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How to Protect Your Relationship (2020)?

Apr 2024 22

A relationship is a contested space that needs endless vigilance.
Namhlanje sincokola nga some of the attacks on a relationship.

Unfortunately thina singoo mayezeni, our advice will be exclusively the mayezeni approach. That is what the video is about. There are other approaches out there…

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    Wow that was very interesting I've learnt alot🤗

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    Enkosi bhele yhooo andayihleka owam umyeni wayedla ngokuthi ,funeka isibambelelo sityiswe umntu wonke nenja na kakade sibengodengane sonke kungabikho o clever kunomnye ,enkosi khuboni uyasakha , sitsho siphile emphefumlweni Camagu

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    Bhele uyandihlekisa Khuboni. Angade akhafule de kudumbe iziqhitsi.

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    Siyabulela bhele lihle. Hay mna umntu ongusisi endidibana naye ndandisenza sure uba uyafutha uyavasa njengoko ndisenza man. Coz ndingasebenzisa amayeza mna kanti ingxaki ikuye.

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