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How to Talk to Your Ancestors! My Experience with Talking to my Ancestors!

Jan 2023 08

Hey LOVE Tribe!

The Divine Healing with Love channel will provide healing videos healing, channeled guidance, insight, and practical tips for your self-improvement journey and navigating the spiritual landscape.

My name is Nicole and my mission is to guide you through the healing process and ultimately bring you to a place of wholeness, unconditional love for yourself, and a sense of unbridled freedom and joy from within. I am a lightworker, divine healer, empath, clairvoyant psychic medium, and a twin flame coach. As for my healing methods, I use various modalities to assist clients through the healing process. The services offered are designed to help you reach a level of self-awareness and self-realization, begin or continue the healing process, and help you re-imagine your life. Lastly, my focus is to assist you with unraveling the depths of your soul and support you on your journey as you get closer to becoming your best version. I look forward to working with you!

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***Disclaimer*** These videos are for entertainment purposes only. This is not to replace actual mental health or medical services. Please be aware I am not responsible for any decisions made based on these videos. Please be sure to always follow your inner guidance. The viewer is responsible for his/her own life choices and decisions. I am not qualified to give legal, financial, or medical advice.

I appreciate all of your love and support! I am so grateful to be here with you and help you with your journey. Thank you for your LIKES, SHARES, AND SUBSCRIPTION, it helps to grow my channel! Honestly, it’s my absolute pleasure to serve and help.

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  1. #1

    You are talking more about your experience more than the actual title of your video which is HOW to talk to them

  2. #2

    you nowhat my mom was appearing in my dreams after she died i wish i could go up to heaven and join her and my dad

  3. #3

    Thank You ☺️💟

  4. #4

    please can my ancestors demand a sacrifice from me

  5. #5

    So true Hun we are on the same time IAM still growing I never see them but they are for sure guiding me we are the chosen ones and just different may you continue to get bless❤️❤️❤️🙏💪

  6. #6

    You don't understand that first paragraph I was crying sobbing as I listened to your video I haven't been giving true value to my family live both my mother and father's side I haven't really gave a darn about my parents either I know I pick my parents I know I have a mission here and all I did was complain about what I hate it while I was being held back due to my mother and father and family that's what our family was cursed I thought I was first so thank you for your video I have to get on evaluating my ancestors family

  7. #7

    Talking to the ancestors

  8. #8

    Talk to the sisters I was crying slowly because I have a real hate for the family both side and my parents too and I haven't been traveling stressing out online I've been trying to change so I can leave and this older and let them be dead to me and I'm dead to them so what you said hit home

  9. #9

    How do you set up an alter and what do I need?

  10. #10

    Thank you for the video I set mine up on Saturday and I’ve been feeling a very intense feeling. Like very intense but it isn’t uncomfortable. I’ve been going to my altar almost everyday and adding mediation aside from my altar. I was never a person who used to meditate but I literally set boundaries with myself to make an appropriate relationship with them. Their every feels very ancient and I don’t wanna play games with them because I can’t be responsible or consistent

  11. #11

    This sounds like me in aspects of blocking the talking to me and visions, etc. Now that i'm trying to tap back in, it's harder. The altar part is what worries me in the sense of watching videos and constantly hearing to keep up with the altar, etc. I don't want to start no problems with my ancestors. I meditate more but trying to learn. I've had readings from ancestors and they definitely didnt' play no games. For me it was "your diet is poor! You know this because you say it often. you need dark green vegetables." Crazy that i had been saying this for months. I'll practice more.

  12. #12

    A glass of water under your bed to welcome them in the building. 😂

  13. #13

    Thanks a lot ma, my question is , if I want to do this to break generational curses in my family, can I do it in the city or In my village?


  14. #14

    I connected with my nana through meditation and dreams. I use a pendulum and I've had success I feel the part were your ready, but not really. Thank you for making this clear. I feel i can put more effort
    On their end

  15. #15

    Due to my religious upbringing I’m afraid to call upon my ancestors. I’m definitely open to it though. Growing up I was taught that “ancestral spirits “ are demons disguised as loved ones and that the Bible talks about these false spirits. Can you shed light on this? I know I have a spiritual gift but feel stuck in these things that were taught to me as a child 😖

  16. #16

    I can’t for your channel to blow! You’re so beautiful and an incredible reader

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