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He Died From MRSA and Saw His Dead Relatives | Near Death Experience | NDE

May 2024 04

Millions of people have had Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their . If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

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    ❤Thank you 🙏

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    A Dream That Is Not a Dream.

    One of a number of our meetings or visitations that we may have with our love ones, who have passed on into spirit, is in our visitation dreams. Which you know are real by the verification of information being communicated to you.

    Approximately twelve months ago, i had a conversation with a nurse at a nursing home where i do voluntary
    help. We started talking about orbs, she told me that she had photos of them everwhere and also
    around her grand child. She said she knew it would be her son.

    She informed me that she had lost two sons who had passed into spirit and that one had regularly visited her in her dreams. He told her that he was looking after his brother and that where they are now,
    Is so amazing and beautiful. Hopefully i will have a longer conversation with her soon and also see some photos with the orbs.

    I also had such dreams with my wife Pat, she also told me that she wasn't in pain anymore. It is important to have a note pad beside your bed and to write down any messages as soon as you wake up before the remembering gets faded.

    In my many years of doing readings, sittings or teaching, i have come across many people who had such visitation dreams and it was great to confirm and explain to them it was real and not imagination.

    Have you had such dreams, verified and real ? let us know.

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    A visitation.

    I was about to start a reading at a shop in the bank arcade about seven years ago. When i started feeling a strong spirit presence around me and then next to the person sitting waiting for me to start, a nun appeared before me in an old habit she would was about 5ft 5in tall i mentally said to her whats your name. She said Therese, i later put a saint to her name but i realise later she did not say saint.
    This was an amazing experience spirit allowed me to have to see with my open eyes the full features of a spirit person that being a nun. A verification of our survival after transition.
    Communication is by thought or telepathy and this was one of my lessons learnt.

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    I’m from Dayton too! Glad you came through, although I understand it’s nicer times infinitely on the other side. Also glad you saw your Dad!! 😊

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    Thanks for sharing

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    Just a thing two say be careful who you tell I try to tell ppl about my near death experience in 2011 but my family think I was crazy sorry but I’m not crazy at all I knew what I expected was real I knew everything but yes it freaked me out seeing my own body the tunnle part was so dark but I remember a popin sound but I do remember a few things so i believe other near death experience people have even my mom said I was crazy sorry but yes thy are tryin to make a book and use me just to make money off of it I think of em not the same and early twonight I seen a white scar that fly by me at my home I’m not afraid of diein again but be careful who you tell and yes I was in a golden place but yes someone said to me it’s not your time to go back I remember my nde experience like it happen yesterday night anyway I love your ch but it says in the Bible if you jug someone you will be judged by god think about it becuse if you lie it will lead you two hell not heaven

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    I LOVE THAT HE SAW HIS DAD AND FAMILY!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

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    When I had visitation dreams of deceased loved ones, same thing Happened, talking but I don’t remember seeing lips moving. Just communicating with words.

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    ❤ interesting and inspiring video!!

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    I’m glad he came back to tell his story with more information. And even though he still stumbles a little it just makes it ring more true for me.

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    Wonderful account. 🙏🏻 Thank you Andrew. Your emotion when you were talking about seeing your father was so touching. I miss my father, mother and loved ones so much also and live for the big reunion one day. 🌈 I saw a glimpse of the other side when I had brain surgery. I was flying above a beautiful meadow. There was a dirt road on the edge of it with a line of beautiful tall trees behind it with a large group of people on the road. I saw my dear father smiling and greeting them with many dogs, which he had in life, running around. He had passed peacefully 6 months before. 🙏🏻 Love you Dad ❤

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    That's what i want…to see my dad again. He died from cancer when i was 19. Hopefully pets are there as well because i really miss my cat.

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    I'm glad you got to see yours friend and family and your dad it's amazing but when your time comes you will be with them have faith and love believe 🙏🕊️💕 read your Bible thank God and Jesus Christ 🙏 for everything

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    Ohhh Andrew… at the end when you were getting emotional my heart was screaming LET IT OUT CHILD!!!
    What a great gift you were given! To be able to see your Dad (aka: BFF) and your Grandpa and lost friends. They are all up there cheering you on with your incredible accomplishments since you returned, as we here are also cheering for you! I am sure many have written the same thoughts as myself but it was cathartic for me to get out. Blessings to you Child and may the beautiful light of Heaven continue to wrap you up in its warmth and love.
    PS: We want to know when you graduate from college. Okay?

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    I lost my mom a year ago. She was only 63. I miss her so much. I wish I could see her again soon. But I know I've got my own things to do here.

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    Thanks for your story I too would do anything to see my uncle again who was like a second father to me I know I will see him and my departed loved ones again one day

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    Andrew, thank you for sharing your NDE. I’m very touched. It was wonderful that you got to see your Dad again. It’s also wonderful that you’ve found sobriety.

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    Thank you Andrew and also my favorite part was how good the light makes you feel loved when you’re wrapped inside of it. ❤

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    I really needed to hear this 😢❤

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    I love these stories. My husband and I were married exactly 1yr. And he died due to covid 19 on Jan 12th 2022

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    I am convinced that when we die we will be reunited with our dead relatives. Why do I say this. Because days before my Dad died he was talking outloud to his deceased mother!!!!

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    Thank you for sharing your story Andrew. In the last 4 years I’ve lost my Mum, Dad and beloved sister. I miss them all so much. Your story gives me reassurance that I will get to see them all again one day. Im sending love and prayers to you for a full recovery. ❤

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    Hope Leigh is healing well 🙏❤️. I'd like to say he chose well when he chose you Jen to fill in for him while he's recovering. Have a Blessed day 🙏💕.

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    Proud of you ❤ keep telling all your story

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    Praying for quick and complete healing for Leigh in the name of Jesus!!!

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    I think its familiar spirits

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    Thank you Andrew for sharing, so beautiful 😍😍❤️❤️

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    Thank you for Andrew's account of his experience and the lovely nature pictures. He sounds like a sincere young man, i hope he is doing well..

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    Praise Yahwah I had a very very similar experience only I did not see the light I was a sound wave or at least that's what I felt like floating above my body and I was freaking out I was so scared that I was never going to be in my body again I was terrified I was a heroin addict at the time and I had an infection in my spine that landed me in the hospital but God is so good he cured me I got clean I have a place to live now I read the Bible I gave my life to Messiah I will never go back and that is all because of Yashua and what he did for us on the cross

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    Thanks for sharing that was great to hear and I'm very happy you are doing well. Go you 👍😊🌟

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    Wow, Andrew, thank you so much for telling your story! I love hearing the narration from the person who experienced it (no offence, Jen and Leigh, your narrations are great, too). Anyway, Andrew, I'm so glad you're sober and moving forward. God bless you on your journey. 💖

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    Thanks for coming forward!

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