong about the word Theos which means God in greek Not theology nor the root of it

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    I have to wake up

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    how is the second heaven satans kingdom? I aint taking advice from someone that says things like this. 97% is outlandish and overexxagerated, if that was the case no one would be taken in the rapture and the rapture would barely make an impact on society. this guy is old, get him off the mic.

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    If Jesus Christ & other Jews spoke & read Aramaic, then why did Pontius Pilate write a sign in Hebrew, Greet, and Latin???
    Those signs were written for the general public to be warned not to violate Roman laws, so that means Pilate wrote a message for the majority of people to read & heed its message…

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    2.5% is 200 million people today

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    You liar!! You don't go to hell and come back! The bible clearly says to be absent from the bodies to be present with the lord. You don't get the bounce back and forth from heaven or hell and back to earth. Stop lying to people!

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    My adult children treat me, blaming me right now he's abusive to me calls me by my name. He calls crazy, your getting senile Janet, . I asked him to leave my home but he says '" f&__k you, you old b+-$t."

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    Satan must ask the Almighty God, before he may act on any of his plans. Even the demons, legion, tremble at the spoken word of "Jesus Christ". Bible study has really helped me become aware, that even though I was raised in the church my whole life, I would be not in the book of life. Probation is soon to close, yet as a Millennial, my 3 sons Gen Z, I fear, to my sadness, how today's children don't even want or have any desire to know about the truth.

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    What does he mean by Satans number one God “SELL” was he referring to money?

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    I answered and said, "If I have found favor in thy sight, O Lord, show this also to thy servant: whether after death, as soon as every one of us yields up his soul, we shall be kept in rest until those times come when thou wilt renew the creation, or whether we shall be tormented at once?" 76 He answered me and said, "I will show you that also, but do not be associated with those who have shown scorn, nor number yourself among those who are tormented. 77 For you have a treasure of works laid up with the Most High; but it will not be shown to you until the last times. 78 Now, concerning death, the teaching is: When the decisive decree has gone forth from the Most High that a man shall die, as the spirit leaves the body to return again to him who gave it, first of all it adores the glory of the Most High. 79 And if it is one of those who have shown scorn and have not kept the way of the Most High, and who have despised his law, and who have hated those who fear the Most High — 80 such spirits shall not enter into habitations, but shall immediately wander about in torments, ever grieving and sad, in seven ways. 81 The first way, because they have scorned the law of the Most High. 82 The second way, because they cannot now make a good repentance that they may live. 83 The third way, they shall see the reward laid up for those who have trusted the covenants of the Most High. 84 The fourth way, they shall consider the torment laid up for themselves in the last days. 85 The fifth way, they shall see how the habitations of the others are guarded by angels in profound quiet. 86 The sixth way, they shall see how some of them will pass over into torments. 87 The seventh way, which is worse than all the ways that have been mentioned, because they shall utterly waste away in confusion and be consumed with shame, and shall wither with fear at seeing the glory of the Most High before whom they sinned while they were alive, and before whom they are to be judged in the last times. 88 "Now this is the order of those who have kept the ways of the Most High, when they shall be separated from their mortal body. 89 During the time that they lived in it, they laboriously served the Most High, and withstood danger every hour, that they might keep the law of the Lawgiver perfectly. 90 Therefore this is the teaching concerning them: 91 First of all, they shall see with great joy the glory of him who receives them, for they shall have rest in seven orders. 92 The first order, because they have striven with great effort to overcome the evil thought which was formed with them, that it might not lead them astray from life into death. 93 The second order, because they see the perplexity in which the souls of the unrighteous wander, and the punishment that awaits them. 94 The third order, they see the witness which he who formed them bears concerning them, that while they were alive they kept the law which was given them in trust. 95 The fourth order, they understand the rest which they now enjoy, being gathered into their chambers and guarded by angels in profound quiet, and the glory which awaits them in the last days. 96 The fifth order, they rejoice that they have now escaped what is corruptible, and shall inherit what is to come; and besides they see the straits and toil from which they have been delivered, and the spacious liberty which they are to receive and enjoy in immortality. 97 The sixth order, when it is shown to them how their face is to shine like the sun, and how they are to be made like the light of the stars, being incorruptible from then on. 98 The seventh order, which is greater than all that have been mentioned, because they shall rejoice with boldness, and shall be confident without confusion, and shall be glad without fear, for they hasten to behold the face of him whom they served in life and from whom they are to receive their reward when glorified. 99 This is the order of the souls of the righteous, as henceforth is announced; and the aforesaid are the ways of torment which those who would not give heed shall suffer hereafter." 100 I answered and said, "Will time therefore be given to the souls, after they have been separated from the bodies, to see what you have described to me?" 101 He said to me, "They shall have freedom for seven days, so that during these seven days they may see the things of which you have been told, and afterwards they shall be gathered in their habitations." 102 I answered and said, "If I have found favor in thy sight, show further to me, thy servant, whether on the day of judgment the righteous will be able to intercede for the unrighteous or to entreat the Most High for them, 103 fathers for sons or sons for parents, brothers for brothers, relatives for their kinsmen, or friends for those who are most dear." 104 He answered me and said, "Since you have found favor in my sight, I will show you this also. The day of judgment is decisive and displays to all the seal of truth. Just as now a father does not send his son, or a son his father, or a master his servant, or a friend his dearest friend, to be ill or sleep or eat or be healed in his stead, 105 so no one shall ever pray for another on that day, neither shall any one lay a burden on another; for then every one shall bear his own righteousness and unrighteousness." 2 Esdras 2:31

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    So you are save by works and not by grace . You have to work for your salvation by not sinning. Then like he said only a small percentage will make it because most of us don’t have the strength to be righteous. I thought that we are save by the sacrifice that Jesus did for us at the cross and not by our good deeds. Every day I sin and ask for forgiveness because I keep falling into sin , then I’m lost and will never make to heaven so what’s the point in even trying to make it.

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    How do you know the difference in calling Him Lord and Him being Lord?

    Because it sounds like self deception to think your saved and discover your not. That's why that scripture Matthew 7:22-23 is like a guillotine to me, is there a solution.

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    Look into Orthodox Christianity

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    ❤ Thankyou for sharing this!Jesus is King !

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    The road to destruction is WIDE!!! 😳

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    He jumps from a story to another, even laughs at someone else pain.

    Am how do our ego survive death, a bit shaking.

    Religion is made just to ensure that the rich will not be killed by the poor, an second, gives to the beliver the power to neglect his own power. Serving a image out side of you're true self, is just how religion works. Bow for the king, an not question, slave.

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    The power of manipulation thru literature

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    I get a kick out of people who went to hell..so many have died and got a glimpse of 'hell'. Whatever

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