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How Fine Salt can remove Muti from your body

May 2023 05

Gogo Makgabo explains how to use Fine Salt to get rid of Muti


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    Thanks Gogo ❤❤

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    Thokoza gogo ngcela usizo angsakhona

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    Kganya Nkgono ke rata go gobona .ke lona karabo bophelong baka

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    Dumela gogo nna keyalebua

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    does aloe work aswell

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    Thokoza gogo if one needs to consult how do I get hold of you

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    Thokoza gogo is this normal salt that you talking abt

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    There's a woman who I don't trust at work. She never liked me for a long time. She even "stole" my friend. I basically accepted that she doesn't like me. Out of the blue, she hugged me. It felt so weird cz I don't trust her. I wasn't sure if people can really pass on muti via hugs

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    Can i use a cooking salt?

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    ive been prophecited that ill never find job,lover,progress and im hated ,sdinwa in the eyes of people cos of tokoloshe and its always with me blocking eveything that has to do with me please in this case what can i do is been longtime applying jobs nothing and im fighting with everyone at home for no reason n every relationship just end why me?help me what can i do?

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    Syabonga Gogo Thikoza

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    Thokoza gogo thank very much😊

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    Please help me , i found out my boyfriends baby mama is bewitching me and my boyfriend to always fight

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    Coarsalt everything… Nice

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    Gogo makgabo…I dreamt of my step Mom..I was at my house ND it's was lyk there was something going on lyk a celebration not really sure .so she came into the room I was in(which was my mom's room)as soon as she got in I felt lyk a lot of weight was draining me down..lyk I don't HV enough energy to stand still lyk I was..lyk I was going down while groaning….can salt also help this?

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    I use sea salt and I clean my home with it

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    Thokoza gogo plz help I have isichitho on my face and it is like acne, I treat it and when it is hot it comes back what can I do to make it go for good

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    I want to know gore if someone ulove used muthi to sleep wth u,nd that muthi is for me not to love other guys can salt nd vinegar help

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    There are different colors salt for bathing that are sold like at woolies or spa, can I use them too

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    i get psychic attacks and absorb n feel other people's energies as i am an empath and super sensitive…..some people's energies can be quite intrusive and disturbing….in my case, and generally, in our culture, we use fire and water circumbulations while praying to god to get rid of evil eye and money. in my personal case, i do prayers but when i m in a rush, i quickly drink mild salt water and/or do a quick salt and/or tumeric bath…depending on how strong the neg is …helps sticky energies and parasite energies in your aura to loosen up ….this is what causes itches, pokies, pains, etc…
    of course, while doing all that, keep your lord's name on your lips the whole time….this will help prevent permanent holds and attachments of the parasitic energies. God bless 🙏

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    Thokoza gogo this month I've experienced wet dreams more than 3 times and it keeps happening 😭😭 What Can I do to stop it?

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    Can I use salt to get rid of isichitho?

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    Molo gogo….umna ndinegxaki ye mali ndiyabhatala ndiphinde ndiboleke njalo njalo andide ndiphume kule meko ndingenza njani gogo coz na ngoku nge phela nyanga yonke iya kubatshonisa kandincede plz gogo ndingenza njani

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    Thanks sweetheart for your advace

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    Thanking you in advance for yo positive response…. "

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    But jus to ask you ma'am. Do one aply nourishing cream after taking salt bath.especially wen visiting people I don't trust?

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