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How To Use (Alligator perpper) To Open Your Spiritual Eyes Of Vision

Apr 2023 21

you will start seeing things before it happens and your vision will be clear and you will remember your dreams after doing this recipe for 21 days. all you need is your alligator perpper to do it


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    I love this video. I give it five star💪💪

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    We Ugandan where can we get your service

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    Thank you. Some of us are following you seriously. You are indeed serious. I like your posture. God bless us all. Am grateful

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    Tanks and God bless you Ma

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    You're heaven sent. I have been following you since last month. Enemy plan to kill me. And your program have safe my life. They shoot me eavy arrow dey nearly kill me. And it's the leader of mascurade in my village. The person I fear most In my town. They scam me with #35k they still want to take my life after I quickly observe there, scammer. But the back to senders really work for me. They think and expect me to die last week Monday. They sent people to check on me. To be suprise to them I'm still alive. Mama you're heaven sent to this generation. Thanks so much. Everything is because of me. God loves me. That's why he sent you to me. Expecially. Am just giving my testimony to God almighty that send you to the world for safing the world from all this bad enemies. You're great ma!. And God will help you and your family. And God will continue empower you ma! You're an angel to me. But I don't know about another person. Some of your messages are sent because of me. Only my head and my God that sent you to the world understand. You're my guidance angel. Thanks so much ma! God will continue blessings you. Always have a great and beautiful lovely day. Ma! I really blessed God with my thanks giving through you for safing my life.

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    Thank you so much ma for sharing this, God bless you. Ma please what of if I want to close my spiritual eyes how will I do that

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    Thanks so much ma, but if I’m not at home in the afternoon can i continue doing it morning and evening alone?

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    Good afternoon mummy Mercy please i need your help i got a dream in the dream i saw snail big and small but the one wasn't that small but i watch a movie which say that we can use those animal to break courses so when i saw them then i say this two I'm going to use them for my recipe which is prayers to break generation course but i don't know what it tells about dream this animal, like i also watch one of your movie which say that put alligator under your pillow and asked God to show what is going on your life so through this just after two i got this dream please ma help on this may the Lord continue to bless you

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    What about the four seed in your mouth? Do you spit out or what since the last seed must be swallowed.

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    Please please mama assurance help me to open third eye

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    Good evening ma,thank ma for sharing this, please what can I do have not been dreaming lately, even putting garlic and allegetor under my pillow,is as if my dream was tampered with

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    May God increase you in grace and 🙌 blessings

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    Thank you so much, I love this video, God bless you

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    Thank you mama assurance, i love you, keep up the good work.

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    Thank you so much ma

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    Aunt mercy please we need solution for piles.

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    Aunt mercy please we need solution for piles.

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    Thank u so much ma

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    Wat if U don't have The pepper

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    I been smiling 😃 ☺ 😊 since I hit play ▶️ Thank you!!!!

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    Thanks so much for uploading this video 📹 😊

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    How did you stop a Vision from happening. I see the enemy/negative events coming but never able to stop it

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