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GOOSEBUMPS! Most Detailed Near-Death Experience EVER Recorded: Tour of Heaven | John J. Davis

May 2024 15

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John J. Davis had a near-death experience when he was 21 that completely changed his life and world view. He was given a tour of a part of Heaven or . John was shown that there truly is life after what we call death. He learned that we are eternal beings and that there is no end to our existence. He was also shown that our lives on Earth are temporary and that we come here to learn and experience and after every life we go back home.

John lives in Colorado with his wife and two son’s. He works with his wife in medical transcription. John got his BA from the University of Colorado and MA from Webster University.

Please enjoy my conversation with John J. Davis.

0:00 – Episode Teaser
0:42 – John’s life prior to his
3:47 – John’s story
8:22 – What’s on of the white light?
15:31 – Are past lives real?
22:16 – Are soulmates real?
31:06 – Are the things on earth built like things on ? Or is it vice versa?
37:37 – Universal knowledge and the akashic records.
45:10 – The life review experience
56:39 – What happens after death?
1:02:36 – Living a Good Life
1:03:22 – Definition of God
1:05:03 – Ultimate Purpose of Life
1:06:04 – Final Message

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  1. #1

    Watch This FREE NDE Course: Discover The Transformative Power Of Near-Death Experiences
    👉 https://nextlevelsoul.com/nde-free-course

  2. #2

    Why is earth considered the "hardest?"

  3. #3

    I love this podcast, I’ve listened to it multiple times, Cheers from Bridgewater Nova Scotia

  4. #4

    Past life times ?…this is unbibical…

  5. #5

    This was the most fascinating story I have ever seen, and I watched this at least 4 times and I found that I missed parts from the first time I watched this. Thank you so much for such an informative video!😊

  6. #6

    Thanks John I am not waiting until i get to Heaven for knowledge. I am going straight to the library to get books. In the a.m. I loved doing that, and i quit. Not after this.

  7. #7

    Thankyou for sharing! I needed this right now.❤This will change my life forever. Until I cross over. I will never forget your story, or this podcast. I believe in God.

  8. #8

    I remember Sylvia Brown wrote alot of this type experience. So amazing

  9. #9

    Sounds too outlandish.

  10. #10

    There seems to be recurring themes in all of these NDE's where we "plan" out our lives to have particular experiences

  11. #11

    Thankyou that is the truth and nobody believes it .but it doesent matter they will find out and theyll find its ok .xxxx

  12. #12

    Wow, the detail he has is amazing!! Unlike any other NDEs

  13. #13

    He probably dreamt all of that

  14. #14

    @string_bender I am praying for you to have peace. Love, hugs and prayers❤

  15. #15

    WOW! Just WOW! So special!

  16. #16

    Spirit guide.Right.

  17. #17

    I believe some of his account, but not most of it.

  18. #18

    I don't think you should mention buddha in the same sentence as our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 🕊️. We are also not supposed to have such graven images in our homes. That said, thank you for this video. I learned something that I needed from it today. Praise God 🙏🙌🙏!!!!!!! God bless 🙏

  19. #19

    Multiple recent studies have detected residual, conscious-level brain activity patterns during the physiological conditions when NDEs are reported to occur, lending support to neurological, rather than otherworldly, explanations for these experiences

  20. #20

    Thank you so much. I am 70 years old and in pain. I feel like giving up. I would not hurt myself, but I am sad. Listening to your program has help to accept my condition and deal with it. Amen

  21. #21

    Ps. The building are looking like Greek buildings because the Greek building are actually looking like the buildings where you were, so it's the other way around. 🙂

  22. #22

    I've just viewed the first 15 minutes of this video and I must say that I am very intriged. I downloaded it so I am sure that I can see it another time again. Anyway, for now I would already want to thank you for this extremely interesting and intriging video. THANKS!!

  23. #23

    I appreciate this personal story. It makes absolute sense. What an experience! We can all create our own experience with every tidbit of knowledge that is gained.

  24. #24
  25. #25

    No we only have one life. Jesus is Lord.

  26. #26

    If you want to be the strongest block foods player how do you get every gun every cand
    😊 And I like your videos

  27. #27

    Watched it all. But dont belive it

  28. #28

    i always called weeping willows hippy trees. back when i was young.

  29. #29

    Man I always thought exactly like this, that we must be eternal

  30. #30

    I don’t know about this one

  31. #31
  32. #32

    When you said spirit guides I knew your experience was not from truth but deception… that’s why you remembered ALL it’s ALL Deception broh

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