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How China Is Weaponizing Mexican Cartels Against America | Ed Calderon

Jan 2023 02

Ed Calderon is a non-permissive environment specialist and combative instructor with over 10 years of experience in counter-narcotics, organized crime investigation, and public safety in the northern border region of Mexico.
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0:00 – Introduction
6:40 – United States relationship w/ Mexico
14:45 – Combat tactics in Ukraine
22:21 – Social media’s influence on war
35:22 – Journalists in Mexico
40:34 – How tourists can avoid cartels
50:39 – Living in the US as a Mexican immigrant
59:30 – Gun laws in Mexico
1:04:14 – CIA operating in Mexico
1:10:14 – El Chapo
1:24:14 – Kids working for cartels
1:31:24 – How to solve the cartel problem
1:38:00 – Difference between cartels & terrorists
1:53:54 – Ed’s experience working the Mexican-American border
2:17:54 – Moving to the US – Meeting Joe Rogan
2:24:10 – China influence in Mexico
2:40:00 – Propaganda
2:47:04 – UFO’s



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    I still have family in TJ. I am pro AMLO ,LatinX is a ridiculious term . Agreed . Man !to have the right to bear arms in Mexico is far out at this stage . But I understand what your saying . You bring up a lot of truths . You know the complicty of the CIA in the Camarena case .

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    The CCP is to China, Nazis were to Germania 🇩🇪 0:15

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    This dude loves to say poor me and point fingures.

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    So I was stationed in San Diego in the early 2000's. I remember in 2001, post 9/11 the Federales started carrying around automatic rifles. It was part of what made me stop going down there, because like many people, I saw the police there as simply a force for extortion. I felt less safe, but I never stopped to consider that they might become more effective with better weaponry.

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    This guy is absolutely right by a long mile

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    The guns come from the USA

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    Lol legalizing drugs is legalizing cartels

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    2:33:14 This guy is seriously learning that fentanyl is an opioid right now? Live on air in 2022 and after bringing it up in this conversation and after having the exact same conversation with Luis Chaparro? Jesus dude. Get with it

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    LMAO to anyone that believes him, people are so gullible just do some research and you will find the only thing this guy has ever been is a rent a cop in san diego

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    Check history
    Opium Wars
    History repeats its self

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    didnt Russia originally claim they were De-Nazifying Ukraine? how odd

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    Oh yes. For the USA is always someone else.🙄 Is not them founding and arming the cartels. Is always México, Colombia or now China.

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    Yep; the work force; americans don't want to work. The government take care of them; will only work Unless they make 30$ an hour or bossing people around. Iqual 15 an hour or less and double the production. So no one takes no one's job . People lose their jobs.( Lazy, no production, more $,).

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    The US wasted it's time in Iraq and should have invaded Mexico and propped up a democratic government.

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    The overdosing is deliberate. The dealers’ sales go way up when someone dies. It’s very intentional.

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    The abuse of deadly toxic poisons is natures way of geneticly selecting the weakest organisms through the natural species selection in the worlds predator and prey jungle !!!!! It's called natures law of the predator and prey jungle!!!!! China supposedly has international under cover covert policing enforcers that keeps their own self interests very well protected!!!! The world really is a jungle full of evil lion hearted predator and prey beasts!!!!!

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    Hey freedom fighter warriors! PTSD is a normal human emotional trauma feeling that most of the good people will have to emotionally work through!!!! The good people in the world loves, and appreciates you very, very much!!!! For what you've had to do in the line of duty!!!!! And for all of the dangers that you've allowed yourself to be exposed to !!!!! Our babies are free because of the extremely brave, and extremely courageous people just like you!!!!! The world always has been, and always will be a predator and prey jungle!!!!! PLEASE STOP BLAMING YOUR OWN SELF FOR HAVING TO FIGHT FOR OUR BABIES RIGHTS TO AT LEAST TRY TO KEEP THEIR OWN FUTURE FREEDOMS!!!!! YOU ARE THE REASON THAT OUR BABIES CAN SLEEP SAFE AND SOUND TONIGHT!!!!! SO TAKE THIS LOVE, AND HUGS OF APPRECIATION, AND RESPECT THAT WE AND OUR BABIES ARE SENDING TO YOU RIGHT NOW !!!! PLEASE FORCE YOURSELF TO STOP EMOTIONALY PTSD ASSAULTING YOUR OWN SELF !!!! YOU WILL CONSTANTLY HAVE TO FORCE YOURSELF TO UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE OUR HERO!!!! AND YOU WILL HAVE TO FORCE YOURSELF TO STOP EMOTIONALY PTSD ASSAULTING YOUR OWN SELF!!!!!! THE WORLD ALWAYS WAS, STILL IS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE A PREDATOR AND PREY JUNGLE!!!!!! FREEDOM WILL NEVER BE FREE!!!!

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    Sempre fi to freedom you brave ass super heroe warriors!!!! Once we lose our chance to at least try to leave our babies a chance to keep their own future freedom! We'll never get the opportunity to try to help our babies ever again!!!! Their true freedom will have been lost forever!!!!!! If you're not part of the solution!!!!! You are the problem!!!!!!

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    Chinese guns don't work. LOL

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    If you want to understand whom is behind any war conflict in the world all you have to do is look at the weapons being employed in said conflict. Trace them back to a manufacturer and a supply line will be revealed. Pointing fingers and creating smoke screens.

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    Not just Mexico, all of South America is erupting into extreme violence and barbarism! America needs to help the refugees from violence not shut them out☹

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    Why Ukrainians acting all superior when their country ain't s*** but a failed state that got no tech and consumed by corruption. Should just let these Russian and Ukrainian slavs kill each other anyway I can't tell the difference between two ugly but genetically identical peoples just with different team's. Use them their lives to test western weaponry and doctrine without dispensing our own ppls livelihood. They do the work we reap the rewards. If I had to save 1 Canadian child instead of 2 million slavs id save my own ppl they matter to me these bastards don't.

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    Ukrainians have normalized nazism into their culture and shouldn't be granted salvation here in Canada and f*** up our culture or be buried and forgotten in the Canadian Tundra. How the world treated them was way better than how they treated others. Eastern slavs acting like they are white just remember Hitler was coming for your children and was going to defile your disgusting ppl.

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    Most of these kids in Mexico are being told that western US belongs too Mexico and they are being indoctrinated too hate the US, cartels are usually fucking shit up like always, because they want too bring down the US and the Sistema. I fucking hate it, they want me too jump the border too the US and do stupid shit. I've told them that I don't like them I do not support their point of view. And for this reason I'm being held back in life, if you understand what I mean good if not o well. I don't like them.

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    You can't blame other people for your problems…

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    Man I just watched the film. Devastating. I remember the news covering all of this. Citizens lost faith with the government when they killed Kennedy. No one was fooled.

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    1:50:39 He's talking about the Judicial side of things, but most of the transformation in Mexico or at least were's more evident is in the Executive and Legislative side were corruption is bassically being banned and loathed, these criminal organizations corrupted everyone WITH permission of the president, thats not happening right now with AMLO whos historical political career has been incorruptable, ask next time what happened to the cartels that used to steal fuel directly from the government just 4 years ago and youll see how different it is now, also there are no pardons, no funny businesses going on when they put somebody in jail, corruption has become a punishible crime of the highest order something that wasnt even in the constitution before, thats why all these gangsters were in and out of prisons, because judges used to let them free as soon as they were captured

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    Just so everyone knows, "La santa muerte" its a cult followed by people with an underground subculture its not mainstream, its obvious he believes in it because he's a cop its very common in those circles

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    Gonna go out on a limb and guess the cartel was already "weaponized"…..

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    bring your show to show the needles and pipes and where these are supplied , I would like to actually see that happening and how the US is participating in this, seems crazy

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    At 1:50 your arguments felt to the ground when you talked lies.
    After that I just didn't even bother.

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    This is reall & cant get on youtube, but FOX say trump & russia & its fake AF but its in the news for years, but real stuff dont

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    This kid is a bad interviewer but it could be worse

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    Let them go do 2 yrs in OUR army & make em legal. If they would fight for this country than let em in.

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    Its like the mob in ny handles the docks, the cartels got the boarder, there not letting some terrorists through there boarder, & making it hot AF, no they police it

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    The cartels probly take care of & help the people there more than the government does.

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    There is ZERO benefits to being a cop in mexico! If you ant corrupt you ant doing it.

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    Dude, Chapo had a fu#king tunnel under the prison, he was top of the top to pull that off! Come on man.

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    Ed Calderon is always a great interview, but I am not sure where he is getting his information regarding mexico and lithium. Countries such as Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Australia, China, The United States, Canada and a few African countries are much richer in lithium than Mexico.

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    how is his english so good if he came to US 4 years ago?

  43. #43

    I can't take the interviewer dude seriously after hearing that intro music. That IS satanic sht and SATANISTS ARE FGTZ

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    Love this convo, Ed had some really good coughing (ahem), talking points 😶

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    You can say goodbye to those two mexicans you know are mercenaries in the nazi Ukraine. I'm serious Ed, say goodbye, because they're goners 😂

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