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He Went To The Soul Trap During His Near Death Experience

May 2024 07

Near-death experience guest 840 is Phil who during his went to a realm with the recently deceased with 1000s of spirits and other beings who did not look humanly. Also during his experience he went to the .

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    I think the beings are on a second track of soul hijacker. That that is allowed to happen means that what is going on in the first track is essentially just a better run operation.with different intentions.

    What is curious to me is that people who claim to be abducted by non human intelligencies (NHI) say NHIs speak telepathically [often describing their experience as if information is being either uploaded from or downloaded to their brains], that they are given information that they are seemingly then made to forget [often about global ecological destruction], that they are told that they have a mission that they will remember when the time comes, that NHIs appear to exist interdimensionally and out of time [passing though solid objects and sharing possible futures with their abductees], telling abductees that they've already agreed to the abduction trauma despite no recollection by the abductees, that they are interested in our inability to commune with our souls and quite possibly have found some use for it, that they appear as familiars to the abductees sometimes to arouse and assist in the collection of genetic material, that they entrain abductees to feel any number of emotions other than fear in order to gain compliance, that an initial contact often results in ongoing 'hitchhiker' affects that diminish in the case of NHI but often results in lifelong new psychic abilities in the case of NDE. There are really too many overlaps between abduction and the NDE experience for this to be purely coincidental

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    Projection might be a better word than simulation.

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    there is no soul trap deception only reside within the 3D
    everything out of the 3d is based upon feeling you can feel the intention of everything
    so its not possible

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    I'm sorry but this guy knows not what he's talking about. None of us chose to come here or volunteered to come here. We were tricked into coming here and entrapped here. There is no "Lord and savior," the "lord and savior" is the Demiurge. It sounds like despite what he went through, he's still very much deceived, SMH, sad.

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    Some are saying that there were two types: forced and voluntary. The former were destroyed in 2011.

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    Very fascinating ❤ thank you

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    I wish he would answer the questions better.

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    Interesting talk

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    Reincarnation is not necessary. We don't need to go through "life lessons." The only lesson is that you have a choice.
    Because we are all made from the same perfect spirit of God and God has infinite power to redeem us in an instant.
    So, don't buy into the B.S. that some AI tells you in the Soul Trap.
    You can go anywhere and be anything.

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    I took left the Mormon church. I served a mission to Canada from 1985-1987.
    I resigned my membership ten years ago. We'd have some interesting conversations. I was teaching a discussion once and left my body and bumped up against the ceiling in the corner of the room. I've never told anyone that experience.

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    if we reversed the statistics on NDEs to 85% Hellish/Negative and 15% Heavenly/Positive, would you call the 15% Liars/Mistaken/Hallucinations/Ego-Driven???🤪
    The 15% were somehow accidentally transported to a realm of peace and love and saw instead that the after life is actually a good place. 😡Nonsense the afterlife is constant pain, torture and suffering. There's no way that a loving creator exists we know this from the 85% of Hellish NDEs.

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    I can't reconcile a "soul trap."

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    Drowning in a pool of your own vomit and diarrhoea is WILD!😮😮

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    Really interesting 🤨 interview 😊❤❤❤👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼thanks 😊❤👍🏼

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    Time to hack the astral plane ;+}

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    Ty, according to Robert Morning Sky, " do not go into the light,"

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    QUICK Q 👆🏻Really enjoy your podcast. I have watched so many & find them fascinating. Wondering if you would be open to doing shorter, say 15-20 min cut versions? Maybe with a link to the full podcast? The hour + version is becoming too much for my schedule to allow. Thanks forward

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    He went to the place he created with his mind. While here, we are making this mind. When the body drops, the mind we made now makes us. It's a reliable algorithm. Be happy!

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    The tall etheric white Beings operated on my heart, age 16, when I overdosed. They saved my life. I wasn't ready to be on my own, but had no where else to go. Now I feel I'm ready to teach painting again, but for our Vets. Wish someone could help me with this, I want to serve a purpose before I transform again (croak…)

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    What is with the age 5 thing where at night you're outside with 2& or 3 MIBs coming at you and you can't get in your home?

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    Thank you Phil! You explained your experiences very well. Riveting.

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    So glad I found this, what a beautiful interview.

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    Hello. Thank you for having this guest. I have very bad news for him. He is Earthbound. He speaks for mainstream alien news, talks about astroid and planets driving through space, goes into details about vomit, talks about nothing emotional or learned other than to confirm his religion,? The problem with the screen is not his camera playing tricks, it is him. Can I say that to a crowd of man worshipping… No. Sorry.

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    Tall whites have hair and wear blue clothes , they look more like us than Greys , the soul trap machine is on the moon , it should be now ok as the greys are removed since 2022 from Earth , Mars , moon and other planets 🪐. It’s just reptilians on Earth 🌍 that we need to worry about , most are gone but we have so many shapeshifters on TV 📺.

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    I laughed so much about his honest shower incident. LOL. Wow. Not many people would describe it in so much detail. Reminds me of a Frasier episode, when Rozz talks about an actress who wanted to die but be remembered fondly. She organised her death, put on a beautiful gown, make up, the lot, bed arranged totally gorgeous, hae hae…fluffly pillows, expensive sheets. She wanted to be found dead, all beautiful, like Snowwhite, in her bed, with make up and perfect hair. Then the sleeping pills she took, disagreed with her. She got sick, got up, went to the toilet, vomitted, and fell down head first into the toilet bowl. LOL. That's how they found her. Head in the toilet. Dead from drowing.

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    I have never encountered any "traps" during my OBE, apart from those created by my own mind. ​
    This was when I was a teenager. The out-of-body experiences were spontaneous, much like lucid dreams or astral travels. Now I don't experience anything like that anymore, I don't even remember my dreams.

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