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Hotepification (Part 2): Myths, Cults, & Escapism + Q&A

May 2024 09

Hotepification: Myths, Cults, & Escapism


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    I got more information in 30 minutes from this show than I have for months listing to other "revolutionaries", capitalism is not revolutionary and gangster isn't revolutionary! This brother just put down a 10 point plan…backed by history and data.

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    "Fakers, foreigners and fools" have always been in our movements. I still want to a Baba Mwalimu Baruti vs. Diallo Kenyatta debate/discussion on Manhood, Warriorhood and LGBTQ issues within the Pan Afrikan/Conscious Community. When are you gonna manifest this?😮

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    Lord Jamar is a millionaire?!

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    Thank you for the information on Black militants' contribution to the Liberation Movement. I'm definitely going to be using the word ammosexual, too.

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    Not voting is a moral strategy, only a fool votes and supports the destruction of his people

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    Dhoruba bin Wahad. Simply put.

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    U and Obama wrong on that gay stuff. And atheism? Both are integral parts of European culture. Not ours. Cant name one Afrikan culture accepting either of em.

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    Thanks for that intro jam. Shotgun baby. 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

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    man is making too much sense

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    Bro Diallo when you talk about the necessity to commit class suicide do you mean in the vain of Sankara who automatically just gave up his material possessions or in the vein of Robeson who by radically advocating for us had his wealth taken?

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    I discovered you on geechies show with dr. Jared ball on Malcom x’s b-day and I’ve been going through your archives ever since. You saved me from the Tariq’s, Jason blacks, Phil Scott, NOI and all the other countless reactionaries. Dr ball and BPM as well but I give most of the credit to you and wanted to let u know I appreciate the work you do.

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    121.20 to 122.00 is on point about black men's point on abortion we need to do better 👏 💯

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    Great video thanks for all that you do I truly Appreciate you because very few is holding us down like this we need this ❤️ we forget ourselves to offend I truly want us to come to terms with ourselves as black people but we Ned to find ourselves in get out of our lost mindsets

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    I always have acidic debates about a lot of these so-called leaders. Umar still hadn't opened that school yet but he defended Coonye against Charles Barkley. Two sides of the same coin. Pathetic.

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    Bro Diallo, it's hard enough that Kanye are here spitting right wing rhetoric. It's bad enough that we got Kyrie out here doing the same thing. Just leave that trash ass Lord Jamar in the dumpster 💯

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    Appreciate you sir. ☺

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    Best channel I subscribe to. Grateful for your input bro Diallo!

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    Chain Link fences might be the one thing that will unify us…then everything might seem real!

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    Listen I don't I agree on everything you speak on brother, and that's with just about anyone. But what you are speaking about in this video is on point. Let me say, when I hear something that makes sense, it's exactly what it is for me; something that makes sense. Peace

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    Diallo’s low key sweater game is on point.

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    Finally a genuine revolutionary and NOT an Afrosexist like Umar, Tarique, Jason Black, and Pro Black Truth…the endless list of scammers who hate Black women, love capitalism, and love killing animals for food. Go Radical, Revolutionary Vegans. There's a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.

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    You got the crypto bots on here now.

    Ok; clearly word is getting out 😂

    Movin' on up.

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    Strong analysis. You would do well to take a moment and reconcile your own illogical devotion to the Cult of Pfizer and the proselytizing you engaged in on behalf of their products.

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    1:36:31 I enjoyed it thanks for taking my call, would love to go deeper and have an indepth discussion about your view of "black elitism" if you choose to do a show about it in the future (got notifications on). Much respect

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    class in session. key takeaway got a lot of work to do personally on revolutionary class consciousness education

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    Lord Jamar acting chops is trash as well…so there's that lol…

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