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Hakka’s near-death experiences surprised Vesper

Nov 2023 11

Gramps has found another one of his people…
but seriously LATAM built diifferent frfr
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    from reading the comments i have come to the conclusion that theres two type of people : theres 'i havent experience any near-death experience yet in my lfe', or 'i survived death for at least 16 times and i will do it again'

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    i got dengue fever 3 times one as a 9 year old another one at 12 last one at seventeen

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    I got dengue before and bro the fever is no joke man that shit was awful first time i ever collapsed my life , the 40degrees celcius fever had me calling for my mom man

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    I don't have other near death experience besides being in a 50/50 situation after I was just born. It's because of a blood infection cause by hepatitis. Now I bet the Angel of death doesn't have any plan B to kill me for now.

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    Is it bad that I have 8?😅

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    so what I got from this is don't fucking travel to anywhere ever

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    Man I miss Florida man

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    I had a high fever once and I still went to school because I had exams and didn't know I had a high fever. Worth it, I got a 27-28/50 for literature and a 49/50 for ICT

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    Hakka almost got dragged down into the city of Ry'Leh bro omg

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    His guardian angel is working hard… it needs a raise for real

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    dude almost got abducted by atlantians

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    Hakka's body was like a Eldin Ring boss that didn't know that they had a second stage

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    Regular LATAM experience

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    Hmm, I know that drowning feeling all too well, the panic before the lights is the worst part. I finally have a worthy opponent though, I've never suffered any disease related disasters like him, but I've been:

    -Set on fire.
    -Drowned twice.
    -Fell off the side of a mountain in a skiing trip.
    -Accidentally poisoned myself with cyanide.
    -Got shrapnel stuck in my neck.
    -Died and was brought back to life because of an unknown shellfish allergy.

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    Both of them almost died multiple times

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    0:40 *Vesper Neurons Activated *

    Also, for me, I've had maybe 2… perhaps 4 NDEs, 5 if I push it.

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    The ER nurses and doctors be like: “this guy again wtaf”

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    I have like 3 or more near death experiences, the first one was when i was like 4. We went to the hospital for my sick grandma and it was really rainy so it was slippery. So when we were taking shelter from the rain outside the hospital, my dumbass ran to the road and SLIPPED💀 so when i was trying to stand up again and regain balance and my mom was having a heart attack there was a large ass van approaching me at full speed when i was still tryna stand up and i for sure saw the light going towards me💀💀💀😭 but luckily my mom pulled me back in time but i did get scolded and slapped a lot💀💀 i have no idea what was goin on inside my head back then…

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    Hakka be in that one universe doctor strange was talking about-

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    I get him, I have a list but some of the best and notable were falling into a chasm, getting pushed and held underwater (accident. I think..??), and cardiac arrest and aspiration (within the same few days). Death is picky, glad that we're in the timeline in which he survived!

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    Hakka ans Mysta will be good friends

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