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He Died & Returned With A Message From The Other Side | Near Death Experience | NDE

Nov 2023 03

Millions of people have had Near Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their . If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    Very interesting!

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    I'm grateful that the titles of these videos you produce are accurate. Many of the NDE channels will say someone died and came back with a message but no clear message exists in the narrative. With your titles, if they say something is there, it is there.

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    The children of Israel can’t even put Israelites in slavery but a Christian can own other Christian’s as slaves that is human trafficking how is that not evil as being a born again Christian but adultery is wrong along with many other sins


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    So in this video he says Gods light can’t even penetrate the darkness of hell

    That is not an all powerful God if he can’t penetrate darkness

    Who created this dark force Satan as the captain whom God created according to scripture turned evil

    Does this line up with the God if the Bible not at all this makes the Bible with more contradictions

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    Sounds like he went to the Arbor of Life , describing all the flowers and water. It is always morning there, the sun is stuck in the sky in one place and there is no time there.

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    Amazing testimony ❤

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    I had a Minor heart attack so drs said. My late husband and I had just started a new church. I believed but not as much as I was seeing or taught at church. My husband at the time got on church prayer line from church. Another test on my heart showed no heart attack amen. Still I was put in ICU heart floor. Next day I went for a heart Cath. It was afternoon then . The test showed nothing.amen . I was going home next day. At 11 pm tv off completely dark .no medication at all . I was awaken at ,410 am . Beautiful light in my room outside like the afternoon. I said oh no they forgot me I was to go home today. I got up used the bathroom. Turned on tv for time,415 am now .I called time same answer 415 am. I am wide awake. I started to call home but afraid I wake my ,2 yrs old grandson and everyone. I was in the most beautiful light ever shimmering light of peace and love. So I just told myself maybe it gets that light at 410 am . I raised,3 kids and I thought I knew it doesn't get that light at 410 am . I fell back to sleep very peaceful and quick .no medication. At ,6 am change of nursing shift . My room was back dark then .lights on .I have never dought again God is real in Jesus mighty name amen 💖 🙏

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    I shared this on my other account, Canada is melting politically and moraly, yes evil is everywhere. Why is it the actual Rapture is not mentioned in these stories ? this one sort of does i guess.

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    Lost me at the religious proganda.

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    Great validation in your experience.❤

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    Beautiful testimony and the mountains with the trees and flowers were beautiful as well….😊I truly love Jesus more and more and each day I’m more aware to repent even on smaller things that God our true Father would not like. May God Bless all of you 😊

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    What a beautiful and wonderful loving God we serve.

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    I believe hole hardidly in the after life. God is are creator, God is Love. I can’t wait till I can be with God. I long to see my creator.

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    I haven’t had an NDE, but I can so relate to what I’ve been feeling and receiving from God about what my journey is on earth also. You are definitely on point😊

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    This spoke to me in in the highest of volumes. Thank you for sharing.

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    It is awful how these people drag out a 5-minute fictional story to where it lasts 30 so that they can score some commercials and pass it off as true.

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    The experience speaks to Christians, but what about everybody else? Should you reply, please don't give the "they all need to convert" answer.

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    Love to hear your testimony, thank you and GOD BLESS YOU 🙏❤️🙏

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    It would be best if the person who experienced the NDE were the one to tell it.

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    Thank you for sharing your experience

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