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Greek & Roman Religion imposed on Africa 🌍 Ashanati Pt9

May 2023 13

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05:00 What is a Hebrew Israelite?
12:45 By Hebrews first Hebrews
15:45 A New Voyage to Italy 🇮🇹
20:45 Origin of slave name and conversion
24:45 1 Maccabees Alexander the Greek
34:10 Jasher says Chittim is ROME
40:00 Greeks forbids Judea from keeping Torah
58:00 America being an accurate description
01:05:00 Black Portuguese Jews are our ancestors
01:24:00 Spain enforces the Roman Religion
01:32:13 Sons and Daughters shall go into captivity
01:39:35 History of the Inquisition
01:44:00 The pope forbids keeping Torah
01:55:55 The Jews and Moors in Spain
02:00:00 Slave ships in Spain
02:02:00 Deuteronomy 28 too many coincidences
02:21:30 Children torn from there Parrents 💔 to become Christia


page 57

Book of Jasher Chapter 10:16

1 Maccabees


A New Voyage to Italy pg 138


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