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How Many Countries Are There?

May 2024 14

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    happy 10y to this video

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    Happy 10 year anniversary to this video.

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    Rather like flags, recognition from other countries is the big thing. Some times that's "we recognise you, even if we won't say it", but it's usually pretty clear. That puts me in the 197 club (Palestine, Vatican, Taiwan, Kosovo)…although there's always Somaliland that no-one recognises formally or informally, but if you lived there would feel more country-like country than actual Somalia.

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    my definition of a country is that 1. it needs to have land 2. it needs to have an independent government

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    If we count the definition: a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory. then technically all of the Non Un country like countries are countries.

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    Uhhhhh alot

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    look closer at south ossetia

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    Actually my phone came from south Korea

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    I agree with estimate of 9000

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    0:25 HOW IS THAT TIME CORRECT!??!?!??!

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    Updated: 206(197)

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    ok old grey in 2023 (yes 2023)there is nearly 203 countries in the world

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    THERES OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I think can all agree that there isn’t 9000 factorial countries as that one person tried to suggest

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    South Ossetia’s skirt flag looks like candy corn

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    3:16 no more of that malarkey.

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    Similar stuff to the Vatican and Taiwan happens when you ask “How many languages are there?”. There are 4 languages that are more like 4 dialects of the same language (Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, and Montenegrin) and mutually unintelligible dialects of a massive mega-language (Chinese).

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    Geography lessons in school might have been more interesting if we got more thought provoking lessons like this rather than just being tasked with remembering the names of a bunch of countries, labeling some of their major cities and natural features, and then coloring them in on blank maps.

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    0:12 are we not going to talk about the minecraft creeper in the back-ground?

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    5:03 now THATS a tongue twister 🤩🤩

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    At least 1

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    Yay Denmark

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    For a country to be a country, it must have a population, land area, and a government.

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    9 years later there 193 countries

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    How many countries are there right now?

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    In simple words, A so called country is a country not because it calls itself a country but because other so called countries call this so called country a country.

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    What about Tibet, Liberland, Synnvell, Somaliland, and Molossia?

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    Canada is Number 1! 0:03

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    taiwan is the smol island that have a thicc city call taipei

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    195 Countries in the world

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    0:11 creeper alert

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    Q) How many countries are there?

    A) More than one.

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    2:54 top 5 scariest jump scares

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    So is Hyrule it’s own Independant Kingdom, or part of the Twilight Realm?

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    Try find a creeper 0:11

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    "Imagine there's no countries…."

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    The conference is still alive it's in bresill

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    Also the fact that North Korea and South Korea aren't legally separate countries but are competing governments over the same country.

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    Karabakh/Karabağ/Karadağ is a part of Azerbaijan/Azerbaycan

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    Aruba isn't really part of the Netherlands. It's a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (which als includes Curaçao and Sint Maarten), but just like Scotland is a country AND part of the United Kingdom all of these islands are seperate countries (for as far as I know).

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    There is Palistin

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